Mobile Apps using Flex and ColdFusion

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How ColdFusion and Flex can help you rocket through Mobile Application development.

How ColdFusion and Flex can help you rocket through Mobile Application development.

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  • 1. Mobile Apps using Flex and ColdFusion
    Terry Ryan
    Developer Evangelist
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Mobile Flash Development
  • 4. Flash on Mobile
    Flash Player 10.1 +
    In-browser content
    Games, video
    Deploy as a SWF, put on the web
    Air 2.5 +
    Mobile applications
    Native APIs, extra functionality
    Package to target individual devices
  • 5. AIR for Devices
  • 6. “Native Application”
    AIR for Device Applications are “Native”
    That means they can be put on app stores
    NOT that the UI components are native
  • 7. We can use Flex to build “native applications”
  • 8. Flex mobile challenges
    Complex Components: DataGrids, Charts, Tree
    Memory Footprint
    Desktop UI Screen Patterns
  • 9. Flex 4.5 fixes that
  • 10. Mobile Optimized Components
  • 11. What does Mobile Optimized mean?
    Rewrote and optimized UIComponent
    Created a mobile theme which supports:
    Bigger components
    CSS Style for enabling touch (Scrollers)
  • 12. Mobile Theme
  • 13. Mobile UI
  • 14. View Navigator
    The pattern for screens on devices
    Can define transitions between views
    Uses push/pop stack to move between views
  • 15. Tab Navigator
    Tab through views
    Just set up multiple ViewNavigators with the firstViewproperty
    Can’t use push/pop
  • 16. Actionbar
    Provides easy access to important features
    Won’t scroll
    Can be defined globally or for each view
  • 17. Connecting Flex to ColdFusion
  • 18. Data Services Wizard
  • 19. Data Services
  • 20. Testing Services
  • 21. Code Generation
  • 22. Demo
    Scotch on the Rocks Scheduler
  • 23. Follow up?
    Feel free to contact me
    Twitter: @tpryan