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cf.Objective ANZ Keynote cf.Objective ANZ Keynote Presentation Transcript

  • cf.Objective ANZKeynoteTerry RyanWorldwide Developer Evangelist@tpryan
  • Who are you?
  • WHAT JUST HAPPENED? View slide
  • Flash Mobile View slide
  • Flash Player AIR (in browser) (out of browser)DesktopsDevices
  • Flash Player AIR (in browser) (out of browser)DesktopsDevices
  • Last version is 11.1
  • Will still beavailable in store
  • Why?
  • Flex
  • Last Adobe Version: 4.6
  • In proposal•  Flex SDK•  New Spark Components•  BlazeDS•  Falcon (Upon Completion) –  New Compiler•  Falcon JS (Experimental) –  MXML + AS to HTML + JS•  In house Flex testing tools
  • Why?
  • ColdFusion Zeus
  • I’m too busybeingawesome!
  • Life after MAXWHERE ARE WE NOW?
  • Creative Cloud •  Touch Apps •  Typekit •  PhoneGap: Build •  Software Subscription
  • HTML5 •  Acquired Nitobi, makers of PhoneGap •  Released new beta of Edge •  CSS Shaders submitted to W3C
  • •  ReleasedFlash Flash Player 11 –  Stage3D –  JSON Support •  Released AIR 3 –  Native Extensions –  Captive Runtime •  Gaming –  Alchemy gives us Unreal –  Starling framework
  • ColdFusionZeus
  • All section titles willbe in the style of the blogosphere
  • JRun is dead
  • Apache Tomcat•  Tomcat 7.0.8•  Embedded, one install•  Create multiple instances through standalone copy
  • Verity has been amputated
  • Solr•  Directly index database•  Custom Fields•  Reload collections individually•  Multiple Language support•  Hibernate support added
  • The Administratorhas been enhanced!
  • Administrator•  Server update –  Pull down updates manually –  Poll for updates –  Run private update site –  Handle multiple servers vs single
  • Security has been locked down!
  • Security Enhancements•  New HMAC method•  CRLF attack protection•  CSFR attack protection
  • Security Enhancements•  New Functions for cleaning user input –  encodeForHTML(inputString) –  encodeForHTMLAttribute(inputString) –  encodeForJavaScript(inputString) –  encodeForCSS(inputString) –  encodeForURL(inputString)
  • Security Enhancements•  New Functions for managing Sessions –  sessionInvalidate() –  SessionRotate()
  • Webservices have been upgraded!
  • Webservices•  Support for Axis 2•  Support for REST•  Support for Exchange 2010
  • Language has been awesomified!
  • Language Enhancements•  Cookie manipulation in script•  For-in looping for queries•  CallStack•  More implicit CFC’s•  Closures
  • Demo •  Implicit CFC’s •  For in looping •  Closures
  • HTML 5•  Location aware maps•  <audio> and <video> tag based mediaplayer•  Browser capabilities•  Cfform doesn’t barf on new input types
  • Demo •  CFMap •  CFMediaplayer
  • CFSCHEDULE does things before youknow you want them to happen!
  • CFSchedule•  Groups –  Manage tasks together•  Application Speci c tasks•  Chaining•  Prioritize•  Exclude dates•  Handle errors•  Pause and resume.
  • CFSchedule•  Event Handling –  Before –  After –  OnError –  OnMis re
  • Demo Schedule Event Handling
  • Javaloader is dead!
  • Sorry, Mark 
  • Find out more at my session tomorrow!
  • ColdFusionBuilder: Twister
  • Twister•  Upgrade to ColdFusion Builder 2•  Support for Zeus –  Server Manager –  Language Dictionaries•  Performance Enhancements
  • Two more things
  • TimelineIn an event in Japan Tridib ChowdhuryDirector of Product for ColdFusion stated:“Adobe continues to invest in CF as isillustrated by 4 product releases planned inthe next 24 months”
  • 4 Releases?•  Zeus (Server)•  Twister (IDE)•  ???????? (Server)•  Thunder??? (IDE)
  • Pricing ChangesAt the same event in Japan Tridib stated:“Business around pricing, licensing andaccess (through cloud Process innovations )will eliminate the roadblocks for new userstrying out the platform – to access the latesttechnology.”
  • What’s going on?
  • The opening battles of a new tech war
  • It’s not 1993 again (PC vs Mac)
  • It’s 2000 again(Browser war)
  • No other big player besides Adobe cares about cross platform
  • To stay relevant we have to reach for the future faster
  • Follow up?•  Feel free to contact me – – –  Twitter: @tpryan