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Why does Social Media Work?
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References (2013). unique visitors [Graph]. Retrieved from
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  • This is presentation is to show Northwest Technologies the advertising opportunites of online media. Northwest Technologies currently does not have an online presence. In this presentation we’ll show the advertising and branding opportunities as well as the value of involving the customer on a regular basis.
  • This is a list of the Top TV shows for each of the three Prime Broadcast Networks for the week of Sept. 30th 2013 according the Neilson Company on (Nielsen). Why does this matter? If we have a commercial on NCIS then in one week that commercial has 19,978 viewers. If we figure four new shows a month at the same amount of viewers that is 79,912 exposures to our commercial. That wont be unique viewers, since most viewers will have seen the same commercial four separate times. Just for comparison if we had one commercial on all three networks to shows for one month we would have around 203,056 separate exposures to our commercial, which is good for anything short of the Superbowl.
  • is a website which tracks stats for webtraffic. They track unique visitors to websites and rank those websites against their competitors. For the month of August, 2013 Google .com had 171,562,093 unique visitors ( Google), Facebook had 163,413,311 ( Facebook), and YouTube had 162,515,933 ( YouTube). Note that these are unique viewers. Unlike our television add where the families would see the same commercial 4 weeks in a row to make up our 203,056. YouTube, the third highest website, had an average of 40,628,983 viewers per week compared to the viewers of all three top shows at 50,764 that is 800 times more viewers. A single add on any one of these sites has the potential to reach millions more prospective customers than any of the top network television shows. And these website traffic numbers? They are just U.S. traffic, international traffic to these websites doesn’t factor into these numbers.
  • Because people talk. Social Media works because it is simply one person that likes something tells another person that they like it; word of mouth advertising on new technology. How prevalent is this word of mouth effect? Acocrding to an article online by Constant Contact, “75% of people are somewhat or highly likely to share content they like online with friends, co-workers or family—49% do this at least weekly.” (Constant Contact). People share what they like, but people are also apt to take the path of least resistance. A very satisfied customer might write up a review online or post a status update about one of our products. A mostly satisfied customer is still likely to click a “like” button beside our product. The internet word of mouth is already affecting our products and services, having an online presence makes it easier for the customer and multiplies the effect.
  • The question isn’t whether to take the online step, it’s how. Internet Marketing is a whole new jungle. So where does a company start? “ A social media strategy should focus on engaging followers, posting quality content, using the best platforms for your brand, and analyzing metrics. ” (Mbucher Consulting 2013). Social Media shifts like the waves. Entire communities leave one site and join another. The key to a successful online presence is constant care. If the company has a blog it needs to be updated regularly, if there is a website the content and pictures need to be up to date. The most successful online companies, e.g. Facebook, Zynga, keep customers returning often, not once a month, but several times a day. In short Social Media should not be an additional duty for an overworked department, Social Media advertising and marketing is so important that it should have a department dedicated to it. It is a rich opportunity that no business can afford to overlook or mismanage.
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    1. 1. Social Media Opportunities Northwest Technologies
    2. 2. Top TV shows by viewers 19,978 17,686 13,100
    3. 3. Top Websites by unique visitors 171,562,093 163,413,311 162,515,933
    4. 4. Why does Social Media Work?
    5. 5. Where to start?
    6. 6. References (2013). unique visitors [Graph]. Retrieved from (2013). unique visitors [Graph]. Retrieved from (2013). unique visitors [Graph]. Retrieved from Constant Contact. (2013). Why Social Media Marketing? [Article]. Retrieved from MBucher Consulting. (2013). Strategy and Consulting is your Social Media Treasure Map [Article]. Retrieved from Nielson. (2013). TOPTEN TV Shows [Ranked List]. Retrieved from
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