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  • 1. Ronald ReaganInside the life of Ronald Wilson Reagan
  • 2. The Story of Ronald Wilson ReaganPower Point by: Sophia Portesi
  • 3. ChildhoodRonald Wilson Reagan was born on February 11, 1911. He was the son of Johnand Nellie Reagan. He had one brother whose name was Neil Reagan. Growingup, Ronald’s family had a tough time finding money, but of course that didn’tstop Ronald from achieving his dream and much more.
  • 4. Teenage YearsRonald Reagan worked as a lifeguard in his teenage years to help his father getout of debt. Ronald Reagan went to Eureka College in Illinois. During hiscollege years, he worked as a radio host. He played a big role on the radio.
  • 5. Movie CareerBefore becoming the 40th President Of The United States Of America,Ronald Reagan starred in many movies such as Love Is In The Air, BoyMeets Girl, Cowboy from Brooklyn and much more. He was a gifted actor.
  • 6. Ronald’s familyIn 1940 Ronald got married to Jane Wyman. In 1941 they had a daughter together, her namewas Maureen. In 1945, they adopted a son named Michael. In 1948 Jane and Ronald sadlygot divorced. In 1952 Ronald married Nancy Davis. That same year they had a daughtertogether named Patricia Reagan. In 1958 Ronald and Nancy had a child together whose namewas Ronald Reagan Jr.
  • 7. Ronald Reagan for Governor!In 1966 Ronald Reagan got elected Governor of California.While he was governor, he helped reduce pollution. Ronaldalways said, “ I am proud that now everyone recognizes thatwe should protect the earth and our lives from pollution!”
  • 8. Presidential YearsIn 1980 Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected President of the United States ofAmerica. His Vice President was George Bush. In 1981 Ronald was inauguratedas the 40th President of the United States of America. He was re-elected to asecond and final term in 1984.
  • 9. Major Presidential Accomplishments and Highlights.He survived an assassination attempt in 1981. He instituted “Reaganomics”including the “trickle down theory,” involving tax cuts. He reduced worldwidenuclear warhead inventory through treaties, and also helped to win the “ColdWar” for the West vs. the Soviet Block.
  • 10. Ronald’s Sad Goodbye In 1994 Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. On June 4th 2004 the sorrowful day had came. Ronald Wilson Reagan died. Ronald was most remembered by his quote “Tear down that wall Mr. Gorbachev!” Rest in peace Ronald Reagan! 
  • 11. CREDITSPOWERPOINT BY: sophia portesiAlap teacher: mr. hornsteinGrade: fourPowerpoint organization: microsoft The end!