Apache Flex - Enterprise ready GUI framework
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Apache Flex - Enterprise ready GUI framework



Presentation on Apache Flex from Java 2012 conference (May 2012, Tuheljske toplice, Croatia).

Presentation on Apache Flex from Java 2012 conference (May 2012, Tuheljske toplice, Croatia).
Presenter: Tomislav Pokrajcic



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Apache Flex - Enterprise ready GUI framework Apache Flex - Enterprise ready GUI framework Presentation Transcript

  • Enterprise ready GUI frameworkTomislav PokrajčićBinaria d.o.o.
  • Intro Binaria d.o.o.  Building for business, marketing, entertainment and industry since 2007  Flash/AIR/Flex, Java, PHP, HTML5 Zagreb Flex User Group (www.zgflex.org)  2008 FlasHR (www.flashr.org)  2011
  • What is Flex? Open source GUI framework Easy to build new components & complex interactivity Fancy performance Superpowers show up on projects that require GUI beyond standard components
  • Brief history 2004 - Macromedia Flex Server 1.0 i 1.5 2006 - Adobe Flex 2 2007 - Adobe Flex 3 (MPL) 2009 - Adobe Flex 3.5 2010 - Adobe Flex 4 2011 - Adobe Flex 4.5 2011 - Adobe Flex 4.6 2012 - Apache Flex 4.8 (4.6 parity release)
  • Runtimes Flash Player browser plugin  (desktop, mobile) AIR desktop  (Windows, Mac, Linux) AIR mobile  (iOS, Android, Blackberry tablet OS, TV)
  • LanguagesActionScript3
  • Languages MXML
  • Languages FXG
  • Web/deskop components
  • Mobile componentsOut of the box Easy and powerful skinning
  • Examples
  • Examples
  • Examples
  • Examples
  • Framework features Mature and well documented i18n and L10n support Dev process shielded from 99% of the browser issues
  • Development Strong typing Namespaces support Compile time testing Easy refactoring Code obfuscation Unit testable (FlexUnit)
  • Framework features Powerful internal component lifecycle  Invalidation Events Easy drag n’ drop support Easy data binding Validators, formatters, transitions, effects
  • Connectivity AMF remoting, WebServices, JSON, ... Java ORB: BlazeDS, GraniteDS, ... AS3 Object <-> Java object RPC HTTP, polling, long polling, streaming
  • Flex Ecosystem 350.000 <= Flex developers <= 500.000 Many good IoC / MVC frameworks (Swiz,Parsley,Mate,RobotLegs,...) Lots of other open source code (maps, graphics, charts, …) Many commercial components Active community
  • Cons Printing issues from browser Doesn’t work on mobile browsers Flex mobile apps performance not blazing fast as native “Well, hello, it’s Flash!”
  • Current state Fresh blood / more developers on project Full open source life Framework detached from corporate strategy Tools in bloom from other vendors (Jetbrains, FDT...) Awaiting new compilers (Falcon, FalconJS)
  • More http://incubator.apache.org/flex flex-dev-subscribe@incubator.apache.org www.zgflex.org www.flashr.org tomislav.pokrajcic@binaria.hr