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Complete overview of The Project Network Ltd, including service and technical offerings

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  • Independent Ltd company founded in 1997Two founders – strong business development experienceGood opportunity in the IT industry to support in-house expertise with external customer-centric general management skillsSupporting sales operationDelivery focussed Turnover (2008): €18m (£13m) Two founders – remain very involved in company developmentYear on year/continued growthGood management team to take business forward – project & technical joint/separate focusGrowth through network knowledge/continued understanding of quality of work and gaining reputationSales awareness – trip-over sales – always willing to help with problemTake ownership of what you findAlways relate to end customerIdentify with our customer as individual – their position/career/egoApproach issue without personal ego – do whatever it takesEmploy like-minded PM’s – grey haired old git syndromeCore services: Programme Management & Project ManagementOriginal focus of the businessAllows TPN to take control & show worthProgressively allows “other” opportunities to be identified…….if you can do this can you do that???Project/Programme management is a skill and add value as more experience is gainedOur people come from various industries and backgrounds – General Managers rather than specific…they can apply their experiences to all projects irrespective of their background. (e.g. Construction, events, logistics, army, retail etc)Technical ConsultancyFirst steps in terms of supporting the PM’s but now a force in its own right generating business for the technical and pm teamsDeveloped reputation – originally specific areas…now blue chip enterprise systemsKeep moving the boundaries forward – look for new things to challenge (currently VmWare Virtualisation)Technical SolutionsFrom consultancy comes hard deliverablesLeading edge rather than bleeding.From SME to EnterpriseCan you give us a “What” or “How” in your business??Have you the people to support??85 Employees – 55 PM’s, 25 Technical Consultants, 5 Back Office (Always changing)Continued low overhead organisationFocus on retaining IP internallyOdd collection of skills – General managersGrey-haired plus growing group of high-end skilled technical specialistsCore-skill specific contract staff with TPN EthosTo support specific opportunitiesKnown skillsTPN working approachPart of team support to clientUK, Ireland and EMEA presence Historically UK centric, butDeveloping need to support projects outside UKFollow the client/project needsResources in Eire, EMEAEMEA/Global Project capability & Partner NetworkTPN resources globally availableDeveloping partner networkTPN ethos in third party handsFollow the sun ethosFrom Toronto to Shanghai etc…Carbon neutralUnderstanding of recyclingAll replacement programmes green focussedUnderstand TPN’s Carbon Footprint
  • Experienced ‘personality’ focused teamsInnovativeAlways take a different line Think outside the boxAsk simple questionsLeading rather than bleedingPragmaticPractical approach – how can we get things deliveredTempered with realismHow can we carry everyone/most along with the solutionPartnership relationship – not rape & pillageCommercially awareThere is always a budgetAssessing value is a GM skill – maintain focusSpend & value perspectiveHighly qualifiedBring expertise to identify & solve issue/problemNo ego’s – best fit for the taskAppropriately Certified if requiredDiverse yet focusedTPN collection of individuals – Not one size fits allAll comfortable in their own skinsKnow what they can & cannot doHonest about themselves/TPN and the state of the projectHonesty with client & client’s clientNo surprises mentalityAn ability to acknowledge issues and say sorry. Leading edgeNot-bleeding edgeTried & tested/provenUnderstand impact of solutionIt’s likely TPN have done this beforeNot one size fits all – The solution has to match the business and it needs
  • Make the point about “So What” – why is it important to the Client and therefore - why are we differentWhatever it takesIt’s always about deliveryReputation of sponsor is vital – don’t let them down….Our reputation is all we have – it’s our futureTotally managed approachUtilise any other part of TPN/support/partner network/known contractors to facilitate conclusionEverything we do is a project – Even our own businessFlexible and able to integrate into any environmentClient can identify TPN in any way – as TPN, as ClientWill work anywhere/anytime – client, end client, short-notice travel, Peace of mindNo surprisesHonest approachRegular communication – formal/informal/group/one-to-oneUnderstanding/managing changeEnables and supports your objectivesOur client and the end client sponsors have careers to manage – we can helpBe up-front with this support commentKeep discussion live as events change Manage change sympatheticallyInnovative solutionsHorizontal thinking & approachAware of the vertical nature of “large” companies and difficulty of “joining” or gluing elements together to create joined up solutions (towers etc) – AND we understand “How” hereBack to asking the simple questions and applying knowledge to innovate the delivery….Short learning curveThe odd collection of TPN people all have General Management backgroundsAble to initiate fastHave presenceUnderstand team dynamics and expect constant change (e.g. continued corporate change)Identify issues and change perspectivesEgo-less Applying experienceTwin talents of communication & common senseApply in non-ego wayBuild the teamConstantly striving for improvementAll about delivery efficiencyKeep driving quality/cost/timetable to make the client look goodShared ambitionIt’s all about making people look good – client, end-client, TPN’s reputationIdentify what shared means – cost, time – how can we influenceRisk and rewardVariety of cost modelsBest is developed with time & trust to mutual gainProbably need to start with traditional T&M, fixed price, event pricing but always need to develop towards true partnership pricing…
  • The Project Network - Service Offering

    1. 1. The Project Network Introduction to TPN Services © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    2. 2. TPN Overview: Key Facts Independent Ltd company founded in 1997 • Turnover (2008): €18m (£13m) • Core services: • • Programme Management • Project Management • Technical Consultancy • Technical Solutions 80 Employees • • Core-skill specific contract staff with TPN Ethos • UK, Ireland and EMEA presence • EMEA/Global Project capability & Partner Network • Actively moving towards being carbon neutral © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    3. 3. Overview: Who are we? Experienced ‘personality’ focused teams • Innovative • Pragmatic Programme Management • Commercially aware • Highly qualified Technical Project • Diverse yet focused Solutions Management • Leading edge Technical Consultancy © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    4. 4. Service Experience: Summary Programme Management Project Management Technical Solutions Technical Consultancy © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    5. 5. Service Experience: Project/Programme Management Staff Coaching/ Service Offer Bid Hunt the PC/ Server/ Storage Management Mentoring Development Acquisition Product Discovery Tools Development & planning & Due Diligence Launch execution Conflict Data Encryption Pricing Model Forecasting Development Models Management Solutions Strategy Contract & Relationship Asset Development & Procurement Management Management Implementation Management Change PMO Set-up & Governance Supply Chain Setup Management Management Mercury Image Communication Risk Design/ Management Management Development Implementation Service/Help Disaster Managed Break/Fix/ Desk Deployments IMACS Recovery Management Data Centre Network Commercial Logistics Relocation & Transformation Management Planning Consolidation © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    6. 6. Service Experience: Technical Services Archiving & Active Management Virtualisation Compliance Directory Microsoft IBM Lotus Networking & Server Based Exchange Domino Connectivity Computing SPAM & Virus Mobile Email Storage Databases Mitigation Inventory/Asset Device Security Refresh Management Encryption Application Build & Inventory Delivery Management Deployment Server Patch Backup & Migration Click Each Section To Migration Management Recovery Solutions Explore More © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    7. 7. Overview: Accreditations Company Individual • Microsoft Gold Partner • MCSE • VMware Enterprise Consultants • VMware Certified Professional • Cisco and Reseller • Cisco SMB Partner • HP ServerStorage • HP Business & Service Partner • IBM ServerStorage • Dell Service Partner • DellEMC ServerStorage • IBM Business Partner • Linux Professional Institute • ISO9001 • ITIL certified • And others • Prince 2 • PMI © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    8. 8. Service/Delivery Pricing Bid support – Shared investment  Time and material  Lump sum  Cost +  Volume based pricing  Service based pricing   Price per unit  Milestone pricing  Risk and reward ○ Profit share ○ Saving share ○ Revenue share ○ Service improvement Rapid payment discounts  © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    9. 9. Overview: Our Philosophy Simplifying IT • • Solution Agnostic • Hardware • Software Results (and cost) driven • • Applying experience • Constantly striving for improvement © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    10. 10. Overview: So what? Whatever it takes • • Totally managed approach • Flexible and able to integrate into any environment • Peace of mind • Enables and supports your objectives • Innovative solutions • Short learning curve • Applying experience • Constantly striving for improvement • Shared ambition • Risk and reward © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    11. 11. Current Customer: Direct/Indirect © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    12. 12. Current Customer: Direct/Indirect © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    13. 13. Contacts The Project Network Ltd Lower Arches Elkington Lodge Welford Northants NN6 6HE © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    14. 14. © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    15. 15. Skill Set : Technical Services IBM Lotus Microsoft Spam & Virus Archiving & Mobile Email Management Domino Exchange Mitigation Compliance Mail Archiving Consultancy Migration to and Box Migration from Sarbanes-Oxley Blackberry from Exchange Management legacy Boxed Products Enterprise environments Server Integration and Proactive fault Legato / GFI Bespoke Convergence resolution Integration and Mailarchiver appliance VPN Solutions Convergence solutions Best practice and Alerting Bespoke Windows bespoke design Best practice and Solutions SME and Mobile and Capacity bespoke design Enterprise implementation management and solutions implementation Consultancy © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    16. 16. Skill Set : Technical Services Network & Server Based Virtualisation Storage Active Directory Databases Connectivity Computing Design Server Systems Design Consolidation Management LAN and WAN Design Citrix Implementation Consultancy Technologies Health Check Consultancy Migration Wireless Implementation Windows Security Management Terminal Server Break-fix VPN and Security Account Storage SQL Administration Health Check migration and Firewalling VDI automation Disaster Optimisation Bespoke Recovery WAN Acceleration Support Automation Virtualisation VDI – Virtual VLAN design Desktop Infrastructure Green IT © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    17. 17. Skill Set : Technical Services Inventory Backup & Build & Migration Device /Asset Delivery Recovery Deployment Solutions Encryption Management End to End Solutions XP & Vista Discovery tools automated builds Design and Enterprise Automated Data Implementation Technical Asset Backup OS, Apps and Migration Management management patch integration, solutions Consultancy Methodologies Outlook PST delivery and Online Backup deployment Migration Support Impact; Deployment Hardware consultancy Tools, processes, Engineering Solution Deployment solutions Lifecycle Integration – Methodologies Auditing and Asset management automated Management Safeboot Post automation builds Scripting implementation Process Integration BeCrypt, support Software Iron Mountain, Diskprotect Altiris CR © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    18. 18. Skill Set : Technical Services Patch Application Security Inventory Server Migration Refresh Management Management Delivery Best Practice Desktop Solutions Data Migration Radia Server and Client Device Bespoke Data Migration Server SMS Bespoke tools Encryption solutions Methodology Migration Tools Scripting Value-add on WSUS / SUS Communication Commercial Consultancy Processes AD Migration Packaging products Radia tools Change Testing SQL report Data security Insight Management Discovery ‘Snap creation health check Manager Shot’ Management © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    19. 19. Mail & Messaging Case Studies Watford Football Club Linklaters Spam & Virus Mitigation Mobile Email • Medium Complexity • Medium Complexity • Receives Over 60,000 • Worldwide Mobile Email Emails a Week Solution • Filtered 80% as Viral or • Managed Service Spam • Support and Server • Released 80% of Administration Bandwidth for WAN • 200 Devices Rising to Traffic Over 3000 Within 3 • Zero Performance Impact Years on Local Servers © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    20. 20. Mail & Messaging Case Studies Kone JLT Mail Migration Archiving & Compliance • High Complexity • High Complexity • New Exchange 2003 /AD • PST Archiving Solution Servers • Scripted Migration • Global Scope New Servers • PST files from Desktops in 10 Countries to SAN • Accelerated Migration • MAPI Profile Change 13000 Mailboxes Invisible to User • 3 Month Project Window • Load balanced Scripts • -5% of Users Raised • 1200 Users Affected Tickets © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    21. 21. Infrastructure Case Studies Bank of Ireland KPMG Active Directory Virtualisation • High Level of Complexity • High Level of complexity • Active Directory • Global Data Centre Consolidation Relocation • Integration with Server • 3 Datacentres,1375 Servers Deployments • Server Consolidation & • Integration with 15,000 Virtualisation 60% Seat Desktop Deployment • Server Relocation 40% • UK and Ireland • VmwarePlatespin Used for Solution © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    22. 22. Infrastructure Case Studies McGraw Hill Royal Bank of Scotland Storage Databases • High Level of Complexity • High Level of complexity • SAN Data Migration 120TB • SQL 2005 Database Design from Old to New • Data Import and Cleanup • SAN Optimisation and of 100,000+ Records Implementation of Best • SQL Administration, Practice Backups and Fault • Data Replication Solution Tolerance to DR Site Using • Reporting Services Mirrorview • Bespoke Queries © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    23. 23. Client Case Studies Ericsson Royal Bank of Scotland Migration Solutions Delivery • High Level of Complexity • High Level of Complexity • 87,000 Seat User and • Technical Management of Bespoke Data Deployment Multiple Sub-Projects • Global Scope • VIP Deployments and Support • Multi Language • Post Implementation • 100% Data Transfer Support Ad-Hoc and Core Success • Client Imaging & Logistics for Large Portions of Projects © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    24. 24. Client Case Studies Manchester Evening News Middx University Build & Deployment Inventory/Asset Management • Medium complexity • High Level of Complexity • Bespoke Image Design • Client Discovery of and Consolidation Complete Estate • Application Delivery • 38,000 Users/44,000 Device Scope Solution • Asset Management System • Application Packaging Implementation • Data Migration © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    25. 25. Enterprise Systems Management Erricson JLT Inventory Refresh • High Complexity • High Complexity • ‘Hunt the Server’ Project • Active Directory Consolidation • Scripted Application Server discovery • User Account Migration • Unix & Wintel systems • Computer Account Migration • Global Scope • Tied in with Desktop • $54m of Billable Revenue Deployment Service for Server Support Found for £10k © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1
    26. 26. Enterprise Systems Management Erricson Kone Server Migration Application Management • High Complexity • High Complexity • Solution for Windows • Profiling of Applications Server Builds for Global per User Based on Deployment Discovery Data • Completely Remote Build • SQL solution to Automate Initiated Over iLO card Profiling Process and Drive Efficiency • Configuration of New Hardware and Windows • Model Office Packaging, Management Tools Testing and UAT • Application Pre-screening © The Project Network 2008 – Ver: B1