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Family connections newsletter december 2012

  1. 1. Family DECEMBER 2012Contents connectionHealthy holiday eatingUnited Through ReadingDECA Rewards Card now availableThe Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Overcoming theSpouse Scholarships ‘Holiday Blues’New app helps military families findresources The holiday season has arrived.NAVSUP announces 2012 holiday For many this is an exciting time ofseason mailing dates decorations, feasts, folly and family.2013 Military Child of the Year Award These folks are socially motivatedTransition and employment corner and inspired by the connection with others that they adore. But, this is not the case for all. For some, the holidays bring stress and sor-Family Connection is a publication of the Fleet row. The holidays are a reminder ofand Family Support Program. their deceased loved ones, possibleThe Navys Fleet and Family Support Program separations from their spouses duepromotes the self-reliance and resiliency ofSailors and their families. We provide information to deployments and managing lifethat can help you meet the unique challenges of stressors of living in a military environ-the military lifestyle. ment. How do we offer support to someone who isIf you have questions or comments, contact experiencing the “Holiday Blues”? First we must acknowledge that this is a common occurrenceTimothy McGough at and we all experience feelings of sadness at a given time. This ability to experience the emotions Visit us online at: that accompany life events is what makes us human. Our second course of action is to observe when we or others are having issues such as: NN Insomnia or over sleeping NN Work problems NN Fatigue NN Relationship problems NN Weight gain or loss NN Statements of hopelessness or being The Fleet & Family Support NN Physical pain and illness trapped NN Statements of being worthless Center NN Lack of self-care or composure NN Withdrawal These are indicators that we or someone we know may be struggling with the blues and needs support. Once we recognize these feelings, we must reach out and ask for support from experienced trained professionals to help during these difficult times. The Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) have professionals who can support those struggling with the “Holiday Scan QR Code to access via Blues.” As the holiday approaches, be mindful of your needs and those of the people around mobile device you. Allow the FFSC to provide you with the roadmap to getting back to enjoying and manag- ing the upcoming holiday season. “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” – Arthur Rubinstein
  2. 2. DECEMBER 2012Healthy holiday eatingThe holiday season serves as a special Navy Family Accountabilitytime to enjoy gatherings with friends and Assessment System (NFAAS)and family as well as sample somedelicious foods, but remember to try to NFAAS allows Navy personnel to managecontrol your indulgences. Whatever your the recovery processhealth and fitness goals are, you can for personnel affectedsurvive this holiday season if you follow by a widespread catastrophic event. It is alsojust a few simple tips: helpful in providing commands with infor-Stay away from the snacking table. Plan ahead. Try to balance the day mation to support IA family members whilePortion your snacking by using a small out. If you know you will be eating their sponsors are deployeddish to select a few delicious items a heavy meal or splurging on some overseas. Watch the videofrom the buffet, then leave! The more desserts later in the day, eat a light and log on to stay around the food, the greater salad or soup for lunch. Scan QR code to access NFAAS mobile website 24/7.the chance you will eat more than Try modifying recipes thisyour share. holiday season. There are plentyPace yourself. Slowly snack and let of healthy alternative ingredientyour body recognize the food you are options to many of the traditional Add JSS to your Mobile Networkconsuming. recipes that have been in your family for years. Give them a try! jssmobile.orgSip on calorie-free beverages likewater or tea. Calorie free beverages Fit in an exercise or workout. iPhone, iPad User…can do an excellent job of filling you up Contact your local Navy Fitness Download JSSand reduce the amount of snacks you Center for a schedule of exercise at the App Store Smay consume. classes available this holiday season.United Through Reading JSS Dial-in Access 24/7? 1-877-JSS-NOW1United Through Reading offers deployed parents the opportunity to be video-re- (577-6691)corded reading storybooks to their children. This opportunity can ease the stress ofseparation, maintain positive emotional connections and cultivate a love of reading.At nearly 200 recording locations around the globe, service members can read totheir children from units on ships, on bases around the world and at 70 USO centers. Relocation tip:Each time a child reads a book with their deployed parent, they are reassured that A move during thetheir loved one is safe and thinking of home. This program fosters the opportunity holiday season canto continue bedtime rituals and important one-on-one time between the child create STRESS, so takeand parent during times of separation. a little down time toFor more information about United Through Reading and to learn how to partici- recharge your battery.pate in this program, go to Visit your local FFSC to prepare for the ups and downs of moving during the holiday season. 2
  3. 3. DECEMBER 2012 The Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarships The National Military Family Association (NMFA) will begin ac- cepting applications for the 2013 Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship on December 1, 2012. Spouses of all uniformed service members (Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, Retirees and Survivors) are eligible to apply. A valid military ID is a require- ment to apply. Visit for additional information.DECA Rewards Card now available As we head into the holiday season, it is important to make the most of our grocery New app helps buying budget. Most families spend a great military families find deal of money during the holidays on par- resources ties, family get-togethers and baking. With Military families can download a free that thought in mind, there is a new benefit mobile app that will help them quickly for military families, Retirees, and limited connect to programs, services and availability for Reservists. resources that meet their particularTo help customers save even more on their commissary purchases, Defense needs. MyMilitaryLife is free app avail-Commissary Agency (DECA) has launched a rewards card. The new Commissary able for both iPhone and AndroidRewards Card allows shoppers to access digital coupons and redeem them at platforms. It allows users to select a “lifecheckout. path” which will then provide relatedThe cards are easy to use. Customers pick up their cards in-store, then visit DECA’s resources. Learn more at to complete registration and load digital coupons to their account. When card is scanned at the register, the coupons are matched to their purchasesand automatically deducted from the balance owed. New offers will typically beposted online every two to three weeks. Contact your local commissary for moreinformation and to take advantage of this new benefit for our families.December Guard/Reserve Commissary on-site salesDecember 1 December 7Charles L. Sullivan ANG Base Camp Grafton Training CenterJackson, MS 39232 Devils Lake, ND 58301 December 8-9 Armed Forces Reserve Center Baton Rouge, LA 3
  4. 4. DECEMBER 2012 2013 Every year, Operation Homefront hosts Military a Military Child of the Year Award, with Transition and Child of one winner chosen from each branch employment corner of the military. Ideal candidates for this the Year award should demonstrate resilience, Veterans get skills to fill advanced Award strong character and thrive in the chal- manufacturing jobs lenges of military life. Those selected as To meet the need Military Child of the Year, and their parent for skilled workers or guardian, will be invited to a special in advanced manu- recognition ceremony taking place in facturing positions, Washington, DC, on April 11, 2013. Win- Get Skills to Work, aners will also receive a monetary stipend of $5,000 and a laptop. For more new coalition to hireinformation on the program and details on how to nominate a child, please Veterans, was launched in October. Thego to Deadline for submission of nomina- goals are to accelerate training of Militarytions is December 15, 2012. Veterans for advanced manufacturing- related jobs, offer skills translation and help veterans and employers determine ifNAVSUP the veteran is ready to jump right into theannounces 2012 workforce or will need more specializedholiday season training. “Badges” can be used to identify specific skill sets on the Veteran’s LinkedInmailing dates account, alerting companies who areThe Naval Supply Systems looking for employees with those specificCommand’s (NAVSUP) Postal civilian skill sets. If the Veteran is not ready,Policy Division mail-by dates Get Skills to Work provides training in thefor pre-December 25 delivery skills they need to provide them additionalof holiday cards, letters, and packages have been announced. For dates and opportunity for credentialing or licensing.details, click here. Go to the website and have a look. You can take an assessment and hit “See Your Results” to find suggested career paths in manufacturing along with salary informa- tion, education or training level, position U.S. Navy Individual descriptions, projected job openings and Augmentees growth rate. Then go ahead and view the Like us on Facebook. posted jobs—there are many. IA Discussion Group Schedule View the Fleet-wide list of classes, support groups and events. 4