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Slides for the 2013-04-30 TPMA presentation by Paul Philp on Lessons from Startups

Slides for the 2013-04-30 TPMA presentation by Paul Philp on Lessons from Startups

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  • 1. Lessons fromStartupsPaul Philp, Founder & CEOpaul@lilikoidata.com5/2/2013 11
  • 2. 2“Old ideas can sometimes use newbuildings. New ideas must use oldbuildings.”Steven JohnsonWhere Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
  • 3. Paradigm ShiftNew ProblemsNew Ways of WorkingNew “Facts”New Language
  • 4. The ‘Front of the House’ Economy4
  • 5. The ‘Back of the House’ Economy
  • 6. Startups Are Different6
  • 7. Where are we now?7
  • 8. Five Industrial RevolutionsSteam Railroad Electricity Communication ITCapital Distribution Scale Consumer DeflationProduction Retail Standardize Brand RelationshipPer Unit Costs Gross Margins EfficiencyShareholderValueRelationshipEquity
  • 9. Software Eats the World9
  • 10. “Back of the House” AutomationWhere We Started Where We’re Headed10
  • 11. “Front of the House” AutomationWhere We Are Starting Where We’re Headed11
  • 12. Welcome to the“Front of the House” ™economy.ShareholderValueRelationshipEquity© Vengeance Power Inc. -Confidential12Short Term Long Term
  • 13. Humanize13
  • 14. The Adaptive Design Manifesto141. Agile, All The Way Down2. Platforms over Products3. Layers over Silos4. Flows over Events5. Journeys over Use Cases6. Persuasion Over Usability7. Data Over Prediction8. Adaptability Over Planning
  • 15. Agile, All the Way DownThe ‘Lean’ movement is the extension ofAgile to the entire business.15
  • 16. Platforms over Products16
  • 17. Layers over SilosData and Functional Silos Horizontal Data© Vengeance Power Inc. -Confidential17
  • 18. Flows over EventsContinuous DeploymentDiscrete Releases© Vengeance Power Inc. -Confidential18
  • 19. Journeys over WorkflowCustomer JourneyProcess Workflow19
  • 20. Persuasion over UsabilityAdoption Action© Vengeance Power Inc. -Confidential20
  • 21. Data over PredictionIntuition Insight© Vengeance Power Inc. -Confidential21
  • 22. Adaptability over PlanningAdapt the Plan Plan to Adapt© Vengeance Power Inc. -Confidential22
  • 23. So, What’s a Lilikoi?
  • 24. Thank YouFor more information contact:Paul Philp, Founder & CEOpaul@lilikoidata.com2424