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  • In Vancouver we offer General English, Exam prep, Work and Study, Business English, English for Lawyers and a University Preparation and Pathway program
  • Most students do not fail or drop out because they find their courses too difficult academically – they fail or drop out because they lack skills like time management skills, exam prep skills, note taking skills, essay writing skills and research skills…
  • And for some they simply cannot handle the culture shock and homesickness
  • For others, their studies take a back seat to their social life and they cannot handle the freedom that comes from being away from home
  • We have created that very program for your clients
  • Big focus of the program is on Essay Writing Skills as Essays are one of the main ways students are evaluated at university
  • Our instructors give them great Tips and tricks to help them be effective in taking good notes in lectures.
  • Stress around exam time is a reality for students and just even being aware of it and knowing what you can do to manage it is really helpful and something we talk about in this course.
  • For many students, university is the first time they have lived away from home and not had a parent telling them when to do their homework, when to go to bed… We teach students ways to manage their time, prioritize work that has to be done and tackle things rather than put them off
  • Attending our program in Canada gives students the chance to experience North American culture and to adjust to it before they start their university studies. Everyone goes through the same cycle when they go away and we help students get through the low point, into the recovery stage and finally, to the point where they have adapted to the culture of North America. That way, the shock is over before they get to university and does not impact them as much there.
  • Our Academic Pathway Program brings together all these skills:studyingResearchingGroup workEssay writingNote taking Time managementManaging Exam stressCampus Life and culture shock Into one intensive course that ensure that when students graduate from it, they will have the skills to succeed at university in North America.
  • We were very lucky to get Angela as the manager for this program. In additional to managing the program development and staff, she is also teaching the level 2 course in Vancouver. She has a PhD in Linguistics and 20 years of experience teaching and developing curriculum. She has specialized in EAP teaching for the last 10 years. She has been a professor at a university so knows what international students will be expected to know and do when they enter university or college.
  • Now I want to switch tracks and talk about programs for your junior clients and the new centres and programs we are launching in 2014. Tamwood has been successfully offering junior programs in Canada and the USA for 21 years. This year we won the STM award for Star Junior Program Provider in the world. Our division offering Junior Programs is called Tamwood International Camps. In fact, we started our company in 1993 as a summer camp provider and only added the adult programs later.
  • Many people have asked me how we select our newcentres and come up with our new programs. There is a business strategy some companies follow which says “Build it and they will come”. But that is a deadly assumption for many companies. We do not follow that strategy.
  • Instead, we only add new camp programs or locations in response to customer needs and wants.
  • We are constantly surveying our summer camp customers – which is done often through surveying our agents who are closer to the customer and also by surveying our students when they are with us and the group leaders who travel with the campers. We are also always thinking about our customers and about what is important to them when choosing a summer camp, so that we only design and start new programs and open in new locations when we feel it is needed and wanted by our customers. So it starts with thinking about the Customer! Who is the customer for summer camps?
  • The campers who attend our summer camps are the ultimate customer. That is who we deliver our services to. But we also deliver benefits to their parents so we need to look at what’s important to them too!
  • The campers who come to our camps are your typical teens and kids. They want to have fun, they want to be liked and make friends, they want to do something that makes them seem cool in the eyes of their friends at home and sometimes they want to make their parents proud.
  • Parents are seeking some different benefits than their kids when choosing a camp so we also have to make sure any new program we open meets their needs and wants too.
  • One of the most important needs of parents when choosing a summer camp is SAFETY. They want to be certain their child will be safe. For that reason we have put a huge emphasis on the safety of our campers in developing our programs. We are more careful with campers then we are with our children because their parents are trusting us to take care of them. For example, I might take my daughter swimming at a lake without bringing along a life guard but at our camps we would never do that. We employ life guards and have them at all activities involving water, even if there are life guards there as well. We also test all campers for their swimming ability before they go near water and they get a bracelet that indicates their swimming level and if they need a life jacket or are allowed in deep water.
  • Parents also expect the program to be Academically Strong – They need to know: “will my child really learn something at this program?” no longer do parents look for a program that is simply fun, safe and affordable - It also has to be educational!
  • The reason parents want their kids to learn something is because most parents want to help their child get ahead. Today, every where in the world, it is more and more competitive to get into university and to get a job. Parents everywhere are looking for ways they can help their child get a leg-up on their competition. International experience and better English are two ways a student can be more competitive. So in setting up new programs we always consider how the program will help our campers to get ahead in life and have a jump start on their competition. Swiss client story – Lucas attended our camp for a few years and I became friends with Lucas and his family. On one of my visits to Switzerland I met the parents and the father told me that Lucas had always borderline academically and to get into university in Switzerland you need a minimum GPA. He said that because of what he learned at Tamwood camp he was able to get a higher mark in English and that was enough to put his average just over what he needed to get into University. We know that if kids have fun and make friends, are safe and cared for but do NOT improve their English the parents will not be happy and we have never lost sight of that.
  • How many of your are parentsHave you ever surprised your child with something they really wanted? Like a bike, or a trip to Disney? How did they feel?HOW DID YOU FEEL seeing them so happy?
  • I am a parent – school yard story
  • We consider all these needs and wants of both the kids and parents when every we look for a new location or create a new program and the new camps for 2014 are great examples of that.
  • and our new camp in Toronto at U of T. U of T is one of Canada’s most well known and prestigious universities . We selected the U of T Mississauga campus, which is on the western side of the city of Toronto, rather then the downtown U of T campus as we felt it was safest location for kids and would allow us to offer more quality programming since its facilities are quite modern and green!
  • The fact that the residence at this campus offers private rooms with a bathroom shared between only two rooms was something we felt was important as we know how important accommodations are to our clients
  • Toronto, and U of T specifically, was chosen as the location for our newest camp because it is a well known international city that offers great excursion opportunities which meet the needs and wants of our clients in terms of having fun, being social, doing something “cool”, and for parents, it satisfies their need to give their kids something they will love and gives them something to feel good about and brag about
  • Another new program for 2014 is the Nike Sports camp option we will offer at our Camp in Boston. Nike sponsors a camp for US kids at Curry College that offers high level sports instruction in a range of sports and we have negotiated with them to allow our campers to join their instructional sports program in the afternoons.
  • In surveying our clients, especially our agents, we learned about a growing demand for a camp program that families can attend together. Families are changing – when I was a kid, my parents were happy to ship my siblings and I off to summer camp on our own but now with both parents working and with the growing number of divorced parents we see a growing desire among families to take more summer vacations together.WHY WHISTLER? – this is Canada’s number one family holiday destination.
  • There is so MUCH for families to do in Whistler in the summer and it has amazing accommodation options at all price points for families. It is also easily accessible from an international airport which is important to families and it is a well known and prestigious destination.In the mornings, the families split up and the kids attend classes with the campers in our residential summer camp and their parents take classes in the adult school. Two afternoons and one full day a week the families do organized activities and excursions together. In the other afternoons the kids take part in the regular camp activities while their parents have free time to explore all the fun things for adults to do in Whistler like golf, spas, gallery tours, fishing...
  • We are also adding something new in our work programs division called GO International. For those who do not know, GI OffersWorking holiday programInternshipCamp counsellor program Volunteer Program
  • We are also adding something new in our work programs division called GO International. For those who do not know, GI OffersWorking holiday programInternshipCamp counsellor program Volunteer Program
  • These recent trends have created an opportunity for all of us in the student travel industry and it is the reason we are focusing on expanding our volunteer program in Canada and developing new partnerships with BC parks, and other land management organziations to offer more volunteer projects for your clients
  • These recent trends have created an opportunity for all of us in the student travel industry and it is the reason we are focusing on expanding our volunteer program in Canada and developing new partnerships with BC parks, and other land management organziations to offer more volunteer projects for your clients
  • These recent trends have created an opportunity for all of us in the student travel industry and it is the reason we are focusing on expanding our volunteer program in Canada and developing new partnerships with BC parks, and other land management organziations to offer more volunteer projects for your clients
  • We started with a pilot project in Banff in 2011 and in 2014 we will have three projects with National Parks one with BC Parks and we are working on two more which we hope to confirm in the next month. At each of these projects groups of 6 to 10 volunteers come for a month at a time from May to October and help park’s staff complete much needed conservation work which ultimately preserves nature, protects animals and allows more people to engage with nature. The volunteers get amazing training and experiences and leave with lots of new skills and formal recognition from the parks of Canada for their contribution.
  • Besides Volunteering we also offer paid work and internship programs in Canada


  • 1. WHAT’S TRENDING AT TAMWOOD & GO INTERNATIONAL Tamsin Plaxton. Co-Founder and President
  • 2. Tamwood’s Three Divisions English training for adults in Vancouver, Whistler and Toronto Provider of Work and Travel and Work and Study Programs in Canada Language, Sports and Adventure Camps for juniors in Canada and the USA
  • 3. AWARDS AND ACCREDITATIONS Work Experience Provider 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Innovation of the Year 2010
  • 4. Vancouver School Tamwood College Downtown Vancouver School Great Location in the best area of Vancouver!
  • 5. Adult Programs in Vancouver Vancouver, voted the best city to live in the World
  • 6. Where is Whistler? •Whistler is a short 2 hour drive North of Vancouver. •Surrounded by mountains, lakes rivers and forests •Whistler offers great shopping, restaurants, festivals and all the amenities of a world class resort. •Considered to be the Outdoor and Adventure
  • 7. Whistler School Tamwood College Whistler School Great Location in the Whistler Village Square!
  • 8. Adult Programs in Whistler Whistler, the best Winter and Adventure Sports Resort in North America
  • 9. Adult Programs in Whistler
  • 10. Toronto School Tamwood Toronto School Located at the corner of Yonge and Eglinton Streets
  • 11. Adult Programs in Toronto Toronto, Canada’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city
  • 12. Did you know?    In 2012, 42,904 international students entered Canada at the university level (41% of Canadian total) Another 26,191 international students entered in the “Other Post Secondary Education” category (25% of Canadian total) That means 60,000 new international students started post secondary studies in Canada in 2012
  • 13. Did you know? It is expected that a significant number of the international students who started their university studies in Canada last year will not finish because they will either drop out or fail.
  • 14. Reasons for this high drop out/ failure rate among international students…
  • 15. Culture Shock and Homesickness
  • 16. Can’t Handle the Freedom of being away from home
  • 17. Imagine If… There was a program students could take before staring university that would prepare them for these kinds of challenges, such that the only challenge they faced at university was the subject matter itself
  • 18. You Don’t have to Imagine It… It already exists
  • 19. Tamwood’s Academic Pathway Program Launched in 2013 Curriculum created by professors at several universities Focus is on more than academic English – it prepares students to not only be accepted to a university or college but to also be successful once there.
  • 20. Study Skills
  • 21. Group Work
  • 22. Research Skills
  • 23. Essay Writing Skills
  • 24. Note Taking Skills
  • 25. Managing Exam Stress
  • 26. Time Management Skills
  • 27. Campus Life and Culture Shock
  • 28. The Critical Skills for Success
  • 29. Academic Pathway Program English For Academic Purposes 1    8 weeks IELTS prep 4 weeks Academic English Graduates successful students with an IELTS 6.0 English for Academic Purposes 2    12 weeks 12 week integrated university preparation and English for academic purposes. Graduates successful students with an IELTS 6.5 Start Dates – every 4 weeks!
  • 30. Great Nationality Mix
  • 31. Experienced and Highly Skilled Instructors Angela Belcham, PhD Linguistics, APP Manager
  • 32. Great Pathway Partners
  • 33. How do you decide what to do next?
  • 34. Start with Knowing The Customer
  • 35. Start with Knowing The Customer
  • 36. The Child as Client- Needs & Wants
  • 37. The Child as Client- Needs & Wants What do the Kids Want? What is Important to them?  Make friends  Have Fun  “Cool” factor  Get ahead  Make their Parents Proud
  • 38. Parents’ as Clients – Their Needs & Wants
  • 39. Parents’ as Clients – Their Needs
  • 40. Parents’ as Clients – Their Needs
  • 41. Parents’ as Clients – Their Wants
  • 42. Parents’ as Clients – Their Wants
  • 43. Parents’ as Clients – Their Wants
  • 44. Meeting and Balancing all their Needs
  • 45. Newest Camp Programs & Locations Safety Quality Education Prestige Fun /Social “Cool” factor
  • 46. Newest Camp Programs & Locations
  • 47. University of Toronto Camp for ages 7-17 Excursions •CN Tower •Niagara Falls •Blue Jay Baseball Game •Ontario Science Center •Toronto Premium Outlet •Royal Ontario Museum •Playdium •Canada Wonderland •Casa Loma •Toronto Island •Centerville Amusement Park •Square One Shopping Mall •Young Street & Eaton Center •NHL Hall of Fame
  • 48. Newest Camp Programs & Locations Nike Sports Camp option in Boston – learning opportunity, enhance personal brand, get ahead opportunity, fun, bragging rights, reward/gift…
  • 49. Newest Camp Programs & Locations Family Camp in Whistler
  • 50. Whistler Family Camp Things to do in Whistler in the Summer: Zip lining Golf Whistler Bike Park White Water Rafting Aerial Adventure Course Tree Trek Eco Tour Horseback Riding Bungee Jumping ATV and 4x4 Adventures Summer Skiing & Boarding Jet Boating First Nations Cultural Centre Whistler Museum Canoe, Kayak & SUP Fishing Cross country and Road Biking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Hiking Sea to Sky Train Bike Rentals Lakes & Beaches Bear Viewing The Valley Trail Camping Mountain Top BBQ Recreational Biking Floatplane Tours Helicopter Tours Fishing Skateboard and BMX Park Events Dining Shopping Family Activities Spas Nightclubs Patios, Bars and Pubs Olympic Venue Tours Whistler Olympic Plaza Whistler Tasting Tours Art Galleries
  • 51. TAMWOOD CAMPS LOCATIONS for 2014 Tamwood Vancouver at Simon Fraser University Tamwood at San Jose University Tamwood Whistler at Tamwood Residence Tamwood Los Angeles at UCLA Tamwood Boston at Curry College Tamwood Toronto at U of T Tamwood offers 5 summer camps and one winter camp
  • 52. • Working Holiday Paid Work • English Coop • Camp Canada • Internship • English + Internship Internship Volunteering • Animals • Environment • People
  • 53. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCCJwgjg z9Y
  • 54. Did you Know  "voluntourism" was mentioned as one of the three top trends in volunteering as part of the United Nations State of the World's Volunteerism Report.
  • 55. Did you Know  Parks Canada manages 36 National Parks, several of which have been designated “World Heritage Sites” and BC Parks has 202 parks just in the southern coastal area of BC and only one conservation officer.
  • 56. Did you Know  Both Parks Canada and BC Parks have lost millions of dollars of funding for their conservation projects in the last two years and more cuts are expected.  This is having a huge impact on the ability of Park’s staff to care for the parks and protect the parks and animals who live there.
  • 57. Imagine if You could bring international volunteers to Canada and set them up to work with BC Parks and Parks Canada helping with conservation projects? We have done just that!
  • 58. New Work Programs for 2014 Conservation Volunteering Project with Parks Canada and BC Parks in Banff, Lake Louise, Rocky Mountain House and Whistler. Jasper and a Winter Project in Lake Louise for Dec. to April - in the works.
  • 59. Canadian Volunteer Program ALL 2014 VOLUNTEER PROJECTS:  Animal Rescue Centres in BC and Ontario (C50)  National and Provincial Park Conservation (Tourist)  Community Service Projects and charitable summer camps (C50)
  • 60. Do your Clients Need a Work Permit to Intern / Work / Volunteer in Canada? BASIC RULE: Anyone who wants to “Work” in Canada must first obtain a “Work Permit” “Work” is an activity for which wages are earned or that competes directly with activities of Canadians in the Canadian labour market.    Test: Will they get paid or will they be doing something that a Canadian should really have an opportunity to do? Examples of “Work” include : “Unpaid employment done for the purpose of obtaining work experience such as an internship or practicum normally done by a student” Examples of “non-work activity: unpaid volunteer work that is part-time and “incidental to the main reason the person is in Canada” – eg. Being a Big Brother, sitting on the board of a charity institution, volunteering at a fund raising event…
  • 61. Canada’s Work Permit Options
  • 62. Three Work Permit Options 1. 2. 3. IEC Initiative – people ages 18-30/35 can get a permit to work in Canada on a work and travel program, as an intern or trainee or as a volunteer (certain countries only). Coop Education Programs - exemption code C30 – allows anyone, any age to get a work permit to work as part of their course of study in Canada. Volunteer Work for a Registered Charity – exemption code C50
  • 63. Option 1: International Experience Canada “IEC” Initiative The following countries have an IEC Agreement with Canada: Australia Austria* Belgium Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland* France Germany Greece Hong Kong Italy Japan Korea Latvia Lithuania  Mexico New Zealand Netherlands Norway Poland Switzerland* Slovak Republic Slovenia   Spain Sweden Taiwan Ukraine UK Ireland *Agreement allows for work permits for Internships only. Applicant must have a internship offer in writing before applying for their work permit. 
  • 64. IEC  http://www.canadaint ernational.gc.ca/spai nespagne/experience_ canada_experience/i ndex.aspx  http://www.canadaint ernational.gc.ca/spai nespagne/experience_ canada_experience/r ecognized_organizati onsorganisations_reconn ues.aspx
  • 65. IEC -International Experience Canada 1. Working Holiday  Open work permit  Duration: 12 months from date of entry  Eligibility: Ages 18-35 (18-30 in UK, Ireland, Australia, and 18-29 in Mexico)  Available twice in a life time, but for certain countries only once in this category 2. Young Professionals*   For young professionals who are Not in school international work experience in their field of studies or profession under a pre-arranged contract of employment in Canada 3. International Coop/Internship*   for foreign students registered at a post secondary institution in their country To do internship or work placement in Canada in order to fulfill part of their academic curriculum at home *Applicants MUST have a job offer from Canadian employer *Work Permit is employer specific
  • 66. Option 2: Coop Education Programs (exemption code C30) 1. Student must apply for BOTH a Study Permit and a Work Permit 2. The work term must be a necessary part of a course at a school in Canada 3. The work term cannot make up more than 50% of total program duration 4. Work practicum may be paid or unpaid. 5. Program must be offered by a School and teaching must be done in the school (homework and distance education assignments do NOT count towards study requirements). 6. Open to any person of any age from any country who needs to learn English. No maximum duration.
  • 67. Option 3: Charity Work (exemption code C50)  Work Permit application must include letter of volunteer job offer from Canadian registered Charity.  A non-profit is not necessarily a “charitable organization”. Charitable organization has a mandate to relieve poverty, or benefit the community, educational, or religious institutions.
  • 68. Meet Sofia
  • 69. She is 30 and is currently and studying at university in international trade. 1. Does Sofia Need a Work Permit? And IF YES… 2. Under What Option can she get a work Permit if she is Spanish? What she wants to do / Her Nationality VOLUNTEER in an Animal Rescue Centre Spain
  • 70. 1. Does Sofia Need a Work Permit? IF YES… 2. Under What Option can she get a work Permit? What she wants to do / Her Nationality Spain VOLUNTEER in an Animal Rescue Centre Yes, C50 Do PAID WORK in a resort
  • 71. 1. Does Sofia Need a Work Permit? IF YES… 2. Under What Option can she get a work Permit? What she wants to do / Her Nationality Spain VOLUNTEER in an Animal Rescue Centre Yes, C50, IEC or C30 Do PAID WORK in a resort Yes, IEC or C30 Do unpaid INTERNSHIP in an import company for 12 weeks
  • 72. What she wants to do / Her Nationality Spain VOLUNTEER in an Animal Rescue Centre Yes, C50, IEC or C30 Do PAID WORK in a resort Yes, IEC or C30 Do unpaid INTERNSHIP in an import company for 6 weeks Yes, IEC or C30 While studying, VOLUNTEER for one weekend at the Ride to Conquer Cancer
  • 73. What she wants to do / Her Nationality Spain VOLUNTEER in an Animal Rescue Centre Yes, C50, IEC or C30 Do PAID WORK in a resort Yes, IEC or C30 Do unpaid INTERNSHIP in an import company for 6 weeks Yes, IEC or C30 While studying, VOLUNTEER for one weekend at the Ride to Conquer Cancer No Work Permit Required
  • 74. • Working Holiday - IEC Paid Work • English Coop –C30 • Camp Canada-IEC or C30 • Internship - IEC Internship • English + InternshipC30
  • 75. Work and Travel in Canada This program is called “Canadian Working Holiday Program” or “CWHP” Go International provides many services to participants of the CWHP in order to make their time in Canada as successful and positive as possible. Some of these services are: training on how to find a job, job placement services, orientation on how to live and work in Canada, and much more
  • 76. Work and Study in Canada This Program is called the “English Coop Program” and includes equal time spent studying English and doing a work practicum.
  • 77. Paid Work Programs: English Coop Program ~ Canadian Working Holiday Program ~ Camp Canada Work Program Work Opportunities: hotels ~ ski operations ~ tourist attractions ~ retail ~ restaurants ~ cafes… JOB PLACEMENT OPTIONS: Full Service: We arrange their job! Summer or Winter Placements Basic Service: Participants arrange his/her own job with help from us including:  HOT JOBS LIST  Resume writing workshop  Interview skills workshop  Dedicated adviser
  • 78. Paid Work Opportunities
  • 79. Internship Program (Professional Unpaid Work) Internship Program - Available Fields Internships are offered in a variety of professional fields, such as business, finance, marketing, finance, engineering, design, etc.
  • 80. Our Mission – the “WHY” “We believe that when done right, international education and meaningful travel is a transformative life changing experience that offers people the opportunity for Self Discovery, Personal Growth and better Understanding.”
  • 81. Our Vision Statement “To be the industry leader in excellence and service” AND “To constantly refine existing programs and create new programs that reflect the globalization of the international education community”
  • 82. Our Values      CARING about our clients, communities, and environment Fanatical about Excellence Making it Fun Innovation Integrity