Tetra Data And Applications 11 09 08 Fort Worth


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TETRA Data and Applications - TETRA Day 8th Semptember 2011, Fort Worth, Texas

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Tetra Data And Applications 11 09 08 Fort Worth

  1. 1. TETRA Data and applications Tero PesonenFort Worth, Texas, 8th September 2011
  2. 2. Contents• User requirements and trends• TETRA Data evolution• Application examples
  3. 3. Requirements for TETRA Personnel safety Response timesCapacity Telecontrol Security Reliability Total cost of Environmental ownership conditions
  4. 4. Trends in user needs Field control Surveillance DATA DATAPrecise situation Always overview connected DATA COVERAGE Information Optimal Total value chain Cost of Ownership DATA OPEXPrevention from Process information automation overflow Secure reliable DATA DATA group communication is the foundation
  5. 5. Why not commercial services for critical data?• Commercial services (GSM, GPRS, 3G, …) are not always available when the need is highest, they can collapse under heavy load: – Several examples: London Metro bombing, Madrid bombing – Information security is not under user’s own control• Broadband services (WiFI, WiMAX, LTE) suit well as a complementary high speed data service, but not feasible as the only one.• TETRA serves as mission critical always available wide area voice and data backbone, which can be complemented by other technologies
  6. 6. TETRA data evolution Field operations call for data applications TETRA  • Image streaming Enhanced  • Integrated monitoring/control solutions Data Service • Field command/situational awareness • Database queries TETRA IP • Image transmission packet data • Telemedicine & Reporting • WAP/Java™ browsing of databases TETRA short  • Short Data Service (SDS) data messages • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) • TelemetryTETRA status  • Status messagingmessages • Remote control • Very efficient – real time
  7. 7. Applications
  8. 8. Data application examplesProcess Instant high- Integrated Field Documentation Surveillancecontrol resolution visual documentation access, SensoringResource image monitoring and reporting Advancedmanagement transfer Sensoring location basedTask applicationsmanagement Rapid Increased Operational Operational Free Increased information operation efficiency efficiency mobility security sharing safety
  9. 9. Process control - Telemetry• Remote reading of sensors enabled by guaranteed data delivery in TETRA – pressure, temperature, voltage, valve status etc. – automatic periodical reading or manual – simultaneous transfer of different types of data• Benefits – Effective use of network capacity – Operational efficiency – Rapid response in case of emergency • personnel safety and environmental issue• TETRA network as a main or back up carrier for telemetry data transfer
  10. 10. Fleet and task management and Positioning• Ability to assign tasks to teams based on their skills and position – Task assignment flow with acknowledgements – Possibility to provide task specific value adding information – Assignment to nearest resources with required skills• Benefits – the tasks are assigned immediately to most relevant persons – the tasks are recorded and documented – fleets performance is increased
  11. 11. Field documentation and reporting• Ability to provide reports and documentation from the field easily – Prepared and pre-filled templates – Automatic inclusion of • time stamp • position • user identity• Benefits – Time saving – Increased report accuracy – Improved tracking of events – Users are more content as they can focus more on the “real” tasks
  12. 12. Conclusion• TETRA – integrated mission critical Voice and Data – as such suitable for utilities and transport – is proven yet strongly developing technology – provides a multipurpose platform for a variety of applications• Main TETRA Data services – Status messages – Short Data Service – IP Packet Data• Re-think your communication concept – it’s time for independent mission critical simultaneous voice and data
  13. 13. Questions?www.tetra-association.com