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Send Out Cards


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Like NetFlix, Send Out Cards is a game changer. Join the revolution!

Like NetFlix, Send Out Cards is a game changer. Join the revolution!

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  • Hello, and welcome to the SendOutCards Opportunity. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take a look at one of the most unique and exciting network marketing business opportunities anywhere.
  • SendOutCards was officially launched in 2005 by its visionary CEO, Kody Bateman. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association, and has grown and profited steadily every year since its inception. SendOutCards currently prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails out tens of thousands of greeting cards every single day from its state-of-the-art facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • SendOutCards is taking advantage of rapid advances in technology, and providing a service that ’ s more convenient and less expensive than its competition. And, in doing so, is changing the marketplace.
  • We all know what happens when technology changes.
  • Old school companies, who did things the “ old way ” have been replaced by GAME CHANGERS. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes have effectively rendered these “ old school ” companies obsolete.
  • SendOutCards is a GAME CHANGER, and is currently revolutionizing the $100 billion greeting card and gifting industry!
  • So, you might be asking yourself. . . how does it work?
  • Simply go to and log in using your own personal username and password.
  • Once inside your MAIN MENU - simply click on Create A Card.
  • The card catalog consists of over 15,000 pre-made greeting cards in any category you could imagine (you can even design your own). Simply select a card.
  • You can send it as a postcard, greeting card, three panel card, or even a big 8 by 12 card. Select your option.
  • Once inside the card, you can type your message or even add personal photos.
  • Just slide in your photo which you can rotate or adjust to any size. By clicking on the “ span ” button you can even expand the photo across the entire inside of the card.
  • Next, type your personal message.
  • There are a variety of fonts to choose from including your own handwriting and even your own signature.
  • Once you have it the way you like, simply continue.
  • This brings you to an appearance of an envelope, defaulted with your own return address.
  • You can type in the name of your recipient, or you may search from your “ included ” Contact Manager.
  • Next we have gifting.
  • You can add a gift card to your greeting card by selecting one from a variety of nationwide vendors.
  • You can even add an actual gift to your card.
  • Click on the summary page and then click on the most magical button on the world wide web. The one that says “ Send Card. ”
  • That ’ s it! Your card will be printed, stuffed, stamped, and mailed out the next business day! All for about a dollar!
  • And SendOutCards is always adding new and exciting products to the menu - including calendars, photobooks, business cards, posters, and even canvas prints!
  • Just imagine being paid commissions every month on all those greeting cards and gifts being sent out by people around the world. Imagine owning your own part-time business where there ’ s no experience necessary; You ’ re the boss; You get to make your own hours, work from home if you wish. And you have Unlimited Income Potential.
  • That ’ s the SendOutCards Opportunity.
  • You might be asking yourself - CAN I DO IT?
  • Well there are only two simple things we do to build a SendOutCards business.
  • We gather a few customers. People, just like you, who might like to use a service like SendOutCards. And, we help other people do the same.
  • You can start your own SendOutCards business by becoming an Independent Distributor for a fully-refundable $50 deposit. But if you ’ re SERIOUS you ’ re going to want to become a Marketing Distributor and get started by purchasing our Leadership Package for $295. This gives you everything you need to be successful in your SendOutCards business including unlimited training and support.
  • Now let ’ s take a look at the compensation plan.
  • Again, we only do two things in SendOutCards. We gather a few customers and help others do the same. When you share the SendOutCards service with people you know, many will simply want to become customers. You will be paid up to 30% commission on all the cards they send out, day after day, week after week, month after month.
  • Introduce the SendOutCards opportunity to your sharp and ambitious friends and you have the ability to earn weekly bonus income.
  • Let ’ s say you decide to get started as a Marketing Distributor. You gather a few customers yourself and then you introduce our business model to a few people you know. When they become Marketing Distributors like you did, and they gather a few customers (also like you did) - SendOutCards is going to pay you a $100 Customer Acquisition Bonus EVERY TIME. These bonus checks go out weekly, and there is no limit. But that ’ s not all!
  • In SendOutCards you can give yourself a promotion anytime you want. And when you get promoted in SendOutCards you get paid MORE money for doing the same thing!
  • What you just saw was our weekly bonus income. Imagine being paid commissions on all the cards AND gifts being sent out by all of your distributors AND their customers! That ’ s the residual income side of our compensation plan. Let ’ s say you promote yourself to the level of Manager. You get two customers and produce $30 in monthly volume and then you sponsor three new Distributors. When they do what you did, that would trigger $70 to you in bonus money PLUS about $20 in monthly commissions. If your three distributors sponsor 3, that would give you nine more. You ’ d earn $1260 on bonus money, and roughly $59 in monthly commissions. If those nine sponsor three, and so on and so on and so on. . . you get the picture. Now understand that it will never work out exactly this way where three sponsor three, etc. Some of your distributors won ’ t sponsor three, and some will sponsor more. This is just an example to illustrate the power of our compensation plan. But if it DID work out this way - you ’ d be earning $459,360 in one-time bonuses and about $27,000 in monthly residual income. Now that looks like a ridiculous number (and it IS!) But what if you only saw 10 percent of this happen? Would you be alright with an extra $45,000 in bonus money and $2,700 month after month after month? This is not a get-rich-quick program and this won ’ t happen overnight. Obviously these numbers could be drastically smaller or larger as we grow and become a household name. How big is YOUR vision?
  • The goal at SendOutCard is to become a Billion Dollar household name. Imagine having your own part-time business that can literally grow all over the world through word of mouth! And you can start this global business in the town where you live right now, starting in your very own neighborhood!
  • So, what now?
  • Let ’ s get started! Start your own business today by becoming a SendOutCards Distributor. We can get you up and running in just a few minutes. If this business isn ’ t for you, maybe you ’ d just like to become a customer. Either way, get back with the person who invited you and say, “ I ’ m ready! ”
  • Bill Gates said it best! He said, “ A wealthy person is someone who has the ability to see the obvious before everybody else does. ”
  • The legendary Jim Rohn said, “ For things to change, you have to change. ” Well we don ’ t know if you see this or not. And we don ’ t know if you ’ re looking for a positive change in your life. But if you are, then let me be the first to say, “ Congratulations . . . and welcome to the SendOutCards team! ”
  • Transcript

    • 2. Officially Launched in 2005CEO Kody BatemanMember of the DSAGrown Every YearPrinted and Mailed Out Millions of Cards to
    • 4. We ALL know what happens whenTECHNOLOGY CHANGES . . . 4
    • 5. . . . Old SchoolGame Changers & You
    • 6. A GAME CHANGER!
    • 7. How Does it Work?
    • 8. 8
    • 9. 9
    • 10. 10
    • 11. 11
    • 12. 12
    • 13. 13
    • 14. 14
    • 15. 15
    • 16. 16
    • 17. 17
    • 18. 18
    • 19. 19
    • 20. 20
    • 21. 21
    • 22. 22
    • 23. 23
    • 24. 24
    • 25. 25
    • 26. JUST IMAGINE • Being PAID Commissions on all those cards & gifts! • No Experience Needed • You Are the Boss • Make Your Own Hours • Work From Home 26
    • 27. Opportunity
    • 28. Can I do it?
    • 29. There are 2 Things we do in
    • 30. 1 Gather a few customers 2 Help Others do the Same
    • 31. If You’re Serious . . .Marketing DistributorIndependent Distributor LEADERSHIP PACKAGE ✓Y o u r O w n S e n d O u t C a r d s B u s in e s s ✓P e r s o n a l B u s i n e s s W e b s i t e ✓S e ni mOt u tdC T rr a isn iS y s &e S u f opro L itf e Unl d i e a d ng t m p r ✓A L L t h e B e l l s & W h i s t l e s ✓O u r L o w e s t P r i c i n g ✓10 0 F R E E G R E E T I N G C A R D S ! 31
    • 33. Gather a few customers Earn 5-30% Commissions!
    • 34. Help Others Do the Same EARN WEEKLY BONUSINCOME!
    • 35. G E T P A ID -Tw o Typ e s o fIn c o m e•W e e k l y B ONUS In c o m e•M o n t h l y R E S ID U A L C o m m is s io ns
    • 36. YOU are PAID a $100 YOUCustomer Acquisition Bonus! * For EVERY Marketing Distributor Who Gathers Two Customers ‘MD’ BUT THAT’S$100 $100 $100 NOT ALL!
    • 37. Give Yourself A PromotionAny Time You Want!Earn MORE Money for doing THE SAME THING!
    • 38. 38
    • 39. 39
    • 40. 40
    • 41. 41
    • 42. Long Term Income $306,180 $34,020 $102,060 $3780 $11,340 $720 $1260 YOU MANAGER 3 9 27 81 243 $20 $59 729 2,187 $176 $527 1,582 $4,746 $20,339 10% $$459,360 $$45,936 Coaching & Leadership Bonus’s + $30 $$$ 3 2 ,0 042 710 2 8 1 1,34 6 00 11,7 ,, 0, 3 6 per month TOTAL 600 Residual 0 Monthly 80 EARNINGS SUCCESS RATE $27,449 $2,744 $ 2 05,0 2 $ 4 ,27 9 3 $$ 5 8 6 1, 3 4*Hypothetical Example
    • 43. IMAGINEGrowing a Global Business!Starting in the Town Where You Live Right Now!
    • 44. HOWDO I GetStarted
    • 45. Get With The Person Who Invited YouBecome A Distributor OR Become a Card Sender!
    • 46. Famous Last Words . . . “A wealthy person is someone who has the ability to see the obvious before everybody else does.” – Bill Gates 46
    • 47. Famous Last Words . . . “For things to change, you have to change.” – Jim Rohn
    • 48. Welcome to the Team!The hypothetical example set forth in this presentation is intended to explainelements in the operation of the SendOutCards Compensation Plan. Thishypothetical is not representative of the income, if any, that a SendOutCardsDistributor can or will earn, and the figures are not a representation of earnings youshould anticipate. This hypothetical is for purposes of illustration only. Success withSendOutCards results only from successful sales efforts, which require effort,diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively youexercise these qualities. Opinions expressed by an independent expert arerepresentative of their belief in the potential growth of SendOutCards and not actualprojections of the company.Examples of SendOutCards comparative incomes are available in our disclosurestatement located at: 48