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  1. 1. The Story So FarYou have developed a game; a mobile game that has the potential to find lots of users, die-hardfans and addicted players. In short, the next killer game. But once you have the game released,you are worried that it will get pirated and misused. And that you won’t get paid by the users whowould play the game.And that’s not all, you see many challenges ahead. A bit like your game has for your users. Let’ssee if you have a way of solving them. (Hint: You do!)
  2. 2. CHALLenge 1 1 egnellahCMode of distributionYour game is meant for the mobile platform. But you want to make it available for online download,or on portable devices. Can you overcome this challenge?TPAYmobile lets you distribute your game in these ways Pre-loads Free trial options on the Internet Application Stores Direct to Consumer
  3. 3. CHALLenge 2 2 egnellahCYou need support with your business model. Maybe a try and buy mode works best foryour game? Or a periodic license, or maybe pay per use? The possibilities are many.Where can you get some support with all this?The answer is TPAYmobile, of course. TPAYmobile gives you the flexibility to adopt any licensing modelthat best leverages your application. You can choose from:>> Try and buy, which lets users of the game try it for a while and then decide to buy>> Periodic licenses: Sets expiry dates for licenses>> Full licenses: enables apps forever>> Multiple license options: Set different licenses for varying costs>> Subscription: Sell the game on a continuous subscription, or set it to renew after a specified date>> Pay per use: User pays only for what he uses>> Cross sell: Sell other games and applications from within this game>> In-application billing: Sell premium content and features in your game
  4. 4. CHALLenge 3 3 egnellahC“I have such a brilliant game here. It’s a pity users in other countries can’tpay for it and play it. Or can they?,” you ask.TPAYmobile can process transactions through credit and debit cards worldwide and has operatorbilling on over 100 mobile networks. TPAYmobile has processed transactions in 160 countries.This means that if your game is launched on any of these 100 networks, you can be assuredabout air-tight license management and on-time payment for game usage.
  5. 5. CHALLenge 4 4 egnellahCCollecting payment is a challenge. You need to have covered all the majorcredit and debit cards as well as take the operator billing route. That’s atall order!not for TPAYmobile! TPAYmobile supports Visa electron debit cards, and all major credit cardssuch as Visa, MasterCard, American express, Dinners and JCB. This includes all credit and debitcards that support any of these logos. TPAYmobile also supports operator billing.
  6. 6. CHALLenge 5 5 egnellahCBut is it secure? If the user doesn’t find making an on-device paymentsecure, he will not buy your game!TPAYmobile complies with the requirements of credit card authorizers, and is compliant with PCISecurity Standards. TPAYmobile uses bank level security practices and technologies to ensureall consumer communication is secure and private. Connections to mobile payment partners aremanaged using encrypted communication through the TPAYmobile Server. TPAYmobile does notstore any part of the credit card number on the server. All it stores is the secure identificationtoken which is used to complete a payment.
  7. 7. CHALLenge 6 6 egnellahCStrategyHey, that takes care of all your challenges. So what should your strategy be?Here’s what you can do:1. Sign up for a free account2. Create a Business Model3. Add your Application, Sales Channel and Business Model4. You can do a manual integration after downloading the SDK from the ‘SDK and Documents’ section, or opt for an automatic integration, if your application is built for the Java or Android platforms.5. Your Application is Ready to Distribute
  8. 8. ScoresBut is it secure? If the user doesn’t find making an on-device paymentsecure, he will not buy your game!But who will keep scores? How many users have you added? How much money have you made?How do you get to know how well is your game doing?TPAYmobile will give you access to an extranet where you can see the information regarding yourgame, the number of transactions and earned revenue on a daily basis.
  9. 9. It’s time for play! Sign up with TPAYmobile now.