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  • 1. Dear Mom, Being a nurse here is hard work. I’ve seen a lot of things I never imaginedseeing. The men come in dying. The Trenches are horrible living conditions for thesemen. They get what we call trench foot. The moisture and bad living environmentsleaves huge sores on their feet. Their skin is like wax from battling the elements. Thereare rats everywhere. They make things very unsanitary. People are malnourished andskin and bones. Soldiers are covered in dirt, sweat, and blood. People have gun shotwounds. Others need to be tended to from sores or infection from the rats. These poormen are packed into the trenches and expected to survive despite the horribleconditions. So I stay very busy tending to the injured. The war is getting really bad. Menare starting to injure themselves in attempts to get sent back home and make thenightmare end. I wish to be home too. But the soldiers can hardly be called me, few areover the age of 20. They are all so young, I’m needed here to tend to them. The morelives we can save the better. We lose many, but we also do our best to save many too. Ihope this war ends soon so all the suffering stops. It’s pure chaos. Seeing all the bloodeveryday gets to you. I pray this all ends soon. Hope to be home soon enough. Love Always, Tara Pawlyk