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  1. 1. Name: Tara Pawlyk Art of World War OneGo to the following website: Choose two painters from each of the topics, browse their paintings andwrite down what you see, feel, and what the art makes you think about with regards tothe novel or the War in general.The AssaultPainter One: Eric KenningtonSee: I see the soldiers outside in the snow. Their is a dead soldier on the ground that noone is paying much attention too. You see much destruction with broken objectsscattered across the ground.Feel:I think that the way no one is showing much emotion towards the fallen soldier showshow war desensitizes someone. If someone just died in the regular world, it wouldattract lots of attention and many people would be having emotional breakdowns.However in this painting the expressions are indifferent. It’s as if the dead guy is simplynot even there.Connections:It just shows how much war desensitizes people. Like Paul when he basically learned tostop hesitating to kill people. He began to just do it. It’s also like when they use thebodies to help shield themselves. Death becomes normal.Painter Two:Oscar LaskeSee: You see the fighting among people. Death. There is a trolley overturned in theroad, a building on fire, and lots more destruction.Feel: Destruction. War is complete and total destruction. There is chaos, violence, anddeath. It’s a rather morbid painting.Connections: I think this image really captures the truth in war. In war, villages areinvaded and many are destroyed. This shows how much destruction there really is.
  2. 2. Name: Tara PawlykConnections: Gas was commonly used during the time as a method of attack. So itdisplays a lot of truth in showing the men in the gas masks.Painter Two:Frank BrangwinSee: There is so much going on in this picture. You see the men running and fighting.Some are dying and being crushed. There’s what appears to be a tank. Smokeeverywhere from all the gun fire and dirt being disturbed.Feel: The theme of the picture is chaos. There is a lot of violence and many soldiersrunning for cover. The expressions of many are fearful and panicked.Connections: This represents the chaos that is really in war. In many of the propagandaposters the government made it look like war was all fun and games and nothing badevery happened. This however shows the truth in war.The War UndergroundPainter One:Félix VallotonSee: There are two men in the darkness coming after the one innocent looking soldierwho is in the light.Feel: It looks like a propaganda poster to me. It makes it look like one soldier is innocentwhile the enemy is the one attacking. It doesn’t show the balance of war. In real war,both sides are guilty of killing. The picture displays it as though there is only one side toblame, the opposing side.Connections: It shows how government try and lighten the mood of the war so they canmore easily recruit people.Painter Two:See:Feel:Connections:
  3. 3. Name: Tara PawlykFeel: I think this shows what was on the mens mind. He has a picture of home alongwith pictures of weapons.Connections: It just shows the weapons and how they were set up during the warPainter Two:See:Feel:Connections:The TrenchesPainter One: Fernand LégerSee: There are soldiers sitting around a table playing cardsFeel: This gives a lighter mood than previous art piecesConnections: This is a good example of what the men do during their free timePainter Two:See:Feel:Connections:Assignment: After you have collected your thoughts and feelings, use the wordsyou wrote down to create a concrete poem. Choose an Image that you wantyour poem to be the shape of, and then arrange the words in the format of theimage.