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Elections eq Document Transcript

  • 1. Voting/Elections, Influences on Government1. What are the qualifications/restrictions on voting.- United States Citizen- At least 18 years of age- Registered2. What are the various methods people use to vote.- Straight Ticket- Split Ticket- Absentee Ballot3. What is the process you take to vote.- Register- Research candidates- Show up on voting day with necessary identification4. List the types of voting machines used to count voting and give an example of how thesemachines have influenced voting.Combination of mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic equipment. Some of the olderpolling machines have had problems with not fully punching the ballot and caused a issue withthe election.5. How does the media predict the elections before the count is taken.Based off of the electoral college and opinion polls.6. What are the reasons the electorate vote or not vote.They vote based on the population’s votes, they are a representation of the overall population.7. List the methods used by states to vote on issues.Polls8. Describe the process and method of the electoral college of the election of the president.The elector college is built up of electors. The electors are a representation of each state. Theelectoral college overall vote is what decides the President.Tara Pawlyk Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:40:55 AM ET 04:0c:ce:d3:10:88
  • 2. 9. What are the methods used by candidates/political parties to get them elected to office.- Endorsements- Advertising- Canvassing- Symbolism- Glittering Generalities- Bandwagon10.What are the methods used by candidates to raise money for campaign and what are the lawscreated to restrict campaign funding.- Public Funding: government funding- Private Funding: own money, donations, PAC groups11.What are the roles and methods used by PACs and lobby groups to raise money or influence acampaign.The mass amount of funding can effect the election greatly. They pick a candidate to eithersupport or go against. These groups have minimum donations of $5,000. They can swing theelection based on where they put their one.Tara Pawlyk Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:40:55 AM ET 04:0c:ce:d3:10:88