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Ce 12 Ce 12 Document Transcript

  • Current Event TwelveIm With Stupid: Slayer Fans vs. the Westboro Baptist Churchhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/todd-hartley/im-with-stupid-slayer-fan_b_3260545.html! People commonly hear about protests of the Westboro Baptist Church. Well, theopinionated group is at it again. Guitarist Jeff Hanneman who was the guitarist andfounder of the Band Slayer died. When everyone came to his funeral, the WestboroBaptist church plans to show up in protest with their signs. The church uses events suchas this in order to preach their beliefs about homosexuality and abortions being wrongand the deaths occurring in the country and wars are punishment from God.! I personally canʼt stand these people. I think showing up and protesting atfunerals or memorial services is incredibly disrespectful. It is not right to use someonesdeath as a moment to get the spotlight on yourself. I understand they have their rightsjust as I do to freedom of expression but that doesnʼt mean I have to agree with it. Iwouldnʼt mind at all if they stopped. They can go around and protest all they want but Ihave absolutely no respect for people like that. I donʼt care who you are, you donʼtmonopolize funerals.! I wish they would keep their beliefs to themselves. I couldnʼt care less what theybelieve. Whatever floats your boat. But what I cannot stand is when people try and forcetheir personal beliefs down everyone elseʼs throats. Thatʼs where I lose my patience. Iam a pretty opinionated person. But outside of these current events or discussions withselect people, I donʼt really discuss touchy subjects such as religion and politics. I canʼtstand when people try and force opinions on me so I try very hard not to do the same tosomeone else. I really wish the Westboro Baptist Church would take a page from mybook and just take it down a few notches.Tara Pawlyk Friday, May 17, 2013 8:52:12 AM ET 04:0c:ce:d3:10:88