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Ce 11

  1. 1. Current Event ElevenWill Justice Kennedy strike down Californiaʼs gay marriage ban?http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/justice-kennedy-strike-down-california-gay-marriage-ban-091810994--election.html! After all the controversy with gay marriage, Justice Anthony Kennedy now findshimself as the swing vote on this issue. He will now listen to two arguments to influencehis decision. The issues up for debate are californiaʼs voter-approved ban on gaymarriage (Proposition 8) violates the constitutional rights of gay people in the state. Theother issue is if the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is legal. The Defense of Marriage Actstates that only marriage between two people of opposite sex are federally valid. This isso controversial because based on this ruling potentially all gay marriage bans will bedeemed unconstitutional or gay couples will be deemed to have no constitutional right tomarriage.! Kennedy is actually a conservative Republican making the possibility of himbeing the swing vote shocking for many. There have been a few exceptions to thisconservative views such as his support in Roe v Wade and that states may notsentence the death penalty for crimes committed as a juvenile. Many suspect onceagain he will sway from his conservative colleagues and stand with the liberals. Despitethe speculations, many find it more reasonable that he will go against Californiaʼsproposition 8 on narrower premise so this doesnʼt become a matter that will effect thegay marriage bans nationally and will only effect California.! The reason for the expectation of him siding with the liberals is based off ofstatements Kennedy has released. He wrote an opinion on Romer v Evans saying thathe was against the discrimination of gay people and that the law was an outragebecause it appeared to be motivated by hatred of a group of people. Kennedy hasopened the door for wider fir the fight for same sex marriage as he is admitting to themoral dilemma this has created. He disproves of the discrimination of it but from a legalstandpoint people are unsure of how he will vote.! I personally think itʼs great that people you wouldnʼt expect to come around areslowly coming around. My opinions on gay rights are pretty standard for really everycontroversial issue. This does not effect me. I think we need to legalize gay marriage.Those who want to marry are now able too. If someone is against it, then donʼt go getmarried to someone of the same sex. This is more of a religious/moral issue to me thana true legal one. People are up in arms because one side thinks it ruins the sanctity ofmarriage. The other side is up in arms because they feel like they are being deniedrights. Separation of religion and government. If same sex marry and you think they aregoing to hell, how is that your problem? You arenʼt the one going to hell, they are. Sowhat difference does it make from that stand point?! I just am tired of the battle. If you donʼt like it, donʼt participate. That doesnʼt meanother people need to suffer because of what someone else believes. If it was up to me Iwould allow gay marriage. This in no way effects me so why would I be up in armsabout it? Not that big of a deal. Everyone just needs to calm down.Tara Pawlyk Thursday, May 16, 2013 12:01:58 PM ET 04:0c:ce:d3:10:88