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M405 Group Project 1

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  • Merchandise as far as the eye can see
    Signs, 20/20 vision
    Can’t find anything, nonexistent customer service

    This is just an immense store, right when I walk in, I have no idea where anything is and nobody, not even people with 20/20 vision can see the section signs in the back. I can’t find anything, and I can’t find the nonexistent workers hidden behind the shelves in the store.

    Bridal section, fake fruits, spanish moss
    Survey, the associative network

    Then you get down to the individual sections. So what does all this mean? Hobby Lobby NEEDS to categorize. They need to group LIKE things together. Even the bridal section for example. Do you know what’s over here? Fake fruits and spanish moss.

    Hobby Lobby needs to survey their customers to find out how to categorize. They need to find out which idea activates another according to the associative network. If I go to the bridal things, I don’t think fake fruits, I don’t think Spanish moss.
  • For the product assortment, there’s the good…

    And the bad…even though these two are the candle sections, the first one seemed like Yankee Candle gave them a nice shelf to present all their candles on. This one, there are just a mass of candles. Color coordination…jam example. Bring up the graph…
  • Islands all have variations of the same thing. THERE ARE SO MANY!
    *Recommend that they switch it up…there are so many red vases. And decrease the number of islands.. it gets confusing navigating throughout the store.
  • Shelves not color coded and inconsistent

    Holes in the shelves detracts, drab feeling – also they are inconsistent (Nice candle shelf vs. ugly candle shelf) Nice basket shelf and picture shelf
    *Recommend that they change it to white or change shelving units completely to possibly color coded shelving. Each color represents a different section of the store. Could make It easier to navigate and more visually appealing
  • Customers have trouble with top and bottom shelves- can’t reach shelves and hard to find people to help get stuff down from them
    *Recommend that ***make them shorter and don’t put so many products up at the top. Also, could be useful to put bigger items at the bottom of the shelves***CITE BOOK
    Elevated shelves + good because people can easily see what is in each shelf..don’t have to bend down to see everything!
  • Hobby Lobby

    1. 1. Kevin Hong Helen Jin Kate Kotora Gladys Wijaya Lauren Wunderlich
    2. 2. PROBLEM AREAS  Store appearance  Layout  Product assortment  Shelving  In-store advertising & display
    3. 3. STOREFRONT  Looks like a warehouse  Uninviting/Unfriendly  Fix sign  Add paint/architectural detail
    4. 4. IN-STORE DÉCOR  Drab, unimaginative, uninspiring - + +
    5. 5. STORE MAINTENANCE  Dirty Floor  Shopping Carts Left in aisles  Halloween—only one employee in fabric section  Several open cash registers  More employees to ensure cleanliness and shorter lines
    6. 6. PROFESSIONALISM  Some aisles more polished than others  Learn from Abercrombie’s upkeep
    7. 7. LAYOUT  Initial impression  Check-out  Landing strip—”decompression zone”
    8. 8. LAYOUT General store
    9. 9. PRODUCT ASSORTMENT The good + The bad -
    10. 10. PRODUCT ASSORTMENT Jam example
    11. 11. PRODUCT ASSORTMENT Christmas section
    12. 12. PRODUCT ASSORTMENT Too few items Too many of same item Covered merchandise
    13. 13. ISLANDS  Center of store  Variations of same product
    14. 14. SHELVING  Inconsistent in style and color  Holes in shelves
    15. 15. SHELVING  Customers have trouble with top and bottom shelves  Bigger items should be placed on bottom
    16. 16. IN-STORE ADVERTISING  Below/above eye-level  Too small, blend into background  Covered by merchandise  Flimsy, fall off easy
    17. 17. IN-STORE ADVERTISING  Confusing prices  Uninviting  Excessive
    18. 18. IN-STORE DISPLAY  Off to one side  Unnecessary  Better placed from ceiling
    19. 19. OVERALL RECOMMENDATIONS  Update front of store  Efficient use of space  More effective signs throughout store  More varied and appropriate décor and accessories  Hire more floor salespeople
    20. 20. QUESTIONS
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