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Important Information

  1. 1. Skin Toner = Beauty Water Set up phone – for three way...calls Set up fax – internet service When emergency happens and peoples need water...promotion opportunity. Need to locate cheep bottles = may want to give them out at the gym. Ask Dan for article on us for ED09 Co-Op Marketing – media kit with shares purchased –Power to Comm Forum to Marketing Keyword Google Search Email first – then call “did you receive my email?” New paper ad 1.Business opportunities 2.Cards in books at book stores 3.Beauty Spa •extra edge Put together business packet – to drop off w/or w/out CD (cost) Set up business in Facebook “Pets Love It” “Vets Love It” - Try It Free ( door hanger ) Go after BootCamps on line resume: additional information and references
  2. 2. beaum0ntprice password is 0urfuture BACKOFFICE 27120017 flowers123 Marilyn’s home line #407-644-3568 Dan Towey, LMT, CRT, BT Wellness Care Provider & Specialist 2008 Central Florida quot;LMT of the Yearquot; 1994 Central FL quot;Sports LMT of the Yearquot; 407-447-7294 quot;Health-ing People is Wealth-ing Peoplequot; Pure water is part of our everyday life. Our bodies consist of over 70% pure water. We drink it, clean with it, cook with it, play in it, and in the winter we couldn't build a snowman without it. A doctor's recommended daily dose of drinking water is eight glasses of pure water each day. In some parts of the country water seems to be abundant. In Other parts of the country, where the climate is hot and dry and the population continues to grow, clean water can be scarce at times. In many parts of the world, water is a complete luxury, especially pure water. Can you believe that in some parts of America, waste water is being recycled for drinking water. In all cases, our drinking water has to be processed and chlorinated to drink it. As you can see, that brings to question, how pure is the drinking water that comes out of our tap? Chlorine has been proven to cause cancer, dry out hair and skin from showers . The taste and smell of chlorine are there as we drink it. According to Dr. Peter Montage of the Environmental Research
  3. 3. Foundation, several studies have linked moderate to heavy consumption of chlorinated tap water by pregnant women to higher miscarriage and birth defects. What other ways are there to purify water to make it drinkable? How pure is the bottled water we purchase. There are no regulations put on water bottling companies. The main sources of the information we receive comes from our hometown newspapers and television news programs. There have been reported cases that companies package the water that pours out of the tap at their factories into the bottles we drink from. Then they tell us what great water it is, and charge us as much as is charged for a soda. On top of that, it's said the plastic bottles produce a gas that can also be hazardous to our health, and they take up their share of space in our landfills. What alternative to buying high priced factory tapped drinking water is there? How can we help ourselves at home? We can use water filters. There are many types of home water filters to choose from. Some of the more popular types include counter and under counter models for kitchen or bath, refrigerator models that will handle the ice maker and drinking water functions, shower head filters, faucet mount filters, hand held bottles, and water pitchers. Whole house models will filter your water from the back yard spout to the upstairs bath. As a guide, a good kitchen water filter will have two or three stages of filtration containing activated carbon charcoal. These stages will remove fine particles such as sand, silt, carpospores, asbestos and other insoluble elements. Other stages should remove chlorine, odors, chemicals, synthetic chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, lead, mercury, copper, fibers and other porous ceramic materials. You can drink pure water at