Virtual Causeway Event Recruitment Overview - Jan 2009


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Overview of Vitual Causeway event recruitment services

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Virtual Causeway Event Recruitment Overview - Jan 2009

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE A sales and marketing services firm with a focus on: • Companies in North America • Customer Relationship Management • Demand Generation Performance Improvements Ultimately enabling companies to bridge the gap that allows targets and prospects to become customers
  2. 2. PROFIT HOT 50 In September, 2005, Virtual Causeway was Named as One of Canada’s 50 Fastest Emerging Growth Companies by PROFIT Magazine
  3. 3. PROFIT 100 In June, 2007, and again in June 2008, Virtual Causeway was named to the PROFIT 100 Ranking Canada’s Fastest- Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the PROFIT 100 profiles the country’s most successful growth companies.
  4. 4. OUTSOURCING Definition: When a company transfers responsibility for a business process to a supplier, usually on a long term basis “By outsourcing, you limit distractions – gaining efficiency in the parts of your business that really matter” Fortune Magazine
  5. 5. WHY OUTSOURCE? • Consistency • Domain Expertise • Scalability • Expansion – instant ‘on’ • New Market Penetration • Resources • $$$ • Time • People • Infrastructure
  6. 6. VIRTUAL CAUSEWAY VALUE PROPOSITION • Focus • Cost • Flexibility • Customer Service • Knowledge Base in Multiple Industries • Employees and Management
  7. 7. VIRTUAL CAUSEWAY VALUE PROPOSITION Virtual Causeway Focus Areas • Corporate Clients/Vendors, Publications, Marketing Agencies and Event Management Companies • Targeting Verticals such as; Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharma, Bio-Tech, Retail, etc. Employees • Post Secondary Education • Reps with up to 15 Years Tele-Experience • University Relationships CRM Experience •, Siebel, Goldmine, ACT, etc.
  8. 8. FACILITY LOCATION • The Virtual Causeway headquarters location and contact center is located in the City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada • Waterloo is the driving force behind Canada's Technology Triangle (CTT) Operation Facility • Virtual Causeway also maintains sales offices in: • The Boston Area • The New York City Area • The Washington DC Area
  9. 9. ABOUT VIRTUAL CAUSEWAY Three Core Businesses Centered Around Demand Generation Excellence – Marketing Services • Creation, Qualification & Ranking of Suspects and Prospects • Event Recruitment – Business Development Services • Development of Prospects through Appointment Setting – Market Research Services • Data Collection via Telephone or Web-Based Surveys
  10. 10. MARKETING SERVICES Solutions & Services • List Building/Database Cleansing • Event Recruitment • Lead Qualification & Ranking • Inbound Service Hotlines • “Rapid Response” Prospect Care
  11. 11. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Solutions & Services • Lead Generation • Appointment Setting • Channel Recruitment • Customer Profiling • “Integrated Prospect Care”
  12. 12. MARKET RESEARCH Solutions & Services • Phone and Web Survey Execution • Pre-Screen Appointment Setting • Survey Design and Testing • Data Reporting (SPSS/Excel) • Basic Data Analysis • Panel Recruitment and Maintenance
  13. 13. EVENT RECRUITMENT Overview Virtual Causeway Event Team – Manages day-to-day milestones and deliverables • Ensures deadlines are met • On-going evaluation of program to ensure success – Mobilizes appropriate resources within Virtual Causeway • Meets telemarketing goals by event date – On-going communication with client • Timely responses to all questions and requests • Regular reports – status, confirmation, reminder
  14. 14. EVENT RECRUITMENT Overview Sample Reporting (and examples) – Project and task plan • Ensures a complete understanding of the project goals • Defines responsibilities – Kick off form • Simple process to outline each event • Outlines logistics and materials needed – Status report • Shows inbound or outbound call metrics • Provides a snapshot regarding each project
  16. 16. SAMPLE KICK OFF FORM Recruitment Kickoff Form For Virtual Causeway and Client Background Client and Project Manager Contacts City and Date Telemarketing to begin: Telemarketing to end: Reminder email to begin: 3 days out Reminder phone call: 2 days before Registration Goals: Number of attendees onsite Additional notes : Lunch, hotel information etc. Target Audience : # of employees, job function, job title List Details Timelines Invitation sent to prospects Please provide report by EOD xx Confirmation letters out every xx EOD Send out reminder email Phone call reminder Reporting Requirements 1. Type: Frequency: Format: Contains: Standard Demographic Questions •Job function •Title •Size of company
  18. 18. CLIENT LIST (Partial) Event Recruitment
  19. 19. CLIENT LIST (Partial) All Lines of Business
  20. 20. CASE STUDIES Client Project Description List Build/Lead Generation Customer profiling Event Coordination/Recruitment ‘C-Level Roundtables’ List Build/Lead Generation Event Coordination/Recruitment Market/Industry Research ‘Global Seminars and Webinars’ List Build/Lead Generation Customer profiling Event Coordination/Recruitment ‘C-Level Paid Conferences’
  21. 21. CONTACT INFO William Clark VP, Sales/Business Development 978-372-5062 Rick Endrulat COO/President 519-886-1600 x222