Alcohol Event Registration Sysytem1


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Greek Risk Management and Programming Seminar.

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Alcohol Event Registration Sysytem1

  1. 1. Training1. Welcome to our seminar.2. Take a seat and grab a information form.
  2. 2. Why are we here?$2000 - $3300
  3. 3. What is Risk? Definition: Any actions that have a possibility to result in a negative consequence for others or ourselves. What are some risks of speeding?  Ticket  Not get caught  Accident How do we protect ourselves from the risk of driving a car?
  4. 4.  When does your car insurance rates rise? How does the insurance company determine your rate? When will insurance not cover a car crash?Insurance
  5. 5.  Do you intentionally decide to speed? ◦ Why? ◦ Do you want to speed just to break the law? ◦ Are you always in a hurry? ◦ Or is it by habit? When your chapter gets together do you intentionally try to put others in harms way?Speeding
  6. 6. Who’s in charge of risk management? PzAAssessing Risk Management
  7. 7. Case study: Acacia and TKE invite the entire Greek community over to their house in early April. They make it a BYOB event and will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, and peanuts for all the guests. Guest are forwarded an invitation and informed about the 6-pack rule. During the event they have a volleyball tournament in the yard. People are talking, playing yard games, and eating food. There are 4 sober monitors checking people in, distributing the beers (brought by attendees), running the volley ball game, and watching the house. Everyone’s having a great time until…..Give one scenario and list how itcould have been prevented.
  8. 8.  A TKE is found on the porch passed out. No one knows how he got drunk when he only brought 6 beers.  While having the event outside was fun, there was no way to control who came to or leftt the party. (Member was sneaking off to his room for pulls)Scenario 1
  9. 9.  The volleyball games gets intense and one person spikes the ball into someone else’s face. They have reconstructive surgery and sue the chapter to pay for the operation.  Despite having insurance, your rates go up, because there was no liability release form for active events.Scenario 2
  10. 10.  An Acacian gets serve burns the face after a freshman unknown to the group drops their beer into the grill putting out the flame. Worried about getting in trouble they leave without telling anyone. When it was restarted the built of gas causes a minor explosion.  The combination of alcohol and flames caused an innocent person to get hurt. Plus the grill could have malfunctioned at anytime.Scenario 3 (30 min)
  11. 11. Who’s LiableThe president is extremely liable.The national fraternity They will sue you if you don’t follow FIPG!Your adviserStuart, Amanda, and I.St. Cloud State. YOU!
  12. 12. How To Vote via Texting 1. Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20)TIPS 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do
  13. 13. What defines a F/S event?Assume that any time more than a few members orpledged members are involved in an event, it will be considered a chapter event, and the policies apply. •“at any event an observer would associate with the (fraternity)” IE: Six brothers/sisters going to a house party on a Thursday night with guests wearing letters or other symbols.
  14. 14. What needs to be registered? Events that need to be registered with this system.Formals MixersSemi-Formals SocialsAny Event with Alcohol!
  15. 15. DefinitionsElements of A Formal Required Up to two guests per person Suggested Men – White or Black tie only Women – Long cocktail dresses Awards Ceremony Formal invitations handed out Alumni Speaker 2 – 4 piece seated meal
  16. 16. Poll: What is the appropriate dress attire ...
  17. 17. The Registration gistration Where you can find it: CSOLD Website Collegiate Link Facebook Fan Page
  18. 18. 3rd Party Vendor Copy of their alcohol license and if needed temporary license for venue IE: outdoor event or sub-contracted alcohol vendor Certificate of Insurance "off premise liquor liability coverage and non-owned and hired auto coverage.” Contract agreeing to cash sales only Only collected by vendor. Written agreement the vendor will:
  19. 19. 3rd Party Vendor Contract agreeing to cash sales only Only collected by vendor. Written agreement the vendor will: Checking identification cards upon entry Not serving minors Not serving individuals who appear to be intoxicated Maintaining absolute control of ALL alcoholic containers present Collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of a function Removing all alcohol from the premises. Completed and Signed 3rd Party Vendor Checklist
  20. 20. The NO’sOpen Parties: anyone can show upGiving a minor alcohol (any member orquest)Illegal drugsDrinking Games including cardsThe price of admission includes the hostsproviding alcohol at no cost or a reduced cost
  21. 21. Sorry, but you can’t Have any Pre-Party whether at the chapter house, a private residence, another bar, or other chapter house.
  22. 22. Thought Provoking The issue of the liability of the three "non-host" chapters went to the appellate courts which ruled that all four chapters shared liability for the "reasonable expected outcome of the furnishing of alcohol to minors" at a fraternity party.
  23. 23. BYOB Parties
  24. 24. BYOB ItemsOnly persons of legal drinking agemay consume or possess alcoholEach person is limited to 6 beers(twelve once and no high gravity) or 4wine coolers.Hard alcohol, liquor, and spirits arestrictly prohibitedGuest lists must be made andfinalized 24 hours prior to BYOB event.
  25. 25. BYOBRecommendationsThere should be at least one sobermonitor. Recommended is 1 per 20 people Make them publicA sober monitor should be at fridgeand entranceCheck in and Check Out of PeopleOnly one entrance, One monitor perentrance.Use wristbands to identify those ofage. Punch their bands, not cards
  26. 26. Tips for A Great Event Focus on the Theme…not the alcohol Serve Food One sober party Monitor for every 20 people Organize Transportation Higher security or another org to collect IDS Do no allow alumni to ride on chapter transportation Set a start and end time
  27. 27. QuizWho Killed Jane.
  28. 28. Questions