List of sightseeing places in ranikhet during nainital tour


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People, who wish to go to Nainital and Ranikhet this vacation, would be delighted with a combined Nainital with Ranikhet Tour. This would make more sense if you are on a tight schedule and pressed for time. For more detail visit:

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List of sightseeing places in ranikhet during nainital tour

  1. 1. List of Sightseeing Places in Ranikhet during Nainital Tour
  2. 2. List of Sightseeing Places in Ranikhet during Nainital TourPeople, who wish to go to Nainital and Ranikhetthis vacation, would be delighted with a combinedNainital Tours with Ranikhet. This would makemore sense if you are on a tight schedule andpressed for time. Exploring and covering some ofthe best tourist sites of Kumaon, you would notregret missing any place of importance as far astourism is considered.Following are the attractions imperative to add inyour Nainital trip:1. Lake Naini: Also called as Nainital from which the name of the place is derived, LakeNaini is a site of tremendous natural grandeur. Nainital is known for giving opportunityof mild adventure like yachting, boating and paddling with beauty. Mallital and Tallitalare the two sub-divisions of the Lake dotted with shopping centres as additional crowdpullers.
  3. 3. 2. Naina Devi Temple: Rebuilt afterthe landslide of 1880, Naina DeviTemple is a very popular tourists aswell as religious attraction. It isbelieved that when Shiva, God ofdestruction was mad with grief, theeyes of his wife Sati fell here turningit into a pilgrimage.3. Governor’s House: With a daintynumber of 113 rooms, huge well-keptgarden and swimming pool, this RajBhawan is a major tourist site, wellknown for its architecture andhistory.4. Naina Peak/ China Peak: At 2615 mtrs height anything would look good, mostespecially, nature. Click invigorating views for memories.5. Tiffin Top: Again, beauty at a mind boggling height, Tiffin Top gives spectacular viewof Himalayas. Don’t forget Drothy Seat for lack of time.
  4. 4. 6. Snow-view Point: Ice-capped Himalayascan be better viewed from here and thus, thespecific name. See Trishul, Nanada Deviand Nanda Kot from here and engrave themin mind forever.7. Land’s End: See and enjoy views ofKhurpatal from a height of 2120 mtrs andfeel as if land has come to an end.8. Jim Corbett National Park: A must seeJim Corbett National Park if you havealready made it to Nainital. There Can’t bea bigger delights for your kids.Ranikhet Tour would comprise primarily of:1. Kainchi Dham Temple: A Hanuman Temple with, it is attraction for religioustourists.2. Haidakhan Baba Ashram: A place of worshiper and follower of Haidakhan Babawho is respected for many reasons.
  5. 5. 4. Mankameshwar Temple:With deities Lord Shiva, GoddessKalika and Radha-Krishna, thistemple is constructed by TheKumaon Regimental Centre ofIndian Army.5. Chaubatia Orchard: Getglimpse of more than 200varieties of fruits as well as fruitshere. Ranikhet tour is incompletewithout it.6. Sunset Points: For enchantingsunsets, the way nature is inRanikhet, do not forget to comehere.7. Jhula Devi Temple and Ram Mandir: Most ancient of Uttarakhand’s temples, it is toworshipe Goddess Durga. Atop Jhula Devi temple is Ram Mandir.Tour of Nainital with Ranikhet could prove really exhausting, more if you are of religioustype. Plan well to make most of it.
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