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Feel the colors of rajasthan & the symbol of love taj mahal together
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Feel the colors of rajasthan & the symbol of love taj mahal together

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  • 1. India with its myriad tourism has more than anyone can explore with allthe aspects in one lifetime, just like with the other places in the world.After all, size of history exceeds from everything we human beingstogether represent and same is the case with the nature. Just to catchon this same essence, people come to visit India for its Taj Mahal andthe foot prints of past left in the lands of Rajasthan. This might not bethe only reason but surely one of the most important among the others.
  • 2. Rajasthan tour in itself is incomplete if you haven’t gone through thehistory of capital city of India, i.e. Delhi. Here, you will realize the citystands as the amalgamation and reminiscence of various emperors andrulers belonging to a totally different cultures and tradition.
  • 3. Taj Mahal- a symbol of eternal love, a monument marking an era, anarchitectural masterpiece, an insatiable curiosity, whatever name yougive it, it remains the favourite tourist wonder. Located in the city ofAgra, it draws tourists visiting Delhi and Rajasthan, just like that. As thetake their lunch enroute, they visit Taj enroute.
  • 4. Both tours can be merged into one to make best use of your time.Decision rests on your shoulders. Happy Journeying History!
  • 5. Thanks and regards 16 Talboys Walk Tetbury Gloucestershire United Kingdom GL8 8YU Phone no - 44 (0) 203 287 3204 Contact email - info@indiatourpackages.co.ukWebsite-http://www.indiatourpackages.co.uk/rajasthan-with-taj-mahal.html