Enjoy a variety of wildlife safaris available at the corbett


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Enjoy a variety of wildlife safaris available at the corbett

  1. 1. Enjoy a Variety of Wildlife Safaris Available At the Corbett
  2. 2. Enjoy a Variety of Wildlife Safaris Available At the Corbett If you are serious wildlife enthusiasts then you will surely enjoy the Wildlife Safari in Corbett National Park. Located at the foothill of the Himalayas and newly formed State of Uttranchal, the park is very famous for its variety of flora and fauna. Elephant, Deers, wild boars, Leopards and the most famous Tigers, all live in their natural habitat at Corbett national park. There are many Corbett Wildlife Safari variety of tours scheduled every day for the visitors to closely explore being a part of the wild. Jeep Safari and the Elephant Safari in Corbett is the most famous way to see the animals in their most natural habitat
  3. 3. Jeep Safari at Corbett National Park Jeep Safari is the most common view at the Corbett National Park as it covers a large distance in short time. The animals are scattered and deep inside the jungle and in such conditions it becomes difficult to look at and sight out one single species.The open roof top helps to see long distance and spot animals. Jeep safari is agreat experience and is also a secure way to enter the wild territory. But beforeyou set off for the safari tour, you have to first take the permission from theauthorities. No one is allowed to take their personal vehicle inside the jungle. Thejeep safari only follows the tracks and the paths created for the safari whichensures visitors safety as well as enabling visitors watch the wildlife at the CorbettNational park.
  4. 4. Elephant Safari in Corbett Another fun way of exploring the Wildlife Safari in Corbett is riding on the elephants. Sitting on the back of this huge creature is in itself a thrilling experience. You already start feeling being a part of the jungle and the wild. Above all when you spot the Tiger the trill increases.Other then tiger, you can even spot Deers, Wild Boars roaming around in groups oralone across the park.The whole experience of the Corbett Wildlife Safari will not only be thrilling butalso fun filled activity. Corbett is home to many rare species and animals and themost famous Bengal tigers can be traced at the Corbett National Park.The location around the Jim Corbett is known for the wide variety of flora and faunaand for awesome climatic weather. Situated in the nearest proximity of theHimalayas, Corbett is home to wide variety of species.
  5. 5. THANKS AND REGARDSCorbett National Park .ComCorporate OfficeTour My IndiaA - 60, Second FloorSector - 2, NoidaNoida - 201301Tel + 91- 120 - 4052601 - 99 (85 hunting lines are available)Fax - + 91 - 120 – 4052699(24 hrs helpline) + 91 - 9212777223 / 24 / 25Email: info@indiawildliferesorts.com