Delhi tour an exhaustive, illuminating and exciting experience


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Delhi tour an exhaustive, illuminating and exciting experience

  1. 1. Delhi Tour- An Exhaustive, Illuminating and Exciting Experience
  2. 2. Delhi Tour- An Exhaustive, Illuminating and Exciting ExperienceWith the growing prominence ofIndia in the world, almosteveryone knows about Delhi, it isthe national capital. Beforetravellers know anything aboutIndia, they tend to gatherinformation of trip to Delhi whichis a part of northern India.Thisinformation becomes the key to amemorable time in India becausepeople from almost every Indianstate can be spotted here and theyare bound to extend their culturalinfluence to others as well,unconsciously.Towering shopping malls, world class brands, classic markets, historical monuments andversatile cuisine with essence of every state of this country are some of the major things onecan enjoy on Delhi tour. Moreover, your trip is made quite convenient by the Delhi MetroRail Corporation.
  3. 3. Look in at following to enjoy in Delhi as much as is possible in the time you have:TOURIST ATRRACTIONSDelhi has developed its tourismquite a lot in the recent years toboost its presence. The options youhave include in Delhi tour:1. Akshardham Temple with itsunmatched artistic beauty of stonecarving2. Old Delhi- With the charm of oldtimes when there were no multi-apartment buildings, it would takeyou to Jama Masjid, touring it andviewing Delhi from its minaretcould be a real fun.3. India Gate- An army memorial site, its also used as a picnic spot for families andfriends, hence, a lot of hustle-bustle.4. Rajghat- It is a memorial to “Father of the Nation”, Mahatma Gandhi.
  4. 4. FORTS AND MONUMENTS1. Qutub Minar- Initiated byQutubuddin Aibek of Slavedynasty, Qutub Minar is locatedin south Delhi. Nearby it you willfind an Iron pillar of metallurgicalinterest.2. Red Fort- Constructed by ShahJahan of Mughal Empire, this fortis made of red sandstone andhence given the name. On 15august, the independence day ofIndia is celebrated here by hostingof National Flag by PrimeMinister of India.3. Isa Khans Tomb- located near Humayun’s Tomb, it is known for having the earliestexample of sunken gardens4. Jantar Mantar- A place meant for astrological calculation, it is very interesting to see thelogic in this field.
  5. 5. 5. Old Fort- Founded by Humayun, this fort has interesting historical facts to muse.6. Safdarjung Tomb- Built in 1754, it is a garden tomb of Safdarjung a powerful primeminister of a weak emperor.AMUSEMENT PARK & GARDENS 1. Fun N Food Village- Getting a day full of historical awareness and sightseeing can be exhausting. So, get exhausted with fun and thrilling activities here. 2. Mughal Garden- Opened only once a year, this garden is a popular tourist attraction for the tourists in winters for the wide range of flower on display. 3. Lodi Garden- A picnic spot to be enjoyed more on a winter day.
  6. 6. 4. National Zoological Park- Interesting place for a family to be there makingacquaintance to wildlife. DELHI SHOPPING PLACES1. Ansal Plaza- a huge spacethriving with multiplex goersand shoppers, an all-timefavourite of young delhites.2. Chandni Chowk- Market forpopular hand work ongarments by skilledprofessionals.3. Connaught Place- A verythriving market whereroadside vendors coexist withmultinational brands4. Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Janpath- markets with heavy traffic of regularshoppers of garment and other articles of requirement.
  7. 7. THANKS AND REGARDS Golden Triangle Tours A - 60, Second Floor Sector - 2, Noida Noida - 201301 Tel + 91- 120 - 4052601 - 99 (85 hunting lines are available) Fax - + 91 - 120 - 4052699 Email : info@tourmyindia.comWEBSITE: