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It is now easier than ever to add the content of any web page to your Facebook Page by making it a tab on this page. …

It is now easier than ever to add the content of any web page to your Facebook Page by making it a tab on this page.
Once you’ve created a website with xsMobi, you ALREADY HAVE a tab version of the content for your Facebook page!
This tutorial shows how website content can be integrated into Facebook. It takes only a few minutes.

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  • 1. Create Facebook Pagesthe Smart WayDr. Eckard Ritterinternet partnership, Nuremberg, GermanyApril 22, 2011
  • 2. In March 2011, Facebook migrated to a new page designwhich supports a new way to publish content on FacebookPages.It is now easier than ever and more straightforward to addthe content of any web page to your Facebook Page bymaking it a tab on this page.This was also possible with the old system (“static FBML”),but by using copy and paste — not very attractive andcertainly not the “Web 2.0 way” to share content in realtime! Now external content is integrated into Facebookwith “IFrames”, which allows for much more flexibility.This is good news for users of xsMobi, the “Mobile WebsiteBuilder”: once they’ve created a website, users ALREADYHAVE a tab version of the content for their Facebook page!This tutorial shows how website content can be integratedinto Facebook. It takes only a few minutes.Prerequisites:  A website built with xsMobi  A verified Facebook account and a Facebook Page  A 16x16 px favicon plus a square-shaped logo
  • 3. Content source: a specially formatted version of an xsMobisite adapted to fit into a Facebook Page Tab (500 pxwidth). Sample page: the xsMobi manual, which is called“cutesite” (for historic reasons: “cutesite” is the formername of xsMobi). It is a mobile website. We see the PCformat, of course, but it will become a tab within xsMobi’sFacebook page.
  • 4. Lets begin the process of getting this page — whichrepresents a complete site with multiple pages — into aFacebook Page Tab. Note: we are not learning how to create a Facebook Page (at this stage you should already have one). This tutorial shows how to add a Facebook Page Tab to your existing Facebook Page. A page can have multiple tabs.To turn any web content into a tab on a Facebook Page,you simply create a Facebook application. Soundcomplicated? It’s not. It is simply the way to get contentinto Facebook.
  • 5. Go to facebook.com/developers to set up a new appNote: your Facebook account must already be verifiedusing a mobile phone (SMS) or credit card. Otherwise it willnot be possible to create a new application.Click on Set Up New App
  • 6. Enter an application name, agree to the Facebook termsClick on Create AppAfter you submit the form, a standard security checkappears.Enter the text which appears in the box and submit
  • 7. Edit your application - Step 1 of 3: AboutAdd a description, upload an icon (16x16 px) and a logo:Click on Save Changes
  • 8. After saving the About data, proceed to WebsiteTo edit the Website information, go to Edit Settings. Thiswill take you back to About. Just navigate straight to thesecond item, Website.
  • 9. Edit your Application - Step 2 of 3: WebsiteThis is quick and painless: just enter the URL of the webpage to be integrated.For our sample application, the site URL is http://ipartnership.de/facebook/cutesite/Replace “cutesite” with the name of your application.Note: a folder named “cutesite” must exist. (During theintroductory period which ends in May 2011, this requiresan invitation; afterward it can be done easily from thexsMobi menu).
  • 10. After successfully saving the Website information, proceedto Facebook IntegrationAs before: to edit Facebook integration data, go to EditSettings. This will take you back to About. Just navigatestraight to the third item, Facebook Integration.
  • 11. Edit your application - Step 3 of 3: Facebook Integration  Canvas Page: enter the applications name (you could probably use an alternative name, but lets keep things easy).  Canvas URL: the URL of your xsMobi page, as before.  Social Discovery: select “Disabled”.  Tab Name: the link which appears on your Facebook page once the application is integrated. Here we are naming the tab “HowTo”.  Tab URL: same as the Canvas URL, but with “index.cfm” added at the end.
  • 12. When you have finished editing the application, go to theApplication Profile page: What is the “Application Profile” page? The app is ready, but you still have to decide where you want to use it, especially if you administer multiple pages. On the profile page you will select which pages will have the application as a tab.
  • 13. The Application Profile page for our “cutesite” applicationClick on Add to My Page At this stage there is nothing more to be done with the application profile. You can leave the other settings for later.You will now be taken to a menu where you can selectwhich of your pages you want to work with the application.Even if you only have one page, you still need to select it.
  • 14. Add the Application to a PageIn this example we are adding the application to the“Mobile Website Builder” page. This makes sense as thecontent of the “cutesite” app is the little “How To” guide forusing the xsMobi site creator.Remember: when we did the Facebook Integration, wecalled the Tab Name “HowTo”.Now lets go to our Mobile Website Builder Facebook page facebook.com/mobihexer(“mobihexer”™ is the German brand name for xsMobi.)
  • 15. Mobile Website Builder Facebook Page with “How To” tabLets see how it looks like: click on HowTo
  • 16. xsMobi – Mobile Site Builder Tutorial – IntegratedThe active HowTo tab (on.fb.me/xsmobi-tutorial) ishighlighted and the tab name appears next to the header.
  • 17. Comparison between old and new versions of FacebookPages tabsAs you see, there is another tab named “HowTo” (the tabshave been rearranged: you can edit their order in thenavigation menu). The old “HowTo” document holds exactlythe same content. However it was created with staticFBML, which is now obsolete.The new kind of Facebook page allows for more flexibilitywith styles: it is easier to use sophisticated and unusuallooks. Plus, the new “HowTo” page tab features a Googlemap. This was not so easy to do with the old version.To take this a step further, all kind of widgets, such asphoto galleries and YouTube videos, can be integrated intothe new Facebook pages. You no longer need additionalFacebook apps!
  • 18. Conclusions and Suggestions on How to Maximize Benefits Note that the advantages of building websites with xsMobi, the “Mobile Website Builder” are not the same as they were three years ago. Mobile devices have changed a lot since back in 2008, when xsMobi (aka Mobihexer ™ in Germany) was developed. Today, the “OnePageView”, i.e. full-screen format for PC browsers, has become important for three reasons:  Content is still “mobile ok”, or “dotmobi compliant”.  Visitors like it because they can see the whole website on one page.  Page owners like it for its features and because it is very search engine-friendly, providing optimal “follow” links to their homepages.  Having built a website with xsMobi, you are only a few minutes away from publishing the same content on Facebook by integrating the website as a page tab.  One major advantage over other Facebook Page tab design tools is that you reuse content. You have all the benefits of a search engine-friendly website with xsMobi, plus all the content is shared on Facebook.  Other Facebook page builders also let you edit the content anytime; however, the content is only on Facebook and nowhere else. What’s more, most systems have no RSS for sharing content. With xsMobi you automatically have two publishing channels: Facebook and the web. Plus xsMobi provides an RSS format that lets you share your content on any other site!  Think of a Facebook page as a website with the tabs as links to pages. Around seven to nine tabs will be displayed above the fold. Consider creating multiple tabs ... or think about using a tab (e.g. “contact us”) for multiple pages if you have more than one!  You don’t have an xsMobi website yet? Get one for free: www.xsmobi.com
  • 19. About usinternet partnership, based in Nuremberg, Germany, helpshotels and tourism organizations get found more easily onthe web and reach a global audience.Dr. Eckard Ritter, founder and CEO of internetpartnership and champion of German travel &tourism promotion through the internet, hasmore than 16 years experience as anentrepreneur, technology expert and inventor.He has developed several tourism sites forGerman and European destinations, bookingsystems and online site builders for mobile and desktopformats.New in 2011: TouristInfo 2.0 (http://touristinfo.ning.com)A Social Network for Travelers and Tourism Professionals touristinfo urlaub99euro.de urlaub.in.deutschland Dr. Eckard Ritter mobihexer Urlaub in Deutschland touristinfo internet partnership urlaub99euro urlaub99euro mobihexer touristinfo touristinfo internet partnership touristinfo mobihexer TouristInfo 2.0 touristinfo deutschlandurlaub mobihexer.de touristinfo mobihexer.de/blog touristinfo xsmobi.cominternet partnership, Dr. Eckard RitterAdam-Klein-Str. 158, D-90431 Nuremberg, Germanywww.ipartnership.de