Ppt asean mra integration 2


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Ppt asean mra integration 2

  1. 1. ASEAN Secretariat’s Presentation 9th ATPMC Meeting, 22 September 2013, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 
  2. 2. Diplomatic Note on the Establishment of TPCB and NTPB Agenda Item 3.2 
  3. 3. Status of Notification on MRA on Tourism Professionals  Indonesia – 18 April 2013  Malaysia – 28 June 2013  Myanmar – 8 April 2013  Philippines – 24 July 2013  Thailand - 23 May 2013
  4. 4. Development of Toolbox for Training for Trainer and Training for Assessor Agenda Item 4.1 
  5. 5. Toolbox for Training for Trainer and Training for Assessor  Toolbox for Training for Trainer and Training for Assessor will be included in the project on Training of ASEAN Master Trainers and Master Assessor for Front Office, Food and Beverage Services and Food Production
  6. 6. Develop the ATPRS including ASEAN Qualifications Equivalent Matrix (AQEM) Agenda Item 4.2.2 
  7. 7. Presentation Structure  ASEAN Tourism Professionals Registration System  Capacity Building for MRA Adoption by Government, Education Institution, and Private Sector (to be reported in next ATPMC), and  Symposium on the Implementation of ASEAN MRA on Tourism Professionals (to be reported in next ATPMC)
  8. 8. ATPRS  Based on MRA, the ASEAN Tourism Professional Registration System is a web-based facility to disseminate details regarding the list of ATP duly certified in accordance with NTPB and TPCB  It is envisioned to be a portal  It is a tool to enable mobility of ATP among AMS by ‘invitation’. Through this system, ATP may only move to other AMS if there is any demand or invitation from the industry. ATPRS plays a central role in implementation of MRA, as indicated in below chart.
  9. 9. Function of ATPRS  Registration of ATP registered by Tourism Professional Certification Board (TPCB) of AMS particularly on profiles and qualifications;  Maintain record and information on ATP including those hired by the industry (employer);  A platform of matchmaking between ATP and Industry (potential employer);  Registration of ASEAN certified Master Trainers and Master Assessors;  Registration of education/training institutions based on MRA; and  Pool of information on the implementation of MRA with a wide range of online resources, e-learning modules with distance learning facility and communication tools
  10. 10. Mechanism of MRA on Tourism Professional ATPMC ASEAN Secretariat NTPB A NTPB B Regional Secretariat ATPRS Country A Assessment Certification TPCB/NTPB Job Seeker Registration Job Opportunities Verification through the ASEAN Tourism Qualifications Equivalence Matrix (ATQEM) Job Interview Work Permit Country B TPCB/NTPB
  11. 11. ATPRS Administrator  Regional Secretariat will be the administrator of this system. The system will also be used a source of revenue generation for the Secretariat, especially since the ATPRS has following functions, among others:  Registration of ATP registered by TPCB; and  A platform of matchmaking between ATP and Industry (potential employer).
  12. 12. Goal and Purpose of ATPRS  Goal:  to enable facilitation of mobility of Tourism Professionals within the Region.  Purpose:  A platform to enable smooth registration of ATP and all other necessary components of MRA is established that would lead to facilitation of ATP’s mobility within the region.
  13. 13. ATPRS Project Output  Report of the Scoping Study of the ATPRS.  The ATPRS as a web-based facility to register and disseminate details on certified ATP and all necessary components of MRA as identified in the Scoping Study.  A Guideline of ATPRS
  14. 14. Activities 1  Scoping study of ATPRS  The scoping study would identify the scope information and contents to be included in the ATPRS :  Inclusion of ATP information required, mechanism of matchmaking process and registration mechanism (direct or through TPCB);      Assess the inclusion of other MRA components and its mechanism, among others: registration of trainers and assessors, registration of training/school providers, certification institutions, e-learning platform for some key requirements of toolboxes, and source of references on MRA; Identify the suitable business model to run the ATPRS as one of source revenue for the Regional Secretariat to maintain its activities to support implementation of MRA; Identify data/information security mechanism of the Website based on business model identified; Identify possible traffic of ATPRS and ensure the system to be developed is reliable; and Concept development of the ATPRS.
  15. 15. Activities 2  Establishment of ASEAN Tourism Professional Registration System  Based on result/recommendation of scoping study, the development of a web-based system for ATP including setting-up necessary system to support its operations and its one-year maintenance will be undertaken. This stage cover following activities:   Content development and database compilation; ATPRS (Website) development:  Purchase domain and web hosting services (two years)  Website programming Website population         Technical review; Website presentation to ATPMC; Website finalisation and launch; Website further development or fine-tuning ( 3 months trial period); Training to Ad-Hoc Team or ASEAN Secretariat; Maintenance Stage (1 year). ATPRS Guideline would be produced
  16. 16. Project Reporting  Report inception to ATPMC meeting  A Regional Workshop for all AMS to present the draft scoping study of ATPRS which would include mechanism of matchmaking process, registration mechanism, and the proposed suitable business model to run the ATPRS as one of source revenue for the Regional Secretariat; and  A final Regional Workshop for endorsement of ATPRS and its Guideline.
  17. 17. Project Management  The project will be managed by the Infrastructure Division of the ASEAN Economic Community Department at the ASEAN Secretariat in coordination with the ATPMC. The consultant is responsible for organising and conducting the scheduled workshops in collaboration with the host countries and the ASEAN Secretariat.  The to-be-established Regional Secretariat of ATP will manage and maintain the System. In setting-up the Secretariat, an Adhoc team will be established by Indonesia, as the host of the Regional Secretariat, in 2014 to assist transition of all necessary activities together with the ASEAN Secretariat. The Ad-hoc will be involved in this project once it is established.
  18. 18. Toolbox Development for Tourism Labour Divisions: Front Office, Food and Beverage Services, and Food Production Agenda Item: 4.2.3 
  19. 19. Toolbox Development FO, FB and FP  National workshops are being carried out by the Project Team and respective ASEAN Member States  Regional workshop will be held in November 2013 in Cambodia in conjunction with 10th ATPMC meeting.
  20. 20. MRA Work Plan for 2012-2013 Agenda Item 4.4 
  21. 21. MRA Work Plan for 2012-2013
  22. 22. MRA Work Plan for 2012-2013
  23. 23. MRA Work Plan for 2012-2013
  24. 24. MRA Work Plan for 2012-2013