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Touch Poll Power Point Ab

  1. 1. Electronic Touchscreen Surveys CAPTURE FEEDBACK QUICKLY AND EASILYAbout TouchPoll:Knowing more about the visitors or customers to your event, venue or festival iscritical to your success. TouchPoll, the touch screen research system, makessurveys and feedback easy.TouchPoll is the touch screen research system that allows us to easily survey yourcustomers, patrons, visitors or event attendees — right at the point of experience--without all the traditional hassle of clipboard or phone surveys, comment cards,mail-out surveys and time-intensive tabulation. Point of experience surveys alsotypically have faster and better results than email/web surveys because therespondent is right there – no need for them to go that extra step when they returnto their computers in the following days or weeks and either opt in to the survey…ornot.With our exclusive touch screen system, our onsite survey team invite attendees totake a quick touch screen survey. Attendees independently read the user-friendlysurvey and touch their answers right into the survey tablet. The survey iscustomized with the clients’ particular needs in mind.This research methodology meets the needs not only of the client which need to getvaluable and meaningful feedback, but it also meets the needs of the respondent:TouchPoll is fast, it’s fun, and it gets results!TouchPoll is extremely valuable when you need quick and accurateinformation for: •Grants (Tourism, Arts, etc.) •Sponsorship packages and wrap up reports (attendee demographics, lifestyle) Lanie Shapiro •Advertising (what’s working) Robert Shapiro TouchPoll South Florida •General feedback and evaluation (to improve your event) 954-675-0181 •E-mail list collection
  2. 2. TouchPoll makes FEEDBACK easy in the following ways:• Speed: 10 times as fast as clipboard or phone surveys.• More accurate answers to sensitive questions: Respondents are more likely to reveal sensitive information and answer questions honestly with touch screen computers, than with any other methodology.• Results: are available quickly.• Color Graphics: Attractive pie-charts and bar graphs make analyzing results a snap!• The ability to gather EMAIL addresses of interested prospects.• Cross-tabulation: cross tabulate data with just a touch.• Data is current…not historical: Results can be viewed and instantly tabulated.• Interactivity probes deeper: Get the answers you really want. TouchPoll allows you to “drill down” for specific details in responses.• Response rates are higher: If the respondents are actively invited to participate, the response rate can be significantly higher. Touch screen “interviewing” is non- threatening and anonymous.• It’s FUN! Respondents want to use a touch screen computer.• Insures that “branching” patterns are accurately followed: Touch screen ensures participants are branched to appropriate questions.• Elimination of data entry, keypunching and editing: Respondents enter their own answers directly by simply touching the screen.• Elimination of interviewer bias: Touch screen survey asks the questions uniformly, without bias.• Poll hard-to-survey demographics: Touch screen allows you to gather feedback from seniors and high income earners.• Flexible: You can design your own surveys.• Affordable: Touchpoll surveys are more cost effective than any other intercept method.• Adaptable: Touchpoll South Florida can be hired on a short-term project basis, or software can be leased with ongoing support and training.• Mobility: Portable tablet units enable TouchPoll to approach the respondent. Stationary units can also be set up with desk top models.
  3. 3. SOLUTIONS TO HELP YOU GET THE FEEDBACK THAT YOU NEED:Solution: Full Service On-Site Research: A perfect solution for conductingsurveys at special events , festivals, conventions, meetings, and, tradeshows. This option is designed for those who need to gather customer or clientfeedback, but dont want to purchase a complete TouchPoll survey system. LetTouchPoll develop & administer the survey. With our touch-screen computers,we can provide you with efficient data collection. We can survey for satisfactionfeedback, advertising effectiveness, buying habits, competitive issues,demographics, trends and preferences. We will customize the survey to yourexact specifications. We will provide the necessary touch-screencomputers and software, the required staff to administer the surveys andquickly produce a detailed report.Solution: Paper Survey or Evaluation Processing: If you have a largevolume of paper surveys or evaluations to process, let TouchPoll input yoursurveys into the TouchPoll system. We will produce full color reports—quicklyand efficiently.Solution: Software Licensing/Hardware Sales: Perhaps your businessneeds continuous feedback for a longer period of time. An affordable solution isthe TouchPoll Software License Program. Licensing allows you to create anddesign unlimited surveys as well as have full access to your results at all times.An annual fee includes the software license(s), training, technical support, andsoftware updates. It is available for a one or three-year term. A variety ofhardware is available to fit your needs.Solution: Online and Email Surveys: We can design and administer yourwebsite and email surveys using TouchPoll Web.Solution: Server-Based Multi-Location Survey: If you have multiplelocations and have the need to continually view your results from otherlocations in real time, our new TOUCHPOLL CONNECT may be the solutionfor you! Call for details of this exciting program.
  4. 4. The TouchPoll System TouchPoll starts with an attractive WELCOME SCREENAny logo or picture can be designed in the custom design of the screen
  5. 5. TouchPoll units can either be stationary or mobile at events, malls, museums, festivals, conferences—anywhere!Respondents enjoy participating – it’s fast, easy, and fun! TABLE TOP MODEL MOBILE TABLET Using TouchPoll is intercept polling—right at the point of EXPERIENCE We intercept respondents who answer questions by touching answers right on the monitor…simple, effective, and accurate!
  6. 6. Screen Shots ALL QUESTIONS are custom designed for your needs.We can “branch” off of any answer to further probe answers such as WHICH magazine or radio station, etc. Open ended questions can capture Email addresses or comments
  7. 7. Respondents touch their answers right to the screen so income and other hard to ask questions are easy to capture! ALL QUESTIONS ARE CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.Thank you screen – can be designed with YOUR Logo
  8. 8. Reports Full reports are available immediately with TouchPoll. The software provides instant access to Gross Resultsreports as well as charts, graphs and cross tabulations. SAMPLE Gross Results ReportPlease select your AGE RANGE:Answers Responses Selection Percentage18 and under 22 3.17%19 - 24 43 6.20%25 - 34 117 16.86%35 - 54 288 41.50%55 - 64 164 23.63%65 plus 60 8.65%Valid Respondents: 694.0 Total Responses: 694 100.00% 8.65% 3.17% 6.20% 18 and under 19 - 24 16.86% 23.63% 25 - 34 35 - 54 55 - 64 41.50% 65 plus
  9. 9. Where do you LIVE (Primary Residence)?Answers Responses Selection PercentageMiami Dade County 425 61.24%Broward County 115 16.57%Palm Beach County 21 3.03%The Florida Keys 5 0.72%Elsewhere in Florida 35 5.04%Outside of Florida 78 11.24%Outside of the USA 15 2.16%Valid Respondents: 694.0 Total Responses: 694 100.00% 2.16% 11.24% Miami Dade County 5.04% Broward County 0.72% 3.03% Palm Beach County The Florida Keys 16.57% Elsewhere in Florida 61.24% Outside of Florida Outside of the USA Please enter your home ZIP CODE: 32636 5 33076 16 33236 23 35412 22 36332 16 36986 10 45678 72 47586 4
  10. 10. Q2: Where did hear about this years Show?(Please select ALL THAT APPLY and touch"continue")Answers Responses Respondent PercentageOnline 93 13.40%Radio 63 9.08%TV 142 20.46%Print Newspaper 145 20.89%Print Magazine 31 4.47%Banner/Signage 44 6.34%Billboard 22 3.17%Direct Mail 5 0.72%Hotel/Travel Brochure 8 1.15%Word-of-mouth 270 38.90%Through Sponsor 21 3.03%Other* 173 24.93%Valid Respondents: 694.0 Total Responses: 1017 (May add up to more than 100%) Other Through Sponsor Word-of-mouth Hotel/Travel Brochure Direct Mail Billboard Banner/Signage Print Magazine Print Newspaper TV Radio Online 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Do you currently use SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on a regular basis? Answers Responses Selection Percentage Yes 173 24.93% No 521 75.07% Valid Respondents: 694.0 Total Responses: 694 100.00% 24.93% Yes No 75.07%
  11. 11. Please select your ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME range: Answers Responses Selection Percentage $50,000 and under 142 20.46% $51,000 - $75,000 117 16.86% $76,000 - $100,000 118 17.00% $101,000 - $150,000 93 13.40% $151,000 - $200,000 48 6.92% $201,000 and above 64 9.22% I respectfully decline to answer 112 16.14% Valid Respondents: 694.0 Total Responses: 694 100.00% 11% 25% 8% $50,000 and under $51,000 - $75,000 $76,000 - $100,000 16% $101,000 - $150,000 $151,000 - $200,000 20% $201,000 and above 20%Please let us know what you would like to see us do to improve the event: Nothing. It’s great the way it is! Please improve the parking! I would like to see a better selection of vendors The bathroom facilities need to be improved! Please do a better job of offering healthy food It’s too crowded Please provide a map Please type in your email address: (Email addresses are provided in an Excel format) Lanie Shapiro Robert Shapiro TouchPoll South Florida 954-675-0181
  12. 12. Some FEEDBACK from our clients:“Lanie Shapiro of Touch Poll South Florida was delightful and professional to work with as we implemented 3rd party electronic surveys at our festival, ArtFest Fort Myers. We needed to find out more about who our audience is and better target our advertising. We also needed to get a better understanding of how our various areas within the festival were rated. We now have great information for our sponsors, advertising plans and programming as we plan for next year.” - Sharon McAllister Festival Director, ArtFest Fort Myers "We began working with Lanie in 2005 when our first Chihuly at Fairchild exhibition opened, and we were extremely pleased with TouchPoll South Florida and their surveys. Lanie is delightful to work with, and we still continue to work with her for our current exhibition and festivals." - Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden "Touch Poll of South Florida conducted several computerized surveys at the Home Design & Remodeling Shows this past year. Wewere delighted with the survey process as well as the results. Lanie and Robert Shapiro make the survey process easy. They work withyou to prepare the survey questions, provide honest and professional guidance and conduct the surveys in a friendly and professionalmanner. Our event attendees enjoyed taking the surveys. In fact, people seem to WANT to take the surveys because of the novelty of the computerized format and the pleasant manner with which they are asked. I recommend Touch Poll of South Florida!" -Sharon Berube, Perl Advertising Group, Inc. "TouchPoll has conducted our evaluation process for our conference for the last two years. We previously only had paper evaluationsand the time and labor it took to consolidate them into a useful report was excessive. They work with us to customize the survey so that we could gather all of the information we need and consolidate it into a report that helps us tremendously in our planning. TouchPoll’sstaff is very professional and gracious and as a result, our attendees are pleased to participate in the survey. In the phases of planning, execution and reporting they are prompt and dependable. I do not hesitate in recommending them to any organization that wants accurate and useful feedback from its constituents." - Lynn Daines, Governors Hurricane Conference “TouchPoll has worked as a real partner for us at the Miami International Film Festival. We have not only been able to confirm the demographics of Festival supporters, but we have gained invaluable information about how to reach them.” - Carol Ann Lafferty, Managing Director, Miami International Film Festival“I just skimmed over the results of the survey you conducted at Filmfest DC and I am so impressed with the quality and the amount of information you gathered! It is quite a bit to digest at a glance but I immediately found it very informative. I can plainly see how theresults will be so useful and beneficial to us in our marketing, PR and general plans ahead. Also, the collection of the email addresses was a great added bonus! TouchPoll did an excellent job creating and conducting our audience survey at this years Washington, DCInternational Film Festival. The survey itself was a fun experience for our audience while they waited in line to buy tickets or sat in the theatre before show time. I thought I knew our audience like the back of my hand, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is much more to learn! Thank you TouchPoll!" Shirin Ghareeb, Assistant Director, Washington, DC International Film Festival “Touch Poll South Florida has helped us find out who our audience is and better target our advertising for our large-scale community events. The service is easy to implement in any event and is appreciated by our attendees, as it demonstrates that we value their input.” - Pam Solomon, Public Information Officer, City of North Miami "We procured TouchPolls electronic survey services at our event, Jazz On The Green in 2006. We receive a county grant for out-of- area advertising and had wished to collect data to support the growing reach of our event and to validate the percentage of our audience which was from out of the area. The survey that TouchPoll South Florida put together for us was absolutely perfect. They went above and beyond in everything that they did for us. TouchPoll South Florida is a wonderful vendor to work with and seamlesslyplayed a roll at our event. I would highly recommend them and their services to any event or festival." - Renee Bledsoe, Vice Chairman, Jazz On The Green"The City of Coconut Creek has worked with TouchPoll South Florida for several of our special events this past year and we have beenvery pleased. Lanie and Robert Shapiro take the time to find what the goals are for each event and help create questions that will help achieve these goals. Each step of the survey process is handled professionally and effectively. From the creation of the questions, to the graphics for the survey, through the actual survey taking and finally the printed results, the experience was pleasant, simple and informative. The graphs make the results easy to read and understand and the participant’s comments are very helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend TouchPoll South Florida to other cities, events or businesses. From start to finish, TouchPoll South Florida works diligently to satisfy the client’s interest and goals." - Toni Shreffler, Special Events Coordinator, City of Coconut Creek"TouchPoll South Florida was a wonderful company to work with. In the middle of a large scale event, you need to work with people that can adjust to change quickly, think quickly and do so with a smile on their face. Lanie understood the aspects of events that make communication difficult. She easily overcame this issue by being persistent and courteous at the same time. TouchPoll South Floridaservices proved to be a big asset to our event. We were able to use the precise information given to us by Touch Poll for securing extra funds through our grant applications." - Sarah Martin, Special Events/Projects Manager, Downtown Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative
  13. 13. July 16, 2010Lanie ShapiroTouchPoll South Florida10625 NW 47th CourtCoral Springs, FL 33076Dear Lanie,I wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU so much! The survey that you did forus for the Boston Flower & Garden Show proved to be a treasure trove of information. I amcurrently using the data for help in planning next year’s media buy. But that is just oneelement of usefulness for me. Your help in defining the survey questions and logical flowwas invaluable. As a result we have already been able to increase sales from the sameperiod last year.I also appreciate your turn key operation. All I had to do was point out your set-up area, andleave you to it! This gave me one less thing to worry about as we prepared to open theshow. And best of all, as you began identifying trends in answers, you came to me beforethe first day even ended to point out some issues that we were able to correct beforeopening the next day. This improved the experience of our attendees and took away anypotential negative reactions to the show.I have worked with other survey companies at our various shows in the past, and you are byfar the best! I look forward to working with you on our future events.Sincerely,Barbara PudneyVice President1 9 7 F i r s t A v e n u e , S u i t e 1 5 0 , N e e d ham, MA 0 2 4 9 4 7 8 1 - 2 3 7 - 5 5 3 3 ♦ 8 0 0 - 2 5 8 - 8 9 1 2 ♦ Fa x : 7 8 1 - 2 3 7 - 0 4 0 7 www. p a r a g o n e xp o . com
  14. 14. We have worked with : Miami International Film Festival Miami Book Fair International Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival South Florida Fair Florida State Fair Boston Flower & Garden Show Miami Home Design and Remodeling ShowFt. Lauderdale Home Design and Remodeling Show Florida Folk Festival South Florida International Auto Show Ft. Lauderdale International Auto Show Governor’s Hurricane Conference Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art Ohio Bike Week Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Film Fest DC Hollywood Beach CRA The United Way Delray Beach Downtown Marketing Cooperative Redland International Orchid Festival City of Boynton Beach CRA Coconut Grove Arts Festival Downtown Panama City ArtFest Fort Myers Miami Dade College City of Miami Gardens/Jazz in the Gardens Jazz on the Green The Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium ArtiGras Delray Beach Garlic Festival City of North Miami City of Coconut Creek City of Doral Meeting Planners International (MPI) Palm Beach Opera The Delray Affair A Taste of the Pinellas/All Children’s Hospital Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers International Society of Event Specialists Lanie Shapiro Florida Renaissance Festival Robert Shapiro TouchPoll South Florida 954-675-0181
  15. 15. Call us today and let us know what YOU NEED TO KNOW: •Demographic Surveys •Trade Show Surveys •Meeting/Conference Evaluation •Experience Feedback •Political/Legislative Feedback •New Product Feasibility Studies •Analyzing Advertising Effectiveness •Visitor Surveys •Lead Generation •Customer Surveys •Employee Satisfaction Surveys •Association Member Surveys •Exhibitor Satisfaction Surveys •Special Event Surveys •Library, Museum, Zoo Patron Surveys •Sporting Event Surveys •Opinion Polls •Uncovering Perceptions •Mass Transit Surveys •Auto and Boat Show Surveys •State and Local Fair Attendee Surveys •Airport Service Satisfaction Surveys •Tourism Surveys •Image Surveys Lanie Shapiro Robert Shapiro TouchPoll South Florida 954-675-0181