Touchmark at Wedgewood - November 2013 Newsletter


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Touchmark at Wedgewood - November 2013 Newsletter

  1. 1. EVENT{FULL} Monthly updates from your {FULL} Life community Let’s move! It’s Active Aging Week. During Active Aging Week, residents and guests participated in several events, including a line-dancing class, the annual CNIB Walk and Barbecue, health and fitness presentations, and more. TOUCHMARK AT WEDGEWOOD Issue 11, 2013 | page 1 October 2011
  2. 2. Seasonal fun Everyone welcomed the new season with the Fall Harvest Soup Luncheon (with 12 types of soups!) and an Oktoberfest celebration, featuring the awardwinning accordion band Party Pals. TOUCHMARK AT WEDGEWOOD Issue 11, 2013 | page 2
  3. 3. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Contact a Full Life team member for additional details, including registration, transportation information, and participation requirements. Friday, Nov. 8, noon Military Service Luncheon featuring SPAM® sandwiches and JELL-O. Grande Hall Dining Room. clothing vendor visits. Grande Foyer. Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2 pm November Birthday and Anniversary Party with entertainment by the Lions Big Band. Sunday, Nov. 17, 2 pm Piano Recital by Key Largo School of Music. Grande Foyer. Give thanks; share our Full Life with others. Touchmark is accepting nonperishable food items for our annual Friends and Family Food Hamper. If you would like to contribute, drop off your donations at our community by Nov. 29. A Touchmark group will deliver hampers to Baywood Seniors the first week of December as part of the Seniors Outreach Network Society of Edmonton. Tuesday, Nov. 19, 10 am 2 pm Personal Touch Fashions See the full calendar of events pdf/community-event-calendar. pdf Friday, Nov. 8, 2 pm Dance to music by the Old Smoothies. Grande Foyer. Monday, Nov. 11, 10:30 am Remembrance Day Service: Take Time to Remember with special speaker from 408 Helicopter Squadron. Marquis Room. BRAIN BUILDERS Tongue twisters require concentration and challenge pronunciation skills. For an added challenge, try memorizing and saying the twister out loud. Betty Botter had some butter. “But,” she said, “this butter’s bitter.” If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter— that would make my batter better. So she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter, and she baked it in her batter, and the batter was not bitter. So ‘twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter. Meeting local candidates Before the recent election, Life Enrichment/Wellness Director Brenda Edmonds interviewed candidates on the Brenda Edmonds Show. The new Mayor Don Iveson (pictured) visited just 24 hours before the voting station opened at Touchmark. New Councillor for Ward 5 Michael Oshry also visited. TOUCHMARK AT WEDGEWOOD October 2011 | page 1 Issue 11, 2013 | page 3
  4. 4. Home for the holidays Remember your flu shot Imagine a lifestyle free of cleaning, cooking, and winter driving. Plus, you’ll have more time for hobbies, friends—and holidays celebrations! Call or stop by today for a tour. In addition to getting a flu vaccine, check out the government website for more helpful information. Marge Coalman, EdD Vice President of Wellness & Programs I live, because I’m happy “I sing because I’m happy …” – Ci vilia Durfee Martin Last month, this column focused on the happiness research, which is a bit startling and constantly changing. This month, the focus is on what works to make people feel empowered, engaged, and free from as many health/mental/ environmental constraints as possible. Aging brings its own complications—less muscle, reduced energy quotient, elevated (or lowered) blood pressure, financial worries about resources to care for one self and/or spouse for as long as needed, loss of friends and family. The data, though, show that many people are living long and well—even into their 100s. How can that be? Interestingly, the simple answer is “thankfulness.” We focus a lot on the word thankful during this season. One can be thankful in private, but that is only part of the formula for a good quality of life. Thankfulness accelerated by good works and generosity is the key component to the wellness prescription. Even individuals who are physically impaired or cognitively challenged set themselves apart by being part of the solution to the unmet needs of others. The expanded vision of others and good works can empower people who cannot volunteer TOUCHMARK AT WEDGEWOOD 18333 Lessard Road NW • Edmonton, AB T6M 2Y5 780-577-5000 • © 2011 Touchmark Living Centers, Inc., all rights reserved in traditional ways. Touchmark believes in philanthropy. The Touchmark Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity formed by Touchmark in 2002. Its mission is “to enhance the well-being of seniors.” The foundation is dedicated to providing programs to help ensure that seniors have what is necessary to make their lives comfortable, satisfying, and engaging. At this time of year, food boxes are given out at each Touchmark community to help families in need. To be part of Touchmark’s Community Partners and Volunteer efforts, contact a member of the Full Life team. Thank you for caring and sharing.