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11909151 google-penguin-is-updated-again

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Google Penguin is Updated Again Source: SEO Article Content Writing Dated: Jun 26, 2012 Many webmasters have thought that Google Penguin updates were over. The truth is that search engines are constantly working on creating a better experience for users. Many webmasters have thought that Google Penguin updates were over. The truth is that search engines are constantly working on creating a better experience for users. There were some niches and business areas that they missed back in April, and these are getting hit now. Some users have reported poor site quality on page one and something had to be done. The updates are coming every couple of weeks, and sites that survived the first phase are getting hit. There are some tips and tools that experts use to recover from the effects of these updates. Uniqueness Still Beats Penguin The quality of content still has a great importance when determining search engine ranking. Unique content is essential, and the better the quality is the more interaction will be on the site. Sharing and social media would boost search engine rankings. The revision of current keywords is essential, just like the creation of multiple types of content: videos, press releases, articles and reviews. Professional SEO Article Content The power of professional SEO article content is still great. Although Google advises webmasters to create sites for real life users instead of search engines, the truth is that if a webmaster plays by the rules and makes useful posts, it is not enough without the right keyword density. Highly competitive niches, such as dating, health and beauty have been hit, and this means that a lower keyword density and higher quality is required. Regular Updates It is essential to update content and send these changes to search engines on a regular basis. This does not mean that there is no chance for a static site to rank high, provided that it gets enough votes up. Google plus one votes and social media interaction, such as integrating the sign up process with a Facebook page would help create search engine updates regularly. Still, the need for voting the content up is essential. Social media sharing plugins are flying off the shelves after the Google Penguin updates. Link Diversity There is a great talk about link diversity and search engine optimization, as well. There are many ways one can achieve this goal. Some webmasters order professionally written press release content to be featured in Google News, while they keep their link building strategies alive, submitting articles, videos and reviews. There is a need for more link diversity, featuring high page rank sites, low ranking article directories and social media to succeed after Google Penguin. Further information at http:// www.seoarticlecontentwriting.com or download our latest book on Googles updates:http:// www.amazon.com/Instant-Blueprint-after-Penguin-ebook/dp/B008AK8NTW Category Internet, Marketing Tags seo article, content, google updates, Google Penguin, SEO Email Click to contact author City/Town wirral State/Province Merseyside Country United Kingdom Page 1/2
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