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 11892889 sites-survive-after-google-penguin-update-thanks-to-professional-seo-article-content-writing
 11892889 sites-survive-after-google-penguin-update-thanks-to-professional-seo-article-content-writing
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11892889 sites-survive-after-google-penguin-update-thanks-to-professional-seo-article-content-writing


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  • 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Sites Survive After Google Penguin Update Thanks to Professional SEO Article Content Writing Source: SEO Article Content Writing Dated: Jun 05, 2012 There are many website owners, who are still sitting looking at their declining statistics and do not understand Google’s new algorithm. The truth is that many of them have used some methods that are not any more favorable for search engines. There are many website owners, who are still sitting looking at their declining statistics and do not understand Google’s new algorithm. The truth is that many of them have used some methods that are not any more favorable for search engines. Some others did not pay attention to the link diversity or quality, and this is why their rankings have dropped. Still, there are some sites that are doing better than ever, and have not been hit at all. These are using professional and well thought-through SEO article content writing services. Find out what search engines are looking for, to get back into the first page of Google below. Link Quality The link quality is one of the most important aspects of the current updates. This means that the fewer outbound links a site has where you are getting the backlinks from, the more value it will have. This is one of the main reasons why article directories have lost their mojo. On the other hand, if you have a professional SEO article content writer on board, they would create publications that people will want to share and link to. That is the main reason why quality matters. On the other hand, link exchanges and paid links are all suspicious for search engines today. Unique SEO Article Content Checking the sites through Copyscape and making sure that the SEO articles provided are a hundred percent unique is essential. People using professional content writing services are willing to pay for guaranteed Copyscape pass, and they know that it is worth the effort. The more unique the site is, the better it will be loved by people and search engines. There is no point publishing the same article to the blog and directories anymore; search engines will just ignore more than one results. Link Diversity The diversity of links is also important. Webmasters trust SEO companies to set up their linking profile, but do not always ensure that the sites are relevant. Press releases, strong authority sites, edu. and Wiki pages are still working fine, provided that they are related to the subject and the keywords. Empty anchor links are no longer preferred by search engines, therefore, selecting the right keywords that match the content is a job for a professional SEO writer. Social Media Social media has a great importance in today’s ranking algorithm, and the better the SEO article content is, the more people will share the page. A separate profile created for the site on different social media and sharing sites is essential. The more activity search engines find long term, the more they would trust the website. How Can SEO Article Content Writers Help SEO article content writers can create unique, interesting and high quality articles and blogs that would make people link back to the site. This would mean a higher link diversity and better one-way link quality. Therefore, paying for the professional writing services would pay off long term, and no matter how search engine algorithms change, webmasters will always get visitors from them. Page 1/2
  • 2. PR Log - Global Press Release DistributionCategory Advertising, BusinessTags SEO professional services, seo article writing, SEO article content writing, SEO article contentwriter, SEO aEmail Click to contact authorCountry United KingdomLink Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to- * Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online Page 2/2