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Inbetweeners presentation

  1. 1. Who’s idea was the film?• The Inbetweeners movie was written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, directed by Gordon Anderson, Ben Palmer, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, and produced by Christopher Young.• The film was based around the follow up from ‘The Inbetweeners’ TV series 1,2&3, which proved top be a huge success among viewers.• The show was actually originally based around an idea by James Bobin called ‘Baggy trousers’.• The show’s writers, Beesley and Morris, combined to launch their own company ‘Bwark Productions’. They used the ideas from ‘Baggy trousers’ to create their own show ‘The Inbetweeners’.
  2. 2. Target audience• Originally, the Inbetweeners series was targeted at teenagers due to its rude language and crude images. However, the series was received well by all age groups and its success with the large audience was one of the main reasons for the creation of the movie.• The certificate of the comedy series was a 15 because of its obscene nature that may be deemed inappropriate for the younger ages.
  3. 3. Ethnicity• All of the 4 main characters in the series, and also the movie, are white British teenagers, this is used effectively to display the typical British culture of teenagers in Britain to help give a realism of the show, and also to help relate to its teenage fans.• Race is played throughout the series, usually as part of a joke, but also to show how the boys perceive the other races in comparison to others.
  4. 4. Gender• The 4 main characters are all male teenagers. This is used to represent how the typical male teenage stereotypes is displayed amongst the nation, with the constant thought of girls, alcohol, and childish behaviour being shown in the series and the movie.• The use of females within the series and movie are almost always represented in a sexual way, used to highlight the boys lust for the girls and their constant seeking of female attention.
  5. 5. The characters: Will• Will is a boy who had moved from a private school into a low class secondary school, with constant humour being displayed to show him trying to adapt to his new environments.• Will is shown to be the ‘odd ball’ of the group, he is the outcast amongst most people and yet fits in well with the other 3.• Despite Will trying to show his maturity and sophistication, he is almost always the victim amongst others and is often shown as the butt of the joke.• The audience get laughs from how unlucky Will is in regards to making friends, and getting girls. Although he is shown as the character with the most intelligence, he is the character that seems to fail in any situation due to his constant bad luck.
  6. 6. The characters: Simon• Throughout the series and movie, Simon is shown as the ‘hopeless romantic’ of the boys. He is constantly chasing girls but to no prevail.• Simon often blames his failure on his friends and others around him, failing to see why he is to blame. He often goes on a childish rant to his parents or friends, which shows his childish side. This is used as the comical side to Simon as it represents how unreasonable, childish, and hopeless in love teenagers can be.• Throughout the entire Inbetweeners series, Simon has a crush on one particular girl, Carly, his neighbour who he does anything at all to get her attention, always leaving Simon in obscene and ridiculous situations.
  7. 7. The characters: Jay• Through the Inbetweeners series, Jay is shown to be a wanna-be ‘ladies man’. He constantly lies about clearly unrealistic events, often about his way with the ladies, which Will in particular picks him up on to be lying. However, his constant lying sometimes leads him into having to prove himself to others, leaving him humiliated and shown to be an obvious liar.• Despite lying about his way with the ladies and his sexual life to boost his ego, we see in glimpses that deep down Jay is very emotional at times, shown when he is dumped by his only ever girlfriend. This is shown in a comical way as his reaction to being dumped is in stark contrast to the macho image that he tries to give off through his stories.• Jay displays the side to teenage boys when they are around their mates, the macho and ‘hard man’ side that they try to give off to impress the girls.
  8. 8. The characters: Neil• Neil is always seen as the ‘dopey’ one of the four, the gullible one that you can always get a laugh out of.• The writers use Neil’s idiotic side to get many comical moments from him due to his unexpected actions that you would never expect from someone other than Neil.• Due to his slow nature, he is often the only person who believes Jays outrageous stories, and often fails to pick up the sarcasm in Wills one liners. On the other hand, he is invariably cheerful, a characteristic which is envied by Will. He has a penchant for older women.• All of this adds up to Neil’s nature, he is the sort of friend that everyone wants and the ‘dopey’ friend that everyone has in their group.
  9. 9. The movie• Directed by Ben Palmer• Produced by Christopher Young• Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris• Narrated by Simon Bird• Starring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, and others• Music by Oliver Whelan• Cinematography: Ben Wheeler• Editing by William Webb and Charlie Fawcett• Studio: Film4 productions, Bwark productions, Young films• Distributed by Entertainment film, Channel 4 sales.
  10. 10. Malia• The movie is located in Malia, also where the majority of the movie was filmed.• The boys decide to go here on Holiday on their mission for, in Jays words, “sex, beach, booze, sex, booze, and sex”. Because of this they see this as the perfect location for a lads holiday.• During their stay they get up to numerous comical events to top the humour of the 3 series.• The Inbetweeners Movie has received generally positive reviews, Ian Freer of Empire Magazine gave the film four stars out of five, observing that "Like any holiday, it is episodic and suffers from repetition but this is gag-for-gag the funniest film of the summer and a fitting end to a much-loved series." Steve Rose of The Guardian gave the film three stars out of five, giving particular praise to Simon Birds performance and arguing that the film "updates the teen summer holiday formula surprisingly entertainingly, considering it doesnt subvert it one iota." Tim Robey of The Daily Telegraph also gave a positive assessment of the film, praising it as "an enormous hit, a Mamma Mia! for the Hangover demographic."