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Eyes on China Q4, 2011


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  • 1. Eaton China News Magazine 2011.Q4 伊顿欢庆百年 敲响纽交所开市钟 Eaton Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange p.02 伊顿荣登汤姆森路透 “2011 全球 100 大最具创新力公司” 榜单 Eaton Recognized for Leadership in Global Innovation p.04 伊顿十大电气创新改变你的世界 A Day Without Power Is Practically Unthinkable p.14 伊顿中国通讯
  • 2. 伊顿中国网站全新改版上线啦 !Eaton China Website launched!• 全球统一的设计风格 • A fresh new look that’s consistent with Eaton sites• 丰富的产品信息与应用方案 • Expanded product information and solutions• 更快速的信息浏览,更简洁的页面设计 • Easy navigation of features and pages欢迎大家体验和继续支持! Learn more about the site by browsing it.
  • 3. 目录 Index特别报道 02Special Feature伊顿欢庆百年 敲响纽交所开市钟 02Eaton Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange本期头条 04Top News伊顿荣登汤姆森路透“2011 全球 100 大最具创新力公司”榜单 04Eaton Recognized for Leadership in Global Innovation业务发展 06Business Spotlight伊顿液压亮相 2011 亚洲动力传动与控制技术展 06Eaton Hydraulics Shines at the 2011 PTC Asia Fair伊顿混合动力系统为全球客户降低碳足迹 累计行驶达 2 亿英里 07Eaton Hybrid Systems Achieve 200 Million Miles of Service伊顿公司新版中文网站上线 08Eaton Launches new China Web Site with Focus on Energy-Efficient Solutions伊顿 9390 成功护航第七届城市运动会 09Eaton 9390 Ensures Smooth Operations of the7th National Intercity Games环球快讯 10Global Glance伊顿宣布推出多袋式过滤器外壳系统 10Eaton Announces the Launch of its Most Competitively Priced Multi-bag Filter Housing System for HighVolume Applications伊顿技术助力波音 787 首次商业飞行 11Eaton Technology Helps Power First Commercial Flight of 787 Dreamliner by ANA, Japan’s Largest Airline伊顿同意收购中压开关柜制造商 E.A. Pedersen 公司 11Eaton Agrees to Acquire Medium Voltage Switchgear Manufacturer E.A. Pedersen Company伊顿为巴拿马运河扩建工程提供支持 12Eaton Wins $27 Million Electrical Contract to Support Design and Construction of Third Set of Locks inPanama Canal Expansion Program伊顿产品 14Eaton Product伊顿十大电气创新改变你的世界 14A Day Without Power Is Practically Unthinkable伊顿奖项 18Eaton Award伊顿公司再添两项企业社会责任殊荣 18Eaton’s Green Solution on Power Management Awarded as Excellent CSR Case伊顿关爱 19We Care2011 年伊顿企业社会责任活动一览 192011 Eaton CSR activities媒体报道 20Media Coverage百年老店的创新法宝,访伊顿公司董事长兼首席执行官柯仁杰 20Economic Daily interviewed Sandy Cutler, Eaton Chairman and CEO伊顿扩大中国采购,访伊顿供应链管理高级副总裁 Craig Reed 21Automobile & Parts interviewed Craig Reed Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 01
  • 4. SPECIAL 特别报道 FEATURE伊顿欢庆百年 敲响纽交所开市钟伊顿公司在纽约证交所敲响了当天的“开市钟”纪念其 100 年 在过去的几年中,伊顿已经发展成为一家多元化的动力管理公诞辰。伊顿公司百年历史的重要时刻通过这一寓意深远的仪式 “伊顿在全球 73,000 多名员工正用他们的专业和创新智慧 司。逐一呈现 : 1911 年崎岖不平的公路上创业起步、之后进军 从 解决我们这个时代最大的挑战之一,即在不消耗更多地球资源和不断开拓工业和电气市场所取得的巨大发展,一直到现在交 的情况下,提供更多动力来推动世界发展。”柯仁杰说。通和信息超级高速公路的无限延伸所带来的持续不断的发展机 在伊顿,动力管理有多种表现形式,从改善大楼、飞机和车辆会,以及随之而来的全球性动力管理的挑战。 的能源效率,到帮助大型机械在工作中留下更少的碳足迹。伊100 年 前 的 10 月 21 日, 美 国 发 明 家 维 格 • 托 本 森 (Viggo 顿的创新技术帮助其客户安全高效地管理电力、液压和机械动Torbensen) 和企业家约瑟夫 • 伊顿 (Joseph Eaton) 共同创办 力,同时有助于控制他们的成本并减少碳排放。了一家企业,这家企业后来逐渐发展成为今天的伊顿。托本森 “和伊顿的创始人一样,我们知道原地踏步是不会取得进步的。”和伊顿将各自的创意进行巧妙结合,共同开发了一款独创性的 柯仁杰说道,“每天伊顿的员工都在为我们全球各地的客户提轴承产品,使得 20 世纪初的卡车能够在当时具有时代特征的 供安全、有效和可持续的动力管理解决方案。”崎岖公路上平稳行驶,而且可以降低油耗和维修保养。1915 年,伊顿公司迁至美国俄亥俄州克利夫兰市并将其设为全球总部。1923 年伊顿首次在纽约证券交易所上市。从当年的首次公开发行股票至今,伊顿每年都向股东派发普通股红利。 《商业动力 :伊顿公司的第一个百年》一 书以时间顺序记录了伊顿从一家车辆零部伊顿公司董事长兼首席执行官柯仁杰(Alexander M. Cutler) 件供应商成功转型成全球领先的动力管理 解决方案公司,该书在亚马逊书店有售。先生表示 : “在全球各地,伊顿员工和他们的同事、客户以及 Available at, the book我们工作生活所在的社区各界都在欢庆我们的百年诞辰。我们 “Powering Business: The First 100 Years对过去倍感自豪,对于未来更是充满期待,我们将继续发挥我 of Eaton Corporation” chronicles Eaton’s development from a vehicle component们的优势,寻求并开发创新解决方案,来应对世界上许多最为 supplier to a leading power management company.艰巨的动力管理方面的挑战。”02 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 5. 伊顿董事长兼首席执行官柯仁杰及高层领导齐聚纽约证交所共同敲响当天的开市钟。 Chairman and CEO Sandy Cutler and senior leadership gather for the NYSE opening bell.Eaton Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock ExchangeEaton Corporation rang Opening Bell at the New York Stock Over the years, Eaton has evolved into a diversified powerExchange. It dramatized the company’s beginnings with the management company. “Our more than 73,000 employeesrugged roads of 1911, growth through major inroads in the worldwide are combining their expertise and ingenuity toindustrial and electrical markets and increasing opportunities solve one of our era’s greatest challenges – delivering moretoday through very different kinds of superhighways and the power to help the world grow without consuming more ofglobal challenges in managing power. the world’s resources, said Cutler. ”On this date one hundred years ago, inventor Viggo At Eaton, power management takes many forms, fromTorbensen and entrepreneur Joseph Eaton founded the improving the energy efficiency of buildings, planes andcompany that would become Eaton Corporation. Combining vehicles to helping massive machines leave a more minisculetheir ingenuity, Torbensen and Eaton developed an axle that footprint on our planet. Eaton’s innovative technologies helpenabled trucks to endure the rugged roads of the early 20th its customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanicalcentury, consume less fuel and demand less maintenance. power safely and efficiently, while helping to control their costs and reduce their carbon footprint.Based in Cleveland since 1915, Eaton was first listed on theNYSE in 1923. The company has paid dividends on common “Like our founders, we know that you can’t achieve progressshares every year since its initial listing. by standing still, said Cutler. “Every day the people of ” Eaton Corporation are helping to provide safe, efficient and“Around the globe, Eaton employees are celebrating our sustainable power management solutions to our customershundredth year with coworkers, customers and in the around the world. ”communities where we work and live, said Alexander M. ”Cutler, chairman and chief executive officer. “We are proudof our past, but inspired by the future as we continue tofind new and inventive ways to address some of the world’stoughest power management challenges. ” Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 03
  • 6. TOP 本期头条 NEWS伊顿荣登汤姆森路透“2011 全球 100 大最具创新力公司”榜单伊顿公司凭借其杰出的创新能力被汤姆森路透评选为“2011 环 保 组 织 CALSTART 颁 发 的“2008 蓝 天 奖(Blue SkyTM), ”全球 100 大最具创新力公司”。该榜单旨在表彰在创造发明领 以及由于向通用汽车提供提高燃油效率的先进技术而获得的域拥有卓越贡献,并在世界各地获得专利认可、享有全球知识 2008 年“通用汽车最佳供应商奖”等。产权保护的企业。 此次评选活动由全球三大资讯提供商之一的汤姆森路透发起,创新是伊顿公司百年来坚持不变的核心理念。此次凭借其自身 并从专利申请成功率、专利申请全球性、创新专利数以及专利优异的研发能力、对创新的坚持不懈以及对知识产权的高度重 影响力,即过去 3 年内成功获得专利许可最多、对知识产权重视而荣获此项殊荣,不仅体现了伊顿公司优秀的创新能力,更 视程度最高、申请创新专利达到 100 件以上以及在过去 5 年表明了外界对伊顿公司创新工作的极大认可。 内专利被引用次数最多,这四个方面全面衡量候选公司的创新 能力。荣登此榜单的还包括美国应用材料公司,微软,苹果公伊顿公司执行副总裁兼首席技术官 Lennart Jonsson 表示, “创 司,巴斯夫,波音,3M 和佳能等世界著名企业。新并非易事,它需要我们挑战现状,并试图找出未来的发展趋势,有时甚至还会涉及到诸多高风险的投资。尽管如此,我们 汤姆森路透知识产权解决方案部总裁大卫 · 布朗表示 : “无论仍然矢志不渝,努力开拓新途径,为我们的客户提供安全、可 是对企业还是国家,创新都已经成为实现经济增长、促进社会靠、高效、可持续的动力管理解决方案。” 繁荣的重要途径。我们相信创新能够带领企业克服低迷的经济 环境,在众多竞争对手中脱颖而出,且更具竞争优势。我们向目前,伊顿在全球拥有近 9,000 项专利技术和产品,其中仅 这 100 家公司致敬,更向这些公司里致力于培养创新精神、保2011 年就获得了 750 多项专利。伊顿公司的专利产品包括伊 护知识产权资产的领导们致敬。”顿 9395 不间断电源、TVS® 增压器、UltraShift® PLUS 变速箱,以及来自各个业务部门的更多产品。 据汤姆森路透全球创新企业 100 强项目报告显示,上榜的 100 家公司 2010 年市值加权营收集体提升了近 13%,比标准普尔近年来,卓越的创新能力还为伊顿公司在中国及世界范围内夺 500 指数成分股公司的营收多出近 6%,研发支出也比其高出得了多个奖项,包括 2010 年由《汽车与配件》杂志颁发的“汽 一倍多,其中 74% 的上市公司股价上涨。车零部件低碳经济和谐社会技术进步创新奖”、2008 年凭借其在运输领域所创造出的可持续创新和先进技术而获得的由美国04 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 7. 伊顿荣登“2011 全球 100 大最具创新力公司”榜单 Eaton is in the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Innovators List.Eaton Recognized for Leadership in Global InnovationEaton Corporation has been named a Thomson Reuters 2011 “Innovation is a means of growth and prosperity forTop 100 Global Innovator for its achievements as one of the companies and nations struggling to overcome sluggishworld’s most innovative companies. The program identifies economies and achieve competitive advantage, said ”businesses that invent on a significant scale, are working on David Brown, president of the IP Solutions business ofdevelopments acknowledged as innovative by patent offices Thomson Reuters. “We salute the Thomson Reuters 2011across the world, and have inventions that require global Top 100 Global Innovator companies and their leaders forprotection. the innovative spirit they foster and their commitment to protecting intellectual assets.”“At Eaton, innovation is fundamental to our strategies forglobal growth, and we are pleased with this recognition, said ” According to Thomson Reuters, the 100 companies namedLennart Jonsson, Eaton executive vice president and chief to the global innovator list collectively increased weightedtechnology officer. “Innovation is not easy; it challenges the average revenue by nearly 13 percent in 2010, outperformingstatus quo, attempts to identify future trends and sometimes the increase in revenue for Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500involves higher-risk investments. But we are committed to Index companies by nearly six percent. They more thancontinually creating new ways to provide our customers with doubled the R&D spend of their S&P 500 counterparts, andsafe, reliable, efficient and sustainable power management nearly 74 percent of the publicly traded companies had ansolutions. ” increase in stock price in 2010. To view the full report on the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator program, visitEaton currently holds nearly 9,000 patents globally, more 750 granted during 2011. Eaton’s patented productsinclude the Eaton 9395 Uninterruptible Power Supply, TVS®Supercharger, UltraShift® PLUS transmission and many morefrom all business segments.
  • 8. BUSINESS 业务发展 SPOTLIGHT伊顿液压亮相 2011 亚洲动力传动与控制技术展伊顿公司旗下的液压集团近日亮相于 2011 亚洲动力传动与控 伊顿公司液压集团亚太区总裁肖逸达(Shyam Kambeyanda)制技术展(PTC ASIA 2011),以其尖端的产品和技术诠释伊顿 表示 : “一个世纪以来,伊顿公司始终以客户需求为导向,矢“全球商业动力之源”的内在价值。 志创新,为客户提供切实可靠的解决方案。伊顿液压拥有广泛 的产品线,能综合运用各种资源为客户量身定制全套解决方此次展会上,伊顿液压集团全线展出了其在工业应用领域和工 案,提供一站式服务。同时我们深入本土化研发和生产,具备程机械应用领域的全系列液压系统解决方案,其中包括工业应 快速的反应能力,能在第一时间帮助客户解决动力管理方面的用的折弯机、风电设备和注塑机三大细分应用平台的液压产品 难题。”和技术方案,以及工程机械应用领域的摊铺机、混凝土搅拌车和泵车、挖掘机、装载机和叉车等五大应用系统的解决方案。通过这些展示,伊顿显示了从产品技术厂商向综合解决方案提供商的转变的实力和决心。Eaton Hydraulics Shines at the 2011 PTC Asia FairEatons Hydraulics Group recently delivered an outstanding areas of paving machines, concrete mixer trucks and pumpperformance at the 2011 Asia Power Transmission and trucks, excavators, front end loaders, and forklifts. With itsHydraulics Fair (PTC Asia 2011) by showcasing its latest array of products on display at the show, Eaton revealed itscutting-edge products and technologies and demonstrating ability and determination to transform itself from a productthe value inherent in Eatons philosophy of "Powering technology vendor to a total solutions provider.Business Worldwide". As Shyam Kambeyanda, Eaton Corporations HydraulicsAt this year’s trade show, the Eaton Hydraulics Group Group regional president for the Asia-Pacific region, explains:displayed all of its hydraulic system solutions in the industrial "For more than a century, Eaton has consistently providedapplication and engineering machinery application areas. customers with ironclad solutions and maintained a needs-Some of the most notable items at the show included oriented, innovative attitude. Eaton Hydraulics possesses anhydraulic products and technical solutions in the three extensive product line, and can use its plentiful resources toareas of bending machines, wind power equipment, and provide customers with customized solutions and one-stopinjection molding machines. In the area of engineering service. In addition, our localized R&D and production givesmachinery, Eaton presented solutions in the five major us a fast-response capability, meaning that we are able to promptly assist customers to resolve power transmission management issues. ”06 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 9. 伊顿混合动力系统为全球客户降低碳足迹 累计行驶达 2 亿英里伊顿公司近日在美国马里兰州巴尔的摩举行的 2011 年度混合 者对我们混合动力技术的认可和接受。许多率先采用该技术的动力、电气及高效卡车用户国际论坛上宣布,配备其混合动力 用户又向我们订购卡车和公交车混合动力系统,更有大批新客系统的所有客户车辆目前已累计行驶里程逾两亿英里,降低柴 户开始体验我们成熟技术所带来的益处。”油消耗达 800 万加仑,并减少有害物质排放 8 万吨。 在过去的两年,伊顿公司在混合动力系统的发展取得了里程碑目前全球有 5500 多套伊顿混合动力系统应用于各类公交车、 式的进步。其客户遍布澳大利亚、比利时、加拿大、中国、埃及、校车、包裹递送车、饮料输送车、制冷运输车、垃圾回收车、 法国、德国、印度、日本、韩国、墨西哥、荷兰、波兰、卡塔多用途运载车和其它商业用途。伊顿混合动力系统和先进的动 尔、俄罗斯、新加坡、英国、美国等多个国家和地区。除油电力传动系统将按照美国运输部及环保署(EPA)新制定的 2014 混合动力系统,伊顿还从 2010 年秋季起实现了油压式混合动燃油和温室气体污染标准,为商用车制造商提供可靠实用的解 力系统的量产,该系统也叫做“伊顿液压辅助起动系统™”或决方案。伊顿将于 2012 年开始与车辆制造商合作以证明其技 “伊顿 HLA ®”。术符合新标准的要求。 伊顿混合动力系统能够降低 35% 的油耗和相近比率的尾气伊顿混合动力系统事业部总经理约翰 . 瑞特(John Ritter)表 排放,同时延长刹车系统寿命。此外,该系统还能降低多达示:伊顿在混合动力系统方面的领先地位正在不断扩大, “ 同时, 87% 的工作场地发动机怠速运行时间,大大降低运营成本,我们也看到了全球卡车和公交车制造商、车队的所有者和经营 更多信息请访问。Eaton Hybrid Systems Achieve 200 Million Miles of ServiceHarmful Emissions Reduced by 80,000 Metric Tons and 8 Million Gallons of Fuel SavedEaton Corporation announced at the Hybrid, Electric and fleet owners and operators, said John Ritter, vice president ”High Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) 2011 National and general manager of Eaton’s Hybrid Power SystemsConference in Baltimore, Md., that customers of its hybrid Division. “Many initial hybrid customers are returning tosystems have collectively accumulated more than 200 million place orders for trucks and buses, and a record number ofmiles of service, reducing diesel fuel consumption by 8 new customers are starting to step forward and experiencemillion gallons and harmful emissions by 80,000 metric tons. the benefits of our proven technology.”More than 5,500 of Eaton’s hybrid systems are in use The company set major hybrid systems milestones over thetoday worldwide on city buses, school buses, package past two years, delivering systems to global customers indelivery trucks, beverage delivery trucks, refrigerated Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany,delivery trucks, refuse and recycling trucks, utility vehicles India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar,and other commercial applications. Eatons hybrid Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Unitedsystems and advanced drivetrains will provide reliable and States. In addition to hybrid electric systems, Eaton beganpractical solutions for commercial vehicle manufactures to commercial production of its hybrid hydraulic system knowncomply with new U.S. Department of Transportation and as Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist™ or Eaton HLA® in the fallEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) fuel efficiency and of 2010.greenhouse gas pollution standards in 2014. Eaton will Benefits of the Eaton hybrid systems include fuel savingsbegin working with vehicle manufacturers in 2012 to certify up to 35 percent, with similar percentages in emissiontechnologies with the EPA to assist in complying with these reductions, extended brake life and idle time reductionsnew regulations. of up to 87 percent during work site operations. For more“Eaton’s leadership position in hybrid power systems is information on Eaton’s hybrid power systems, visit www.expanding, and we’re seeing global acceptance of hybrid among truck and bus manufacturers as well as Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 07
  • 10. 伊顿公司新版中文网站上线伊顿公司为其中国地区全新打造的中文网站(近日重装上线。改版后的网站观感更佳、功能更强,尤其是新添加的“伊顿可持续发展社区”版块,全面提升了客户对伊顿公司能源管理解决方案的体验。该中文网站对原有的内容进行了重新编排和整合,为客户提供更优质的线上线下服务,激发客户灵感、提升客户体验,帮助客户实现在中国的不断增长并获得成功。新增加的“伊顿可持续发展社区”以动态的方式向人们展示伊顿公司用于家庭、工作、道路、空中、水面等领域的节能产品。该版块选取了从办公室和厂房设施到太阳能发电场、城市景观、机场、水电站大 伊顿公司电气集团亚太区配电业务副总裁付睿珂表示 : “如今坝等 12 个人们最熟悉的场景,每个场景都再现了伊顿公司是 越来越多的客户期望通过互联网寻求解决方案,以应对那些来如何通过其可持续发展的产品帮助客户更高效、更安全地使用 自电气市场的最棘手的挑战。作为这一竞争激烈的市场的领导能源。 者,向客户提供一个用户友好型、信息量充足且能够在线互动新版中文网站融合了伊顿公司所有的业务,并整合了其在中 的网站对提升其满意度至关重要。此前,伊顿已经投资改善了国的能源解决方案。其中,新设计的伊顿电气集团中国网站 公司全球网站的可访问性和用户体验。现在,我们新版中文网(传达了其在中国的配电和控 站的发布再次彰显了伊顿公司帮助客户在中国市场实现增长并制、电源质量行业的领导地位,旨在改善客户在产品搜索和在 获得成功的承诺。这仅仅是个开始,我们还将对该网站进行持线互动方面的体验。 续改进和完善,以满足客户不断变化的需求。”Eaton Launches new China Web Site with Focus onEnergy-Efficient SolutionsEaton Corporation unveiled its new China Web site (www. to convey the leading position of Eaton’s Electrical with a new look-and-feel and Web feature in China’s power distribution, control and power qualityto improve customer experiences with Eaton’s power industry. It aims at improving customer experience inmanagement solutions. product search and online interaction with Eaton.Energy-efficient products for use at home, at work, on the “Today, more and more customers look to the internet toroad and more are showcased in the newly added Eaton seek solutions for their toughest electrical challenges. AsSustainable Community feature on the China site. Visitors a leading player in this competitive market, a user-friendly,to Eaton Sustainable Community can click through the informative and interactive web presence becomes crucialcompany’s most sustainable products in familiar applications. to customer satisfaction, said Eric Franks, vice president ”From office and plant facilities, to solar farms, cityscapes, of marketing, Eaton’s Electrical Sector - Asia Pacific. “Eatonairports and hydropower dams, each of the 12 scenes has invested to improve accessibility and user experiencepresents multiple Eaton sustainable products that help of our Web sites globally. The release of our new China Webcustomers use power more efficiently and safely. site does showcase Eaton’s commitment to helping our customers grow and succeed in the China market. This is justThe new China Web site provides complete access to all the beginning as the Web site will continuously be refined toof Eaton’s businesses with a focus on its energy-efficient meet customers’ evolving needs. ”solutions in China. The new Web site of Eaton’s ElectricalSector ( has been designed08 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 11. 伊顿 9390 成功护航第七届城市运动会第七届全国城市运动会在世界动感花园城市 -- 南昌成功落下帷 严格筛选中,伊顿 9390 系列产品以其体积小、功效高、操作幕,伊顿 9390 系列 UPS 为城运会奥林匹克中心场馆机房和 灵活等优势成功杀出重围,获得专家与招标方的一致认可,获转播室提供 UPS 供电保护,携手南昌,共同打造了一届成功 得了奥林匹克中心场馆机房及转播室的 UPS 供电项目。的绿色城市运动会。 针对南昌奥林匹克中心的实际承载使用环境和特点,伊顿本届城运会着力突出“红色英雄城、绿色七城会”的主题,作 9390 系列 UPS 采用了专利的热同步并机技术,不但有效地消为全新建设的南昌市城运会的主体育场,奥林匹克中心在设计 除了单点故障的隐患,而且还大大提高了并机系统的整体稳定与建设中运用了大量新技术、新工艺、新材料,不仅场馆建设 性和可靠性。同时,9390 通过 ABM 电池管理技术,对电池与设施设备力求环保和节俭,还充分兼顾赛时需要和赛后的长 进行间歇式的充放电管理和实时的状态监控,保证及时为奥林期使用。为了做到高标准定位、高水平设计、高质量建设、高 匹克中心工作人员提供电池组的工作和故障等关键性信息的实效能管理,努力打造一流的体育设施和比赛平台,七城会组委 时状态。“这些设计和技术特点对于奥林匹克中心来讲如同量会针对电源部分采用了公开招标的形式,组建专家团队对应标 身定做的一样,完全符合我们的要求和标准。”七城会组委会UPS 企业与产品进行了全面的、综合的评估筛选。在层层的 相关负责人如是说。Eaton 9390 Ensures Smooth Operations of the7th National Intercity GamesWhen the 7th National Intercity Games were held at the the unanimous approval of experts and the Organizinggarden city of Nanchang this year, Eatons 9390 UPS Committee and took home the contract for the Olympicensured that the equipment rooms at the Games Olympic Center equipment room and rebroadcast room UPS powerCenter venues and the rebroadcast room all received an supply project.uninterrupted power supply. Eaton worked hand-in-hand with To address the load use environment and characteristicsNanchang to make sure that the green Intercity Games were of the Nanchang Olympic Center, the Eaton 9390 seriessuccessful. UPS employed patented hot sync parallel technology,The theme of the Intercity Games was "Red Hero City, which not only bypasses the issue of point failures, but alsoGreen Games." The design and construction of Nanchangs greatly enhances overall system stability and reliability. Atmain Intercity Games venue and Olympic Center featured the same time, the 9390 uses ABM battery managementmany new technologies, new working methods, and new technology to perform intermittent battery charging andmaterials. The venues, facilities, and equipment were not discharging, and monitor battery status in real-time. Thisonly eco-friendly and energy-saving, but also met the needs ensures that personnel at the Olympic Center can receiveof the Games and long-term use after the culmination of critical information concerning battery module operationthe event. During this rigorous selection process, in spite of and malfunctions in real-time. "These design and technicalthe strong competition, Eatons 9390 series products were features are practically custom-made for the Olympic Center,"successful thanks to their compact size, high efficiency, and said the procurement committee chairman in approval, "andflexible operating capabilities. Eaton consequently received they completely meet our requirements and standards." Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 09
  • 12. GLOBAL 环球快讯 GLANCE Eaton Announces the Launch of its Most Competitively Priced伊顿宣布推出多袋式过滤器外 Multi-bag Filter Housing System壳系统 for High Volume Applications伊顿公司宣布推出最具价格竞争力且适用于大批量应用的多袋 Eaton Corporation announced the introduction of its most式过滤器外壳系统。PROLINE 100 ™系列过滤器外壳为非编 competitively priced multi-bag filter housing system for码容器,其额定压力为 100 PSI,可与标准 2 号尺寸的过滤袋 high volume applications. The PROLINE 100™ Series filter housings are 100 PSI rated, non-coded vessels for use with搭配使用。全新 HE 系列容器设计包含了弹簧式提升装置,可 standard #2 size filter bags. The new HE Series vessel design使容器盖完全保持平衡。SE 系列容器则采用了革命性的 QIC- offers a spring assisted lifting mechanism that balances theLOCK® 开启装置,可在最短的停机时间内快速简便地进入过 cover perfectly. The SE Series vessel offers the revolutionary滤室。 QIC-LOCK® opening mechanism for fast and easy access to the filter chamber with minimal downtime.伊顿过滤业务部总经理 Rick Jacobs 表示 : “我们需要对产品 “We need to continually look at our products to ensure进行持续关注,以确保其市场优势。这不仅意味着要在竞争中 they’re the best in the market, said Rick Jacobs, general ”处于领先地位,更意味着要竭尽所能帮助客户最为有效地利用 manager of Eaton’s Filtration business “Not only to ensure过滤工艺。” we stay ahead of the competition, but also to ensure we’re doing everything we can to help our customers get the most在开发 PROLINE 100 系列多袋式容器时,伊顿考虑了总体寿 out of their filtration processes. ”命周期成本及其在可持续性方面的表现。因此,该系列外壳只采用 304 不锈钢材质,以便在使用寿命结束后得到 100% Eaton’s development of the PROLINE 100 Series multi-bag vessel took into consideration the total life cycle costs as的回收利用。客户可通过伊顿过滤分销网络购买 PROLINE well as their commitment to sustainability. As a result, the100 ™系列,目前有 4 袋、6 袋、8 袋和 12 袋配置可供选择。 housings are only available in 304 stainless steel, which is 100 percent recyclable when service life is complete. Available作为行业的全球领导者,伊顿过滤业务致力于为液体 / 固体分 from Eaton’s filtration distribution network, the PROLINE离问题提供环保经济的解决方案,并改进客户在市政和工业 100™ Series is available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 bag configurations.用水、石油和天然气、化学物质、涂料和其他工业市场应用 Eatons Filtration business is a worldwide leader in中的工艺。伊顿拥有众多广泛认可的传统品牌,如 GAF Bag supplying environmentally friendly and economicalFilters、Hayward Filtration、Loeffler、Ronningen-Petter、 solutions for liquid/solid separation problems and enhancingWright-Austin、Internormen Technology 以 及 Begerow, 同 customers processes in municipal and industrial water,时也是这些品牌的制造商。伊顿过滤产品在世界范围内制造并 oil and gas, chemical, paint, and other industrial market销售,这得益于伊顿设在北美、南美、欧洲和亚太地区的办事 applications. Eaton is the owner and manufacturer of处以及遍布 100 多个国家的全球性代表和分销商渠道。欲了解 the widely recognized legacy brands of GAF Bag Filters, Hayward Filtration, Loeffler, Ronningen-Petter, Wright-更多信息,请访问 filtration。 Austin, Internormen Technology, and Begerow. Eaton filtration products are manufactured and sold worldwide through North and South American, European and Asia Pacific regional offices and an extensive global channel of representatives and distributors in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 13. 伊顿技术助力波音 787 首次商 Eaton Technology Helps Power业飞行 First Commercial Flight of 787 Dreamliner by ANA, Japan’s近日,波音 787 梦想客机由日本最大的航空公司全日空完成了首次商业飞行。多元化的工业产品制造商伊顿公司为该款机 Largest Airline型提供了一系列航空航天系统,为此次成功飞行保驾护航。 The systems and products of diversified industrial波音 787 梦想客机采用伊顿公司研发的创新材料与技术,极 manufacturer Eaton Corporation were part of the recent first commercial flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner by ANA.大地减轻了机身重量并提高了燃油效率,以中型机身尺寸实现了大型客机才有的优异性能。与同样大小的客机相比,波音 The more efficient 787 aircraft, which brings big-jet ranges to mid-787 的运营耗油量节省 20%。此外,伊顿的多样化产品组合 sized airplanes, features innovative materials and technologies developed by Eaton that contribute to the airplane’s reduced被广泛应用于波音 787 的各个子系统,其中制氮系统大大降 weight and improved fuel efficiency. The aircraft uses 20 percent低了油箱的易燃性。波音 787 是率先在基线设计中包含制氮 less fuel than similarly sized jets in operation.系统的商用客机。 “The first commercial flight is a major milestone for Eaton伊顿宇航集团总裁 Bradley J. Morton 表示 : “波音 787 的首次 and the entire 787 supplier team, said Bradley J. Morton, ”商业飞行对伊顿和所有波音 787 供应商团队来说是一个重要 president of Eaton’s Aerospace Group. “Technologies的里程碑。全日空以及其他航空公司开始将更多资金投入到下 developed by Eaton are helping usher in a new era of air travel as ANA and other airlines begin investing more in next-一代客机上,伊顿公司所开发的技术正在帮助人们迎来空中旅 generation aircraft. Eaton will continue working with Boeing行的新时代。我们将继续与波音公司携手合作,期冀在航空航 and the aerospace industry on further improvements in fuel天领域取得更多突破,通过进一步提高燃油效率,减轻机身重 efficiency, weight reduction and safety that will shape the量并确保各项安全措施,共同打造未来的空中旅行。” future of air travel. ” Eaton Agrees to Acquire Medium伊顿同意收购中压开关柜制造 Voltage Switchgear Manufacturer商 E.A. Pedersen 公司 E.A. Pedersen Company伊顿公司近日宣布同意收购 E.A. Pedersen 公司。该公司是中 Eaton Corporation announced it has agreed to acquire E.A.压开关柜制造商,产品主要用于电力行业。此项交易将根据惯 Pedersen Company, a manufacturer of medium voltage例成交条件进行。具体条款并未得到披露。 switchgear primarily for the electrical utilities industry. The deal is subject to customary closing conditions. Terms were notE.A. Pedersen 位于美国内布拉斯加州奥马哈市,旗下产品 disclosed.包括铁壳开关柜、电力控制模块和继电器控制面板。公司以 The Omaha, NE- based company’s products include metal-cladPedersen Power Products 为商号,雇员约 150 人。公司 2011 switchgear, power control buildings and relay control panels.年度的预期销售额约为 3700 万美元。 E.A. Pedersen does business as Pedersen Power Products and employs about 150 people. The company is expected to伊顿美洲地区电气集团配电业务总裁 Rich Stinson 表示 : “对 have 2011 sales of approximately $37 million.Pedersen Power Products 的收购将为美国市场增加重要的公用 “The acquisition of Pedersen Power Products will strengthen ”电力产品以及定制设计能力,从而加强伊顿的中压组件业务。 Eaton’s medium voltage assembly business by adding important utility-oriented power products and custom engineering capabilities for our U.S. markets, said Rich ” Stinson, Eaton’s president, Power Distribution, Electrical Sector for the Americas Region. Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 11
  • 14. 伊顿为巴拿马运河扩建工程提供支持 伊顿公司获得了价值 2700 万美元的三年期合同,为扩建后巴拿马运河大西洋 和太平洋两端间的电力分配和控制提供设备设计、电气组件和工程服务。此项 工作将与巴拿马运河扩建工程主承建方 Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC) 联 合体合作完成,该工程预计于 2014 年,即巴拿马运河通航 100 周年之际完工。 此次扩建将建设一套新的船闸来开辟一条新航道,从而使得运河的运力翻倍, 能够允许更多、更大的船舶通过。 扩建工程旨在提高运河的效率和安全性,确保巴拿马运河在运行一百年之后仍 保持经济竞争力。扩建工程完成后,运河可确保体积和吨位更大的船舶通行。 扩建的船闸将增加全水路航线,减少水陆运输产生的排放。 伊顿公司及 GUPC 的主管人员巡视巴 拿马运河扩建工程现场。 该工程还有助于保护和节约巴拿马运河流域的水资源。全新节水水池系统将改 Executives from Eaton Corporation 善水的使用效率,用水量较现有船闸下降 7%。此外,每次运输中 60% 的水 and GUPC tour the Panama Canal Expansion Project site. 将得到重复使用。 伊顿公司配电业务总裁 Rich Stinso 表示 : “巴拿马运河一直是人类智慧和全球 贸易的杰出象征,能有机会为提升巴拿马运河未来的效率和可行性出力,伊顿 公司深感荣幸。凭借我们行业领先的电力管理解决方案和产品,伊顿有把握确 保巴拿马运河未来在全球贸易中发挥重要作用。” 数十年来,伊顿一直是巴拿马运河配电产品和解决方案的供应商。新近签署的 合同旨在提升运河庞大配电系统的可靠性和电气安全性,是三年期规划、技术 审查和协作的巅峰。12 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 15. 伊顿公司从 GUPC 联合体获得三 年期合同,旨在提升巴拿马运河庞 大配电系统的可靠性和效率。 Ships pass through the Panama Canal. Eaton Corporation was awarded a three-year contract by GUPC aimed at enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the facility’s massive electrical distribution system.Eaton Wins $27 Million Electrical Contract to Support Design andConstruction of Third Set of Locks in Panama Canal Expansion ProgramProject Will Enhance Canal’s Energy Efficiency and Economic ViabilityEaton Corporation has been awarded a three-year, $27 The project will also help to protect and conserve the watermillion contract to provide the equipment design, electrical resources of the Panama Canal watershed. A new water-assemblies and engineering services for the distribution and saving basin system will improve water efficiency, utilizingcontrol of electrical power across the Atlantic and Pacific 7 percent less water than the existing locks. In addition, 60sites of the expanded Panama Canal. The work will be percent of the water will be recycled in each transit.conducted in conjunction with Grupo Unidos por el Canal, “The Panama Canal has always been a shining symbol ofSA (GUPC), the main contractor responsible for the Panama human ingenuity and global commerce, and Eaton is honoredCanal Expansion Program, which is scheduled for completion to be selected to help enhance its efficiency and viability forin 2014, the year of the 100th anniversary of the Canal’s the future, said Rich Stinson, president, Power Distribution ”opening. Operations, Eaton Corporation. “With our industry-leadingThe expansion will create a new lane of ship traffic through electrical power management solutions and products, Eatonthe Canal by constructing a new set of locks and will double is well positioned to help ensure that the Canal plays a keythe capacity of the Canal, allowing more and larger ships to role in global commerce for years to come. ”navigate through it. Eaton has a decades-long history as a provider of powerBy enhancing the Canal’s efficiency and safety, the distribution products and solutions to the Panama Canal.expansion project is aimed at ensuring the economic The latest contract, aimed at enhancing the reliabilitycompetitiveness of the Panama Canal as it enters its second and electrical safety for the facility’s massive electricalcentury of operation. The project will enable the Canal to distribution system, is the culmination of three years ofbetter accommodate vessel sizes for the routes it serves planning, technical reviews and collaboration.and to handle more tonnage. The expanded locks will providefor increased all-water routes, reducing emissions fromtransportation by land and water. Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 13
  • 16. EATON 伊顿产品 PRODUCT 伊顿十大电气创新改变你的世界 如果世界没有电,我们的生活将不堪设想伊顿公司的专家团队拥有丰富的各行业电源管理经验,每一天,他们都致力于提供定制化、集成化的解决方案,来帮助您解决最棘手的问题。百年以来,伊顿的十大电气创新,极大的改变了我们的世界,它们是 : 1. 3. 2. 4.安全第一 : 洁净且不间断的电源: 更精确的功率控制 : 环保的设计 :时刻关注安全用电。 提供优质的后备电源 提高能效,降低成本, 降低能耗,资源利用 保护。 提升可靠性。 更高效。北美地区居民住宅每年会发 为确保您的家用电脑、网络、 鉴于首款电动机自动起动器 上世纪二十年代,大多数人生约 90,000 次电气火灾,为 服务器、数据中心获得最优 和三相油绝缘电流接触器丰 都只是将绿色认为是一种颜防止此类悲剧的发生,伊顿 质的备用电源保护,伊顿充 富的专业开发经验,伊顿提 色的代表。而就在那时,伊率先推出了低成本的电路断 分利用之前累积的经验和知 供电机控制解决方案,有效 顿已敏锐地洞悉实现高能效流器技术,并为将其纳入电 识,此类知识已成功运用于 降低总拥有成本,显著提高 的机遇。为此,伊顿在克利气规范做出不俗的贡献。在 开发收款交流逆变器以及内 各工艺过程的运行效率。一 夫兰投资 100 万美元建设电工厂车间,一个弧闪事故可 置电池充电器和逆变器的商 个世纪前,作为市场上首家 站,储藏热能,并最大限度以造成比太阳表面热四倍的 用 UPS。伊顿推出业界效率 推出电动机自动起动器的企 地利用自然光能。今天,可温度。因此,在 2007 年,伊 最高的伊顿 9395 UPS,其额 业, 在 建 造 巴 拿 马 运 河 时, 持续性的发展理念已深深植 ®顿 推 出 了 FlashGard 。 作 为 定效率达到 99%,且是市场 伊顿自然成为了控制设备供 入伊顿的文化之中,成为伊业界一款先驱产品,MCC 马 上可靠性最高的 UPS,可以 应商。时至今日,伊顿仍在 顿每个举措的指导准则——达控制中心经过专门的功能 提供洁净的不间断电源。它 为巴拿马运河的重要扩建工 并不断深化扩展。美国能源设 计, 能 够 有 效 防 止 电 击、 是第一个荣获 SMaRT© 金牌 程提供先进设备和技术经验。 部已认可伊顿符合节能项目弧闪灼伤、爆炸等伤害。作 认证的优质电源产品。 管理的最高标准。现在,伊为行业的领先者,伊顿公司 顿是获得认证的节能服务公拥有 40 余项闪弧预防解决方 司(ESCO) 。2009 年正式揭案和工程服务团队,提供培 幕的位于中国上海的伊顿亚训和闪弧危害分析。 太区总部大楼,以绿色环保 为前提,荣获美国绿色建筑 LEED 金奖认证。14 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 17. 6. 8.5. 7.开创性的真空技术 : 值得信赖的保护 : 为电动汽车充电 : 优化的数据中心 :提供可靠的工业用和 为全球各类应用提供 燃料节能高效,建设更 提高数据中心的运行民用高压电。 先进的电路保护。 清洁、 更健康的地球环境。 效率与能效。大约在 80 年前,伊顿就率先 1923 年,伊顿开发出第一款 早 在 1976 年, 伊 顿 就 开 始 数据中心管理着业务运营所利用真空管控制强电,由此积 塑壳断路器,之后一直利用 研究替代电源的可行性方案, 必需的信息。伊顿运用以往累大量宝贵经验,现在,伊 该项出色的技术来保护电路, 参与电动汽车动力系统的开 累积的开发热量遏制系统的顿继续提供真空断续器和断路 确保家庭、办公楼以及复杂 发工作。如今,伊顿是全球 专利技术经验,通过优化空器,它们具有极长寿命,且免 的工业和商业流程的用电安 唯一一家同时拥有商用汽车 气流通,提高数据中心的整维修。伊顿在这一领域占有绝 全。例如,NRX® 系列低压断 电油混合动力系统和液压混 体运行效率与能效。过去十对优势,只要您在使用真空断 路器外形小巧,但具有出众 合 动 力 系 统 技 术 的 生 产 商, 年间,数据中心规模扩容迅路技术,它就很有可能是业界 的性能。伊顿断路器,提供 并为商用和民用电动汽车提 猛,因而对设备制冷系统提领先的伊顿解决方案。 您值得信赖的可靠保护。 供 充 电 基 础 架 构 解 决 方 案。 出更加严苛的要求。伊顿设 伊顿与加拿大的电力公司合 计坚固的机箱和气流管理产 作,提供最新电动汽车技术。 品系列、业界领先的 UPS 和 而且,伊顿也已在全美供应 配电解决方案,能够有效化 汽车充电桩并为其提供支持。 解数据中心的能效挑战。 10. 9.精益的连接系统 : 可再生能源 :转变 OEM 的生产方式。 缔造更美好的未来。凭借功能强大的操作界面平台和带来革命性变化的 随着各国推进现代化经济的发展步伐,我们对于能源的需求也SmartWire-DT ™解决方案——首款连接电气组件的联网控制 在迅猛增长,预计到 2030 年,电力消耗量将翻上一番。伊顿系统,伊顿推出了新一代连接功能,支持远程智能管理,简化 出众的配电和控电设备正在使风力发电、太阳能发电和智能电了布线,减少了试运行和测试工序。不仅如此,伊顿还集成了 网解决方案成为现实。伊顿即将为新墨西哥州 VA 医疗系统交电气和液压系统,提供全方位的解决方案,以更准确地速度控 付一个 3.2 兆瓦太阳能发电系统交钥匙工程——这将是该州最制,更可靠的性能表现,来全面控制机械轴承的移动。 大的一个太阳能发电系统。丰富的动力管理经验、强大的服务 机构网络,以及卓尔不凡的太阳能发电系统设计与安装能力, 是伊顿得以中选的原因。 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 15
  • 18. EATON 伊顿产品 PRODUCT A Day Without Power Is Practically Unthinkable At Eaton, we are working hard to keep it that way.For 100 years, Eaton has pioneered industry-leading technologies to become a clear leader in electrical power management—integrating the competencies and equities of some of the world’s most respected names. The result is a brand you can trustto meet every power management need. Every day, Eaton recommits itself to ensuring that reliable, efficient and safe poweris available when it’s needed most. 1. 3. 2. 4.Safety first: Clean, uninterrupted Accurate power Sustainable by design:Delivering innovation to power: control: Reducing energyimprove electrical safety Providing the highest Advancing energy consumption towhere you live, work quality backup power efficiency, reducing costs use resources moreand play. protection. and improving system effectively.To help prevent the 90,000 To deliver the highest quality reliability. In 1920, most people thoughtresidential electrical fires that backup power protection for Eaton is building on the green was just a color. Evenoccur in North America each your home computer, network, expertise that enabled then, Eaton saw opportunitiesyear, Eaton pioneered affordable server and data center, Eaton development of the first for efficiency. The result? Acircuit interrupter technology is applying the knowledge that automatic motor starter and $1 million plant in Clevelandand helped incorporate it into developed the first AC power threephase, oil-insulated designed to conserve heat andelectrical codes. In a plant, an inverter and commercial UPS contactor to deliver motor maximize natural light. Today,arc flash event can generate combining battery chargers control that lowers total cost sustainability is integral totemperatures that are four times and inverters. To keep clean, of ownership and enables Eatons culture and guides everythat of the sun. In 2007 Eaton , uninterrupted power flowing, processes to run more action taken-a commitmentintroduced the FlashGard Motor Eaton delivers the industrys efficiently. Bringing the first that extends far beyond its ownControl Center-an industry first- most efficient UPS-the Eaton automatic motor starter to facilities. The Department ofwith features engineered to help 9395 boasts a 99% efficiency market made Eaton the natural Energy recognized Eaton forprevent injuries from electric rating and the highest reliability choice to provide the control meeting the highest standardsshock, arc flash burns and arc on the market. It is the first equipment used to build the in managing energy-savingblasts. Eaton leads the way power-quality product to receive Panama Canal a century ago. performance projects. Today,with over 40 arc flash prevention SMaRT Gold certification. Today, Eaton is providing the Eaton is a certified energysolutions and engineering sophisticated equipment and services company (ESCO).services teams that provide expertise for major Panamatraining and arc flash hazard Canal upgrades.analysis.16 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 19. 6. 8.5. 7.Groundbreaking Protection you can Powering electric Optimizing datavaccum technology: count on: vehicles: centers:Reliably switching Pioneering circuit Fueling energy efficiency Improving the operationhigh stress currents in protection for global for a cleaner, healthier and energy efficiency ofindustrial and utility applications. environment. data centers.applications. Eaton is applying the expertise Back in 1976, Eaton started Data centers manage theEaton is leveraging the used to develop the first studying the viability of alternative information that keeps businessengineering expertise that molded case circuit breaker in power sources and became running. Eaton is applying thepioneered the use of vacuum 1923 to protect the circuits that involved in the development expertise that developed atubes to control heavy maintain the electrical safety of power systems for electric patented heat containmentcurrents nearly 80 years ago of our homes, offices buildings cars. Today, Eaton is the only system to optimize airflow andby continuing to offer vacuum and complex industrial and company to offer hybrid-electric improve the overall operationinterrupters and circuit breakers commercial processes. For and two hybrid hydraulic system and energy efficiency of datawith long mechanical and instance, the Series NRX low technologies for commercial centers. Over the last decade,maintenance-free lives. Chances voltage power circuit breaker vehicles, as well as an electric there has been an initiativeare, if you are using vacuum delivers the performance of vehicle charging infrastructure for to increase data centerinterrupting technology, you may a power circuit breaker in the commercial and residential use. In capacity, which often taxesalready be relying on industry- compact size of a molded case Canada, Eaton is partnering with equipment cooling systems.leading Eaton solutions. breaker. Depend on Eaton circuit utilities to bring electric vehicle Eatons robust enclosure and breakers to deliver protection technology to the forefront. airflow management portfolio, you can count on. And, Eaton is already supplying industry-leading UPS and power and supporting vehicle charging distribution solutions meet the stations across the United States. challenges of data center energy efficiency. 10. 9.Lean connectivity: Renewable energy:Transforming the way OEMs build machinery. Powering a brighter tomorrow.With a powerful operator interface platform and the game-changing Our collective energy appetite is rapidly increasing as nationsSmartWire-DT solution-the first networking control system to modernize and economies evolve. Electrical energy consumption isconnect power components-Eaton is delivering the next generation projected to double by 2030. Eatons core competencies in electricalof connectivity to enable remote intelligence, simplify wiring and power distribution and control equipment are bringing wind, solar andreduce commissioning and testing. Taking things even further, Eaton smart grid solutions to life today. Soon, Eaton will deliver a turnkey 3.2is also integrating electrical and hydraulic systems to deliver a total megawatt solar power system- the largest in the state-for the Newsolution to provide more accurate speed control and more reliable Mexico VA Health Care System. Eaton was chosen for its electricalperformance for full control of machine axis movement. power management expertise, a robust service organization and solar power system design and installation competencies. Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 17
  • 20. EATON 伊顿奖项 AWARD 伊顿《2010 年中国可持续发展报告》获“金蜜蜂 2011 优秀企业社会责任报告 • 外商及港澳台企业”殊荣 Eaton in China 2010 Sustainability Report is honored as “Excellent CSR Report in China”. Eaton Recognized for Corporate伊顿公司再添两项企业 Citizenship and Sustainability社会责任殊荣 Excellence in China伊顿公司日前凭借其在可持续发展报告和企业社会责任方面的 Eaton Corporation announced that it has received two杰出表现斩获两项殊荣。伊顿公司《2010 年中国可持续发展 awards for its efforts in sustainability reporting and corporate报告》因其详实的内容和高度的行业借鉴性荣获由《WTO 经 citizenship in China. The awards were presented in Beijing in December.济导刊》和中国可持续发展工商理事会授予的“金蜜蜂 2011优秀企业社会责任报告 • 外商及港澳台企业”称号。同时,伊 The China Business Council for Sustainable Development顿连续三年荣登由中国社会工作协会企业公民委员会揭晓的 (CBCSD) and China WTO Tribune magazine jointly honored Eaton along with five other multinationals for releasing an“中国优秀企业公民”榜单,以表彰其在履行企业公民责任方 “Excellent CSR Report in China” to disclose their corporate面所作出的突出贡献。 responsibility results for 2010. The award is based on a comprehensive CSR reporting assessment system,伊顿中国区总裁尚尔兵博士表示 : “我们很荣幸能得到在可持 which aims to analyze and assess CSR reports from their续发展领域的认可。可持续发展是我们开展业务的坚实基础和 integrity, reliability, readability, comparability, creativity and方式。我们从 2008 年开始每年对外发布《中国可持续发展报 sustainability.告》,介绍公司在该领域的重要成果,展示伊顿为实现在中国 In addition, the China Corporate Citizenship Committee市场的可持续发展所提供的广泛的创新环保技术,合作和投资 recognized Eaton as an “Excellent Corporate Citizen in项目等。我们将责无旁贷继续担负起一个有道德的企业公民的 China” for the third consecutive year. Eaton joined the ranks责任,努力为我们工作和生活所在的社区作出应有的贡献。” of other 52 international and local companies in a two-month screening process conducted by a leading expert judge“金蜜蜂 2011 优秀企业社会责任报告”获奖名单在第四届中国 panel.企业社会责任报告国际研讨会上揭晓。此次优秀企业社会责任 “We feel honored to receive the awards which recognize报告奖项共设七大类,包括领袖型企业、成长型企业、外商及 Eaton’s efforts in sustainability in China, said Erbing ”港澳台企业、专项奖、创新报告奖、长青奖和特别贡献奖。和 Shang, Eaton’s president, China. “Sustainability is the伊顿共同获得“外商及港澳台企业优秀企业社会责任报告”的 foundation for how we operate our business. We’ve issued企业有五家外资企业。此外,经过历时两个多月严格的专家评 our China sustainability report since 2008, offering an审,伊顿和 50 多家国内外企业从上百家候选单位中脱颖而出, inside perspective on the wide array of innovative Eaton获得“优秀企业公民”称号。 technologies, partnerships and investments that are helping to build a sustainable future for the Chinese market. We will continue to shoulder our responsibility as an ethical corporate citizen and strive to contribute to communities where we live and work. ”18 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 21. WE 伊顿关爱 CARE2011 年伊顿企业社会责任活动一览2011 Eaton CSR activities伊顿是所在社区的一员,无论走到哪里,伊顿都不忘传播参与社区建设的文化。社区参与已经融入各地伊顿业务卓越标准评估中。2011 年伊顿中国同样在致力于不断改善我们所在工作和生活的社区。1 月 伊顿联合上海师范大学教育发展 3 月 伊顿各部门的环保志愿者共 30 5 月 伊 顿 中 国 筹 集 员 工 善 款 32000 9 月 伊顿液压大中华区的员工爱心捐基金会,连续七年资助上师大 - 伊顿 人参与了上海市环城绿带的植树活 元,用以帮助因强震所引发核辐射危 助重庆白鹤林小学图书馆。中西部教育发展项目。 动,并认建了约 500 平方米的“世博 机的日本民众。 绿色出行林” 。 Employees of Eaton HydraulicsEaton sponsored the educational Eaton has raised RMB32000 of business group helped kids inprogram in Shanghai Normal Eaton employees planted trees in donations for the rescue works in Chongqing to build up the schoolUniversity for the 7 consecutive the greenbelt that Eaton adopted Japanese earthquake in March. library.years. in the outskirts of Shanghai.10 月 伊顿公司志愿者来到浦东联合 10 月 来自总部和上海的 3 家工厂共 11 月 伊顿深圳工厂的员工徒步 15 公 12 月 伊顿公司亚太区管理高层亲赴双语幼托园,为外来务工子女贡献爱 计 150 人参加了慈善长跑,筹集资金 里,向民众倡导健康生活的理念。 上海闵行区为平吉小学的孩子开展低心。 资助流浪儿童的健康发展。 碳教育。 Eaton employees in Shenzhen didEaton volunteers offered support Over 100 Eaton volunteers in the 15km hiking to advocate the Eaton AP Leadership initiatesto the kids of migrant workers. Shanghai participated the running healthy lifestyle. environmental education program race in support of migrant for kids. children. Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 19
  • 22. MEDIA 媒体报道 COVERAGE 经济日报 2011 年 10 月 22 日 百年老店的创新法宝—访伊顿公司董事长兼首席执行官柯仁杰 Eaton will celebrate its 100th anniversary. During an interview, Alexander M. Cutler, Eaton chairman and chief executive officer, introduces Eatons development strategy. (Economic Daily)20 Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯
  • 23. 汽车与配件 2011 年 11 月 1 日伊顿扩大中国采购—访伊顿供应链管理高级副总裁 Craig ReedEaton held its Asia Pacific suppliers conference inShanghai. Craig Reed, senior vice president of supply chainmanagement for Eaton, introduced Eatons strategic goal forsupply chain management. ( Automobile & Parts)登陆 关于我们 / 新闻中心 / 媒体报道 /index.htm 阅读更多媒体报道。For more media reports, please go to 关于我们 / 新闻中心 / 媒体报道 /index.htm Eyes on China 伊顿中国通讯 21
  • 24. PoweringBusinessWorldwide 2011 年 12 月 编辑 Editorial Team 2011 December 肖丹 Vivian Xiao Q4 Issue 林燕云 Rachel Lin 伊顿 ( 中国 ) 投资有限公司 Corporate Communications, Greater China 企业传播部 Eaton Corporation 上海市长宁区 No. 3 Lane 280 LinHong Road 临虹路 280 弄 3 号 (200335) Shanghai 200335, China 电话 : (8621) 5200 0099 Tel: (86-21) 5200 0099 传真 : (8621) 5200 0500 Fax: (86-21) 5200 0500 电邮 : Email: 网站 : Website: