Nelson Mandela by Kevin Lam


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Nelson Mandela by Kevin Lam

  1. 1. Leader BiographyNelson MandelaKevin Lam, WG13Spring 2013MGMT 671: Total Leadership
  2. 2. Who is Mandela?Father of the Nation an anti-apartheid activist, revolutionary and politician, served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 received international acclaim for his anti-apartheid stance, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize a man who endured isolation in prison, heart-breaking divorces, and personal loss while balancing the demands ofloving both his family and his political work
  3. 3. Life of Mandelaa Rainbow Nation Vision born to the a royal family in 1918, became involved in anti-colonial politics while at university a founding member of ANC’s Youth League, advocated armed struggle as peaceful effort failed sentenced to life imprisonment in the Robben Island prison in 1962, released 27 years later upon international pressure since retirement in 1999 his focus turned to charitable work in combating poverty and HIV/AIDSWork
  4. 4. Mandela’s touch pointThe Prison Years“Before I went to jail, I was active in politics as a member of South Africas leading organization and I was generally busyfrom 7 A.M. until midnight. I never had time to sit and think. As I worked, physical and mental fatigue set in and I wasunable to operate to the maximum of my intellectual ability. But in a single cell in prison, I had time to think. I had a clearview of my past and present, and I found that my past left much to be desired, both in regard to my relations with otherhumans and in developing personal worth.”Self
  5. 5. Total Leadership challengesBeing a Father to his family married three times and has fathered six children first marriage with Evelyn Mase ended in 13 years, given his constant absences and devotion to revolutionary agitation physically apart with second wife, Winnie Madikizela, as he went to prison when first daughter was 18 months old not was permitted to attend his childs funeral when oldest son, Thembi, was killed in a car crash in 1969Family
  6. 6. Giving BackNelson Mandela’s Children Fund love for children – partly due to that fact that he missed seeing them for three decades, especially his own vision to help the poor out of poverty sparked his many philanthropic initiatives after retirement primary commitments has been to the fight against AIDS Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund help individuals from birth to age 22, particularly orphans, of the AIDS crisisCommunity
  7. 7. Lessons LearnedTop Quotes of Mandela“There is no passion tobe found playing small –in settling for a life that isless than the one you arecapable of living.”“The greatest glory inliving lies not in neverfalling, but in rising everytime we fall.”“Education is the mostpowerful weapon whichyou can use to changethe world.”“I am confident thatnobody... will accuse meof selfishness if I ask tospend time, while I amstill in good health, withmy family, my friendsand also with myself.”Work SelfFamilyCommunity