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Are you dreaming of becoming a superhero, with the likes of Superman, Batman and others? Well, here’s good news for you. You can now feel being one by wearing superhero t-shirts. Get access to different designs of superhero t-shirts! Log on to

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Superhero T shirts

  1. 1. Superhero T shirtsThe Best Superhero ShirtsSuper Hero T Shirts - A Look at 5 Awesome Looking Batman T ShirtsSuperhero T Shirts - 3 Awesome Superman Tee Shirts For AnyBudding Clark KentHalloween Superhero CostumeCustom T-Shirts
  2. 2. The Best Superhero ShirtsA look up into the heavens- its a bird, or maybe a plan! But is super you! This hasbeen perhaps every persons childhood dream. A lot of people these days, whether kidsor adults, still wish they were super heroes with super powers ready to save the worldfrom the evil forces. You can always dress up like your all time super hero character butyou have to be a really big fan to do something like that and not a lot of people can pulloff that spandex. Lucky for superhero fanatics these days, people are now able torepresent their favorite cartoon characters by wearing merchandises such as tee shirts,bags and etc.Marvel superhero shirts and gift collections feature some of the popular comic booksuperheroes that even the adults have come to know and love. Batman, Superman, X-men, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk are among the famous charactersimprinted on tee shirt merchandises.Superman initially appeared in Action Comics publication dated June 1938 and eversince that time this classic superhero character has appeared in various forms of mediasuch as books, comics, radio and television. However, it was actually in the film formatthat the awesome Man of Steel became a public icon known to many. Superman teeshirts most famous incarnation is the Superman logo shirt worn underneath polo shirtsthat give the bearer a Clark Kent look at the time when is about t change into hissuperhero costume and save the day.Apart from the Superman apparel, the next best known superhero shirt collections areBatman t- shirts. This caped phantom crusader was created by Bob Kane and had hisfirst appearance in Detective Comics dated way back May 1939. It was the year after,that Batman soon gained his very own comic book and became one of the best lovedsuperhero characters of all time.
  3. 3. The Batman vintage shirt features the classic Batman logo. It is usually made up of ablack shirt with that popular yellow bat logo that has been distressed for that authenticvintage look. This is one great, simple and classic design that will go well when matchedwith even an ordinary pair of jeans. The Batman flames shirt on the other hand featuresthe classic logo alight in bold blue flames.If you are looking for some of the hottest fashion trends today, then super hero shirtsare awesome picks that will never let you fall out of place.To learn more about super hero shirts and batman t-shirts tips, visit our site and blog at Source: Source: Hero T Shirts - A Look at 5 AwesomeLooking Batman T ShirtsApart from Superman apparel, perhaps the best known of all types of super hero t shirtsare DC Comics Batman t shirts. The Caped Crusader was co-created by artist BobKane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics No. 27, in May 1939.A year later, the character gained his own comic book, Batman, and soon became oneof the most popular super heroes around.Batman lives in the fictional town of Gotham City and is assisted in his crime fighting byvarious characters, including his sidekick Robin, his butler Alfred and fellow super hero,Batgirl. However, it is the huge assortment of villains, including the Joker, the Penguin,the Riddler and Cat Women, which have helped catapult Batmans popularity.
  4. 4. Of the myriad of Batman t shirts currently on sale, there are a few special ones thatstand out from the crowd. Below are five of my personal favorites, which every DarkKnight fanatic should definitely take the time to check out.Batman Vintage T-shirtThe Vintage tee shirt is a variation on the classic Batman logo. It consists of a blackshirt with the familiar yellow bat logo, which has been distressed in order to give it avintage look. This is a great looking, simple design, which will go great together with apair of jeans.Batman Flames T-shirtThese Caped Crusader super hero t shirts are another to feature the classic bat logo.This time the logo is alight in blue flames. This is another great variation of the classicBatman design, with a color combination that goes great with a pair of light coloredpants.Batman Cloudy Signal T-ShirtInstead of using the logo, these Batman t shirts are based around the Bat signal in thesky. Made from a super soft material, giving a pre-washed feel, the black shirts have asmoke effect over the Bat signal, which works really well.Dark Knight Eye Card Joker T-shirtThe next shirt on the list is the only one that does not feature Batman himself, butinstead one of his archenemies, the Joker. Of course, this is the Joker as portrayed bythe late Heath Ledger, who is featured on a black shirt holding a Batman playing cardup to his eye. These shirts are a wonderful tribute to perhaps the best ever Joker.Batman Belt Costume T-shirt
  5. 5. I have saved my personal favorite to the end, which is an officially licensed Batman t-shirt made by Junk Food apparel, and which can only be described as being halfcostume, half tee shirt. These novelty Batman t shirts appear to include Batmans greytop, blue pants and his utility belt and really are great fun to wear.So where can you buy all of these super hero t shirts?The Batman T Shirts section of the Lousy Tee Shirts website includes all of the superhero t shirts featured in this article and more.A Word Or Two About The AuthorDan Fresh regularly writes for the popular website.Article Source: Source: T Shirts - 3 Awesome SupermanTee Shirts For Any Budding Clark KentSuperhero t shirts have always been one of the most popular genre of t-shirts out there,whether they be based on our heroes from Marvel Comics or DC Comics. However,without doubt the most famous of all superhero t shirts are the Superman tee shirts fromDC Comics.
  6. 6. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1, in June 1938, and since that time hasbeen at the forefront of the the superhero genre appearing in all forms of media,including comics, radio, books and television. However, it was in film format that TheMan of Steel became an icon to the general public.In 1978, Superman - The Movie, and its sequel Superman II (1981), became two of themost successful feature films of their time. They also made their star, ChristopherReeve, a household name overnight. Since that time, Superman merchandise and inparticular Superman tee shirts have become big business.The Superman tee shirts most popular incarnation is of course the Superman shieldlogo t-shirt, which when worn underneath a shirt gives the wearer a certain Clark Kentlook at the moment he is about to transform into the superheros costume.Below are my three favorite examples of the shield logo t-shirt, which are just perfect forany budding Clark Kent out there.War Torn ShieldThis is a black tee shirt with a red S on a white shield, which has a burnt war torn look toit. The burnt S shield looks as though you have just been rescuing a burning train full ofcommuters, or something equally as heroic.The War Torn Shield t-shirt goes great with a light colored pair of pants, such as a pairof chinos or white jeans, and comes in sizes S through to XXXL.60s Type ShieldThis is a coffee coloured tee shirt with an orange shield that has been given adistressed look for that totally retro 60s style.
  7. 7. The 60s Type Shield t-shirt has a great casual look to it and goes just great with a stonewashed pair of jeans and some sneakers. Again, this cool looking t-shirt comes in sizesS through to XXXL.Retro Logo DistressedMy personal favorite version of these types of Superman tee shirts has got to be theretro logo distressed look. This authentic DC Comics t-shirt is a wonderful royal bluecolor with the classic red S on a yellow background. Of course, this variant of the t-shirtis best worn under a shirt, tie and suit.So where can you buy all of these awesome superman tee shirts?The Superman Tee Shirts section of the Lousy Tee Shirts website features all of thesuperhero t shirts featured in this article and more.A Word Or Two About The AuthorDan Fresh regularly writes for the popular website.Article Source: Source: Superhero CostumeOne of the most popular costume to wear during Halloween is a superhero costume.Many superhero costumes have been a big hit among trick-or-treaters, but which havebeen the most popular?
  8. 8. Even those who dont like superheroes enjoy wearing a superhero costume. Of coursethe most popular mainstream superheroes are the common costumes that are worn.But other superheroes who have many die-hard fans also have found their way into theOctober celebration.Superman - Even if youve never read a comic book or seen a superhero movie in yourlife, youve heard of, and probably like Superman at least a little bit. There have beensome good Superman costumes, and there have been some bad ones. The Supermancostumes with the fake muscles are going a little overboard, but they sure help outthose of us who have a smaller frame. Like several other superhero costumes, youmight want to think twice about wearing it since its basically full-body underwear.Batman - This is similar to the previous costume (unless you have a very elaborate andexpensive Christian Bale version), but you can add some flavor to it by wearing someaccessories. Theres lots of variations of the Batman utility belt, and you can choosewhether or not to wear the bat gauntlets.Iron Man - This obviously has not been as popular until just recently. Some of the IronMan costumes that came out just after the first movie were pretty pathetic-looking, butthe Halloween 2010 version have improved a lot. There are some that actually lookmetallic and have great-looking helmets like the one Robert Downy, Jr. wears in themovies. Others are based more on the comic book and TV show versions of the suit. Itstough to go wrong with this superhero costume.Spider-Man - This may actually be the most popular superhero costume to date. Most ofthe variations are pretty similar, with differences existing usually only in the presence offake muscles and how big the eye-holes are. The coolest version is the black symbiotecostume.Wonder Woman - This is by far the most popular female superhero costume. Some area little more revealing than others, but most of these are pretty much the same.
  9. 9. There are other costumes that youd think would be a little more popular due to their bigscreen appearance. The X-Men dont wear costumes in the movies that would makethem recognizable by those who arent superhero fans. Some comic book/TV showWolverine costumes are around, but theres a reason he didnt wear that version in themovies. Punisher doesnt have much more than a skull t-shirt, and there isnt aDaredevil costume available for purchase. Fans are left to making their own costumesbased on these characters.A few superhero costumes that should get some more sales soon are Thor, GreenLantern, and Captain America. Lets hope whichever companies sell them make themaccurate.Written by Jack Stewart, member of the Superhero Legacy team. Like superheroes?Click on the following link to find more: Superhero LegacyArticle Source: Source: T-ShirtsThe two basic things that differentiate between the Homo Sapiens and the brutes arecommunication and clothing. As the animal species have some fair advancement incase of the former, it is clothing that is a distinct feature of the human race. Clothing hasbeen a matter of identity, pride, fashion and competition. Clothes have always beenmuch more than just a method to cover the body. Clothes are a statement of personalityand culture. They depict who you actually are. After awakening from the slumber ofuncomfortable, over the board fashion, the world finally realized that fashion andcomfort are kins that cannot be separated.
  10. 10. With the advent of T-shits, the term fashion had a whole new definition. T-shirts andcustom T-shirts became an instant rage. Nothing more comfortable, easy, versatile andstylish was known to the fashion industry. Every person whether rich or poor, a stylevictim or a person with "devil may care" attitude found T-shirts interesting, easy andaffordable. The T-shirt you choose can be of $500 or $5 depending on how much youchoose to spend. You can get the T-shirt that you just imagined as no other garmentoffers more scope for customization. You can even wear your picture on your T-shirt.Some may call the advancement in technology a progressive curse but it sure has sidesto it that are no less than a boon. Technology now allows you to wear your face on yourgarment. Or for that matter any face, any text, any design, logo, pattern you wish to.You can design your T-shirt as you like it. You can customize your T-shirts to your ownfancy and satisfaction. Personalized sweatshirts and personalized T-shirts arebecoming a hot trend with all age groups. T-shirts with quotes are immensely popularwith the adolescents as with the septuagenarians. Your quote can tell as much aboutyour attitude as your own sentences. T-shirt quotes can be hilariously funny so as toraise a laugh or subtle just to leave a smile lingering over the readers face. They canalso be witty and can engage people in thoughts to last longer than they anticipated.Bizarrely enough at times a T-shirt quote can be a source of a ridiculously longdiscussion.Another favorite for custom T-shirt are pictures of cartoon characters and super heroes.Cartoon characters are extremely popular-among kids because they love nothing elsebetter and among adults as they carry along sweet reminiscence of childhood.Superheroes T-shirts have never failed to create a buzz in the apparel industry forreasons too well known to mention!For More details visit: is a provider of custom t-shirts, custom bags, designer polo shirts, hoodedsweatshirts, customize t-shirts and personalized shirts. Whether you want a t-shirt for
  11. 11. yourself or an upcoming family reunion, or a community event; is theperfect fit for a single t-shirt or thousands!Article Source: Source: you dreaming of becoming a superhero, with the likes of Superman, Batman and others?Well, here’s good news for you. You can now feel being one by wearing superhero t-shirts. Getaccess to different designs of superhero t-shirts! Log on to