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Trancend|Orb - Building brands transcending business- Intro deck


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  • 1. Building Brands, Transcending Business
  • 2. why we do what we do We love coming to work every morning knowing that our ideas will make a difference, we will get to work on a new problem, meet new people in new industries and see how we can create memorable transformation for them . We love to see our Ideas Trancend Businesses , People and Quality of life
  • 3. Why clients see us • To develop powerful growth strategies for creating new brands or rejuvenating existing ones • To   • To   • To   • To   • To develop evocative brand names rationalize brand portfolios and create robust, enduring architecture systems create compelling and memorable visual brand identities enable employees and stakeholders to understand and live the brand provide companies with tools to manage their brands
  • 4. Who we are Trancend|Orb is a specialist brand consulting & design studio managed by professionals who help you in Transforming Ideas
  • 5. What we do
  • 6. Our methodology
  • 7. Partial list of our clients
  • 8. Strategy & Insight’s Clients
  • 9. Partial list of our Brand Naming Clients
  • 10. Your team
  • 11. Team Trancend|Orb Prathish Nair Prathish is our Chief Business Architect. He is a passionate advocate who believes in creating path-breaking ideas to develop a compelling brand solution and business growth. He likes to break the boundaries, spot the opportunities and build brand experiences to reflect the vision of the businesses behind the brands.   With over fifteen years' experience of brand building and consumer work in many sectors and categories including FMCG, Banking, Corporate, Retail and many more that include Canara Bank, Ceat Tyres, Uninor, India First Insurance, Bengaluru International Airport, Nirmal Clear Oil, FifthGear, Minera Steel , Mantri Developers, Coconad and many ore.   Before joining Trancend|Orb , Prathish was the Head of Client Development at Ray +Keshavan|The Brand Union and in prior to that as Head Marketing at a Shopper Marketing & Retail Consulting Firm.   He graduated from School of Management , Pondicherry with a Masters degree in Marketing Management and has recently attended the “Building innovative brand’s” executive program by Stanford University Graduate School of Business. During his college days he was part of the Times of India Response Team to develop institutional sales of the daily.   When not travelling to on business, Prathish loves to experiment mixing different cuisines, or discussing the merits of an innovative idea that can improve the quality of life & business with his friends.  
  • 12. Team Trancend|Orb Jayanth Govindraj Jayanth, our Chief Insights Officer helps brands take the right decision through thorough consumer insights. Passionate, perseverent and a perfectionist, Jayanth has taken brands from strength to strength over a career spanning 18 years, with a domain expertise in Branding, Advertising and Research across the WPP network, he has worked on diverse categories spanning Consumer Durables, Banking & Finance, Retail, Telecom, Airlines, FMCG and F&B, both in India and the Middle East.  Jayanth has an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication, but found his true calling in the world of Advertising and Branding. Prior to joining Trancend, Jayanth was Head of Strategic Planning for Young & Rubicam, both at Muscat as well as UAE. In these assignments, he has played a pivotal role in business acquisition and organic expansion. He is adept in building and handling proprietary Brand Management tools. Other aspects of his business excellence include Knowledge Management, Mentoring and Training. He has rendered learning sessions on Advertising, Marketing & Branding to several educational institutions in India and the Middle East.  Being a cultural planner, Jayanth specializes in ethnography, loves to observe people, their culture, their values; trying to find how brands can fit into their lives.  When not doing business Jayanth loves to immerse himself in books, films, social media, Vedas, Upanishads, Indian mythology, Yoga which feeds his mind for the next big insight. trend and cultural code. 
  • 13. Team Trancend|Orb Poornima Burte Poornima is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design with more than a decade of experience in the realm of strategic brand design. She has worked in the capacity of a design director with Ray+Keshavan/ The Brand Union on some of the largest corporate brands in this country. Her portfolio consists of brand identity implementation exercises for the Tata Group, Airtel, Nutrine, Himalaya, RelianceADAG, Bank of Baroda, L&T Infotech, ACC, Nasscom to name a few. Currently is consults with Pidilite Industries & Coca Cola. Poornima brings to the table a unique process of systems design that finds reflection in her work on large-scale corporate identity projects, packaging, signage and way-finding as well as design for print and electronic media.
  • 14. Team Trancend|Orb – Our Design Leads Kshitija Tendulkar Manasi Hardikar Neha Patharkar Priyanka Bhadri Rukhmini Bhatia
  • 15. Thank You Your contact at Trancend Prathish Nair +91 98451 78092