Articles of Total BountyWhy Choose WordPress as Your CMS?2011-11-01 06:11:35 Total BountyFor many years, WordPress has bec...
Why Wordpress CMS
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Why Wordpress CMS


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Wordpress functions both as blog and CMS. You can create a fully functional site and tweak it in any way you want it because it is open source. Read the rest of the article to learn more how Wordpress has become a preferred CMS of choice among web developers and site owners.

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Why Wordpress CMS

  1. 1. Articles of Total BountyWhy Choose WordPress as Your CMS?2011-11-01 06:11:35 Total BountyFor many years, WordPress has become a trusted tool in personal blogging and building corporatewebsites. It boasts itself for its ease of use and virtually unlimited customization opportunities along withall the compatible tools such as themes and plugins that extends the basic functionalities of WordPressas a blog and content management tool.WordPress as blog and websiteWordPress initially started as a blog and continues to function as such until today and more. It hasbecome as a blog tool of choice where creating blog posts, approving comments, and opening multipleaccounts with different level of permissions become painless.Today, WordPress is more than just blogging because it evolved to supporting a full blown website.Businesses make WordPress as content management system of their choice because they can integrateboth static corporate home page as well as the blog feature that is loved by search engine spiders that areconstantly looking for websites with fresh and useful content. If you’ve heard about the Panda update fromGoogle this would be another reason for you to intensify your effort to continuously make content on yourblog for spiders to crawl.WordPress as Content Management System (CMS)The Pages functionality of WordPress makes content management system possible. You can set acertain site as your static webpage as in corporate website with your blog inside the main page orsomewhere along the top or the side of its navigation page. Forgot to add another important page after thesite went live? No problem, simply add another page and stuff it with information you want to put.For people with no design skills one can take advantage of premium WordPress themes. Themes sell likehotcakes lately simply because many of today’s premium WordPress themes have great functionalitiesthat are not available in traditional WordPress designs especially when you had your site developed byindependent web designers.Premium WordPress themes worth mentioning are DIY themes, Elegant themes, Genesis, Iridium, Coda,Emporium, Standard Theme, Photon, Cinch, and many others.WordPress PluginsCoding skills is not necessarily needed when using WordPress but a little knowledge will surely come inhandy. Otherwise, you’ll do just fine.And as for functionality, the plugins are what makes WordPress more interesting. Plugins are smallapplications that when added or “downloaded” to your WordPress help you accomplish a task that yoursite would rather not be able to do otherwise. Have you seen websites and blogs where you can like thecontent and comment on them directly using your Facebook account without having to fill out any form?It’s because of a plugin. At the same time, there are plugin that are readily available in WordPress the firsttime you used it. Akismet is a plugin installed in WordPress by default, a blog comment spam moderator.Akismet requires activation and only works after that specific step is done. The plugin helps a lot incombating spam comments but also has downsides for it captures even the legitimate ones simplybecause their comments on your own or other websites were already previously tagged as such so a littlebit of manual approving is needed to take the comment out of the spam box.There are countless of things you can do to with WordPress and just like us we recommend that you useit to on your next website development project. Share this: Share