Updated Excursion Pack. Iceland.
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Updated Excursion Pack. Iceland.






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Updated Excursion Pack. Iceland. Updated Excursion Pack. Iceland. Presentation Transcript

    • Please note that prices for excursions will be provided with your draft itinerary.
    • Should you require more detailed information after receiving this document please contact us.
    • Rayburn Tours Ltd Tel: 01332 347828
    • Parcel Terrace Fax: 01332 371298/340940
    • Derby DE1 1LY www.rayburntours.com
    • Geography
    • Study Tour
    • Excursion Pack
  • Contents
        • The Blue Lagoon
        • Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant
        • Horticultural College Greenhouses
        • Health Centre Greenhouses
        • Solheimar Sustainable Community
        • Geysir Centre
        • Day Visit to Heimaey
        • Swimming Pools
        • Skógar Folk Museum
        • River Rafting
        • Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon
        • Reykjavík: Whale Watching
        • Reykjavík: 3D Map of Iceland
        • Reykjavík: Perlan
        • Reykjavík: Hallgrímskirkja
        • Reykjavík: Surtsey Exhibition
        • Reykjavík: Puffin Express
        • Reykjavík: Volcano Show
        • Grindavík: Salt Fish Museum
  • Blue Lagoon Geothermal Swimming Pool and Spa
    • This amazing lagoon is a unique, mineral-rich lake, formed from geothermal sea water. Five to six million tonnes of fluid, containing two thousand tonnes of silica are released into the lagoon each year.
    • The bue-green algae and white silica mud give the lagoon its milky, aquamarine colour and provide a natural source of minerals which are renowned for their therapeutic properties. The lagoon has an average temperature of 37°C.
    • To bathe in the mineral rich waters at any time of the year and under any weather conditions is exhilarating. There are also saunas, a waterfall and silica mud pots to enjoy.
    • Address : The Blue Lagoon, P.O Box 22,
    • 240 Grindavík
    • Website : www.bluelagoon.com
    • Opening times :
    • Mid May – August 09.00 - 21.00
    • September – Mid May 10.00 - 20.00
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant
    • The Hellisheiði Power Plant lies between Reykjavík and Hveragerði. A visit to the Power Plant Visitor Centre includes a guided tour through the plant and various multi-media presentations. There is also the opportunity to ask qustions of your guide during your visit.
    • The Hengil geothermal area sits astride the western volcanic zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge and is one of the most extensive geothermal areas in Iceland. All around there is much evidence of the volcanic and geothermal nature of the landscape here, not least of which are the powerful columns of steam rising skywards.
    • The Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant began producing electricity in 2006 to meet increasing industrial and domestic demand. By the end of 2008 there will be 5 steam turbines in operation; in 2009 a hot water plant will start operating. In future years, by connecting into futher potential, the power plant could be expanded considerably.
    • Address : Road “1” over Hellisheiði
    • Website : www.or.is
    • Opening times :
    • Open every day from 09.00 - 18.00 
    • (by arrangement through Rayburn Tours)
    • Payment : Free
  • Horticultural College Greenhouses, Hveragerði
    • The Horticultural College in Hveragerði, the “greenhouse town”, allows an understanding of the use of geothermal steam for horticulture. The College trains Icelandic students in all aspects of market gardening and countryside management.
    • A visit to the college provides an introductory talk, a visit to several greenhouses (including the bananahús where also coffee plants and cacti are seen) as well as a visit to the College’s hot spring area from which the College gathers their steam.
    • Address : Horticultural College,
    • Reykir í Ölfusi
    • Hveragerði
    • Website : www.reykir.is
    • Opening times :
    • All year, by arrangement with RT
    • NOTE : Closed in July (due to holidays)
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
    • ( NOTE : free on weekdays)
  • Health Centre Greenhouses, Hveragerði
    • The Heath Clinic in Hveragerði offers a visit to their greenhouses and horticultural area in order to learn about the cultivation of horticultural products under glass and using the locally sourced Geothermal steam.
    • A visit here allows an understanding of the seasonal activities in such an operation to be understood. The cultivation is organic and much of the produce is consumed in the Clinic.
    • A tasting session is usually part of this visit (depending upon what produce is available).
    • Address : Health Clinic NLFÍ
    • Grænumörk 10
    • Hveragerði
    • Website : www.hnlfi.is
    • Opening times :
    • All year, by arrangement with RT
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Sólheimar Sustainable Community
    • Sólheimar is a small community village. In Sólheimar both able bodied and disabled people live and work together. Sólheimar is located between Selfoss and Geysir.
    • There are six workshops at Sólheimar – Carpentry, Candles, Pottery, Weaving, Bakery and Herbal & Toiletries. Their purpose is to offer opportunities for training to residents.
    • In 2006 Sólheimar received the Environmental Prize of the Iceland Tourist Council for the activities of Sesselja House, an environmental centre at Sólheimar. Here your visit begins with a general discussion of renewable energy after which a stroll around the community illustrates sustainability in practise e.g. energy from wind, stream HEP, solar, and Geothermal sources.
    • Your visit ends at Sólheimar’s small craft shop and Café.
    • Address : Sesselja House, Sólheimum,
    • 801 Selfoss
    • Website : www.sesseliuhus.is
    • Opening times :
    • All year round by arrangement
    • (through Rayburn Tours)
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Geysir Centre - Geysir
    • In this large exhibition and display area, much can be learned about the nature of the land in Iceland. Wall displays, several video screens and even a vibrating floor plate simulating a 5.1 Richter scale earthquake, all serve to show us how ‘different’ is Iceland. Much is displayed and explained about Iceland’s volcanic and glacial landscapes.
    • Whilst at the Geysir Centre you are also able to see the Strokkur Geysir erupting every 6 to 8 minutes with its boiling water emerging from the ground and shooting a spout skyward to a height of 15 metres.
    • Nearby is the Great Geysir, once inactive but, after the June 2000 Earthquakes, it is now a little more lively on occasion.
    • Around this thermal area there are steam vents, boiling springs and beautiful turquoise blue pools.
    • Address : Geysir Centre, Geysir
    • Web : www.geysircenter.is
    • Opening times :
    • March 12.00 - 17.00
    • April & Oct 11.00 - 17.00
    • May - September 10.00 - 19.00
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Day on Heimaey
    • The group takes flights from Bakki Airport to Heimaey Airport on the Westmann Islands. This is an unforgettable trip for pupils and teachers alike! The flight lasts about seven minutes and is by far the best way to view the impressive coastal land volcanic landscapes of the islands.
    • Options during the day include:
    • Self Guided Tour around the area of Eldfell volcano (with guide sheets)
    • A guided coach/walking tour up Eldfell Volcano (which erupted in 1973) and to other interesting locations.
    • Boat trip beyond/around the island
    • Viewing the Volcano Show film in Café Kro whilst taking a well earned rest after the walk up Eldfell.
    • Coach transfers around the island to view puffin breeding grounds and witness the locals cliff swinging.
    • A coach transfer back to Heimaey Airport (if taking the Self Guided Tour) from the centre of town.
    • There are currently five and nine seater planes – groups will therefore have to be shuttled across! (approx. one hour for 60 passengers, if all planes are in operation)
    • Day Trips
    • March – October
    • Depart early morning & return late afternoon
    • Flights are subject to weather conditions
    • Please note : 1 free place per 15 paying
    • passengers for flight only
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Swimming Pools
    • The swimming pools are operated in a relaxed way in Iceland and this is reflected in the use of the swimming pools. In conjunction with your driver, you can contact the swimming pool to check that it’s OK to visit but this is not really necessary.
    • It is essential to advise the students, however, that it is usual practice for Icelanders to shower and clean all external body parts before and after entering the pools (diagrams to this effect are found in most changing rooms). As this is usual behaviour for the Icelanders, students shouldn’t feel too embarrassed.
    • Note: groups can buy tickets in sets of 10 which reduces the price given at each swimming pool
    • There are many more pools that our groups use depending upon their itinerary. This can be discussed at time of your bespoke itinerary planning.
    Payment : Cash or credit card Selfoss Swimming Pool Selfoss Selfoss Price 16yrs + 220 kr 16 yrs - 120 kr Heimaey Swimming Illugagata 900 Vestmannaeyjar Heimaey Price 16yrs + 220 kr 16 yrs - 120 kr Sundlaugin Hellu 850 Hella Hella Price 16yrs + 350 kr 16 yrs - 200 kr Sundlaugarinnar á Hvolsvelli Hvolsvöllur Hvolsvöllur Price 16yrs + 250 kr 15 yrs & less – free Contact Details Location
  • Skógar Folk Museum
    • This small museum, opened in 1949, has much in the way of interest in regards to the old traditional Icelandic way of life.
    • The owner has brought many old buildings from around Iceland to the outdoor site and they can be entered.
    • The indoor exhibition includes items related to traditional farming, fishing and transportation. A guided visit brings these alive. Also, do look out for the unusual sheep head on display.
    • Address : Byggdasafind í Skókum
    • 861 Hvolsvöllur
    • Opening times :
    • May – September 10.00 - 17.00
    • (All year by arrangement)
    • Please note : 1 in 20 places is free of
    • charge
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • River Rafting on the Markfljót River
    • Experience the thrill of river rafting in southern Iceland! With dry suits, life jackets and safety helmets provided, the group will need to allow around 4 hours for this action-packed excursion.
    • The grade is easy to moderate, suitable for a school group.
    • The start site is located just by Húsið and Skálinn, our two countryside accommodation centres, just inland from Hvolsvöllur, and so very easy to reach (on the doorstep).
    • As well as full equipment issue, a full safety briefing is given before raft and rafters begin their trip.
    • Minimum age rules apply to the trip.
    • Through Arctic Rafting
    • Opening times :
    • By arrangement; not Easter nor October
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon Boat Trip
    • This is an ideal add-on trip for those groups spending some time in and around the Skaftafell National Park in SE Iceland.
    • An amphibious boat takes a trip into the wonderful Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon weaving in and out of the bobbing icebergs that protrude from the surface of the water.
    • You will see icebergs of all shapes and various sizes during the trip. The boat trips are guided and last for roughly 40 minutes.
    • The location has been used for filming on movies such as James Bond: Die Another Day and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
    • Address : Jökulsárlón, Smárabraut 20
    • 780 Höfn
    • Tour times : Mid May – Mid Sep
    • Sailings between 09.00 – 19.00hrs
    • (subject to weather conditions)
    • Please note :
    • Minimum group size is 12 persons
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Whale Watching
    • Whale watching tours are scheduled from the old harbour in Reykjavík from beginning of April through to October.
    • Whales most frequently seen are the minke whales, humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises.
    • The excursions, which are accompanied by an English-speaking guide, include an introduction about the whales, that are found around Iceland, their behaviour and population size.
    • Address : Elding Whale Watching
    • Reykjavík
    • Opening times :
    • April – October
    • Tours start : 09.00, 13.00, 17.00
    • Duration : Usually circa 3 hours
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Iceland 3D Map in Reykjavík City Hall
    • In City Hall it is possible to view an impressive 3D Model Map of the entire country of Iceland.
    • By viewing this scale model it is possible to see where you have been on your tour (and just how much more there is to see on a future visit!).
    • NOTE : Occasionally a concert may be in place and the map is rolled away into its compartment, therefore it is best to contact the Information desk on the day, just to check that the map is on display.
    • Address : Reykjavík City Hall,
    • Vonarstræti, 101 Reykjavík
    • Opening Times
    • Mid-week: 08.20 – 16.30
    • Saturday: 12.00 – 16.00
    • Sunday: 12.00 – 16.00
    • (Mid May -Mid September Only)
    • Payment : FREE
  • Perlan, Reykjavík
    • Sitting on top of 6 huge hot water tanks, the Perlan has an outdoor viewing platform that gives a 360 degree view of the city.
    • A short stop here allows the situation and site of Reykjavík to be appreciated before heading into the city’s centre.
    • Major city landmarks can be identified e.g. Hallgrímskirkja, the Harbour, the City Airport, etc.
    • An artificial “geysir” shoots up through the building at regular intervals.
    • Address : Öskjuhlíð, Reykjavík 101
    • Website : www.perlan.is
    • Opening times : every day, from 10.00
    • Payment : FREE
  • Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík
    • The architecture of this most striking landmark of Reykjavík’s skyline reflects the volcanic nature of Iceland’s origins. The soaring bell tower is modelled on basalt columns.
    • An elevator takes you up to the bell tower (8 at a time) from which, after a few stairs to climb, a “wonderful downtown and beyond” view is gained.
    • In the church itself it is plain but magnificent. A large organ can be seen (and recitals are not uncommon).
    • The street that runs down from Hallgrímskirkja (recently pedestrianised) contains many art and craft shops and galleries.
    • Address : Skólavörðustígur , Reykjavík 101
    • Website : www.halgrimskirkja.is
    • Opening times :
    • Every day, 09.00 – 17.00
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Surtsey Exhibition Reykjavík
    • The Surtsey Exhibition is located on the upper floor of the Culture House in central Reykjavík. It formed part of Iceland’s bid for the island to be granted World Heritage Site status (which was achieved in the summer of 2008).
    • The exhibition consists of several huge screens illustrating the activity and evolution of Surtsey from 1963–67. Information boards and many rock samples also add to the wealth of data presented.
    • A computer table allows for interactivity in which the changes in shape, flora and fauna can be modelled 120 years into the future.
    • Address: Culture House,
    • Hverfiskgata, Reykjavík
    • Opening times :
    • All year round
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
    • (free entry for school groups)
  • Puffin Express Reykjavík
    • This trip lasts for either 1 hour or 1½ hours. Both trips take you from Reykjavík Harbour out towards Akurey Island where around 15,000 puffins breed each year. Sightings of puffins are guaranteed between mid April till mid August (as well as guillemots. Fulmars and terns). The longer trip includes a drag being taken of the marine life of the fiord floor with a talk being given about what is seen. Temperature and salinity readings etc. can also be taken.
    • This charming, simple, little trip takes your group close to the water and introduces yet another aspect of Iceland’s many environments.
    • Note: there is a maximum of 35 participants per trip.
    • Address : Sérferðir ehf, Reykjavík
    • Harbour
    • Website : www,puffinexpress.is
    • Opening times :
    • Mid May till mid August
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • The Volcano Show Reykjavík
    • This is a good option for those groups who are based in Reykjavík. If you wish to see footage of red hot moving lava then this is the place to come.
    • The owner and photographer, Villi Knudsson, certainly gives value for money. He has filmed many of Iceland’s major eruptions over the years and is keen to let everyone see as much as they are able to take!
    • A variety of eruption types are shown but the programme varies (so may include the Heimaey eruption, the Krafla eruption, Surtsey, etc.).
    • Address : Hellusund 6A Reykjavík 101
    • Opening times : every day as follows:-
    • Jul, Aug: 11.00 – 21.00,
    • Apr, May, Jun, Sep: 15.00 – 21.00 M-Su,
    • Oct-Mar: 20.00 -21.00 M-Su
    • Payment : Cash or credit card
  • Salt Fish Museum, Grindavík
    • The salting of fish was once a major way of preserving fish. This modern exhibition illustrates, through pictures, videos, displays and models, how the process is carried out.
    • A group can simply take the audio tour. Alternatively, a guide can give an introductory talk and then give coffee/sprite and a tasting of salt fish before your group takes the audio tour.
    • Additionally , a group can also be taken on a field visit, harbourside, just a few metres from the Museum (to include a visit to the Fish Market if it is a morning visit; 10.00 – 12.00 is when all the action is to be seen in the Fish Market). It may also be possible to visit an active salt fish processing factory.
    • Address : Hafnargata 12a;
    • IS - 240 Grindavík
    • Website : www.saltfisksetur.is
    • Opening times :
    • All year, everyday, 11.00 – 18.00
    • Payment : Cash or credit card