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  • 1. Black Death Designing a Leaflet Lesson 1
  • 2. Aims
    • To create a leaflet about the symptoms of the Black Death using text, images and colours
    • To evaluate the suitability of your leaflet in terms of audience and purpose
    • To explain how you created your leaflet, the choices you made and
  • 3. Task 1
    • You will create a poster about the symptoms of the Black Death to scare people so that they did not catch it.
    • You must use Microsoft Publisher to create your leaflet.
    • You should use your own knowledge, information and pictures from the internet to devise your leaflet.
  • 4. Advice and Help
    • You are aiming to frighten people – so pick the right font, text colour and to do this. You will need to use lots of reds and blacks – remember this is the black death, not the nice pretty pink and purple thing death.
    • The best bet to get information is to use a search engine such as Google to get pictures. Ask for help if you are not sure how to transfer a picture onto a document.
    • You have the whole of this lesson to do this task.
  • 5. Advice and Help
    • Use the internet and the Black Death Symptoms Worksheet as sources of information for your leaflet.
    • Video tutorials to help you use publish are available at the website below:
  • 6. Black Death Designing a Leaflet Lesson 2
  • 7. Task 2
    • You should of now completed your leaflet make sure you have saved it.
    • A local doctors surgery has asked you to change your leaflet so they can use it to give information to their patients.
    • Doctors do not want people to be frightened but they want to let them know about the symptoms of the Black Death.
  • 8. Task 2
    • Change your original leaflet to meet this new purpose.
    • When you have done this open the Black Death Evaluation Worksheet and answer the questions.
  • 9. Extended Plenary
    • Make sure you have saved both leaflets you have created and you have finished the evaluation worksheet.
    • You can now upload your original leaflet to a Studywiz gallery. This will allow you to peer assess your classmates work.
  • 10. Extended Plenary
    • When assessing each others work it is important to give information that will help your classmates get better.
    • Follow these simple steps:
      • What did you think of the leaflet?
        • Excellent, Good or Satisfactory
      • Why do you like about the leaflet?
        • Use of text, images and colour
        • Audience and Purpose
      • How could the leaflet be improved?
        • Use of text, images and colour
        • Audience and Purpose