Instructional	  Design	  and	  Delivery	  Practicum	  By	  	  Sejal	  Mehta	  	  
Get	  The	  Job	  You	  Want	  
Company	  Background	  Career	  stop	  	  	  •  Career	  Development	  Center	  	  •  Employment	  Ac8vi8es	  and	  Resour...
Challenge	  •  Workshops	  have	  low	  turnout	  	  •  Nega8ve	  feedback	  on	  workshop	  evalua8ons	  	  	  •  Counsel...
Assessment	  and	  Analysis	  	  ALer	  mee8ng	  one-­‐on-­‐one	  with	  the	  counselors	  who	  run	  the	  workshops	  ...
Assessment	  and	  Analysis	  •  What	  –	  “Get	  The	  Job	  You	  Want”	  -­‐	  six	  consecu8ve	  sessions	  on	  job	...
Design	  	  General	  Instruc%onal	  Objec%ve	  	  Get	  par8cipants	  ready	  to	  pursue	  an	  ac8ve	  job	  search	  b...
Design	  Specific	  Instruc%onal	  Objec%ves	  	  •  Created	  one	  or	  two	  versions	  of	  marketable	  resume(s)	  	 ...
Design	  –	  High	  Level	  Post	  registra%on	  and	  before	  1st	  session	  -­‐	  	  Resume	  Worksheet	  to	  be	  co...
Development	  Development	  will	  include:	  	  •  Reviewing	  and	  selec8ng	  exis8ng	  material	  that	  could	  be	  ...
Development	  	  The	  presenta8on	  will	  be	  a	  complete	  instruc8onal	  prototype	  that	  meets	  all	  the	  deta...
Implementation	  •  Delivery	  	  	  •  Classroom	  set	  up	  	  •  Equipment	  	  •  Resources	  	  •  Course	  Manageme...
Evaluation	  Level	  1	  Evalua8on	  -­‐	  Learner	  Reac8on	  	  At	  the	  end	  of	  each	  session	  	  	  
Session	  1	  	  Creating	  an	  Effective	  Resume	  
Creating	  an	  Effective	  Resume	  	  Timeline	  –	  Total	  120	  minutes	  	  •  Introduc8ons	  and	  Discussion	  –	 ...
Introduction	  &	  Discussion	  Resume	  Worksheet	  -­‐	  Discussion	  	  •  Completed	  Resume	  Worksheet	  •  Yes	  • ...
Getting	  to	  Know	  Each	  Other	  	  	  
Introductions	  •  On	  the	  index	  card	  provided	  please	  write	  the	  following	  (keep	  answers	  to	  one	  li...
Creating	  an	  Effective	  Resume	  	  	  
Creating	  an	  Effective	  Resume	  	  General	  Instruc%onal	  Objec%ve	  Have	  the	  par8cipants	  create	  one	  or	 ...
Creating	  an	  Effective	  Resume	  	  •  What	  is	  a	  Resume?	  	  •  Contents	  of	  a	  Resume	  	  •  Resume	  Che...
What	  is	  a	  Resume?	  •  Resume	  is	  a	  summary	  of:	  •  Educa8on	  •  Skills	  •  Accomplishments	  •  Work	  Ex...
Contents	  of	  a	  Resume	  •  Contact	  Informa8on	  •  Name,	  Address,	  Phone	  Number,	  Email	  •  Top	  of	  the	 ...
Contents	  of	  a	  Resume	  •  Educa8on	  •  Most	  recent	  educa8on	  listed	  first	  •  University	  Name	  •  Degree	...
Contents	  of	  a	  Resume	  •  Other	  Relevant	  Informa8on	  •  Relevant	  courses	  taken	  •  Volunteer	  work	  rela...
Resume	  Check	  •  Run	  it	  through	  Spell	  Check	  	  •  Do	  a	  Grammar	  Review	  	  •  Have	  it	  proof	  read	...
Resume	  Design	  •  Use	  Times	  New	  Roman	  or	  Arial	  font	  	  	  •  Use	  font	  size	  10-­‐14	  points	  	  • ...
Resume	  Expectations	  •  Clear	  and	  Concise	  	  •  Accomplishment	  focused	  	  •  One	  or	  two	  pages	  maximum...
Activity	  1	  	  Creating	  a	  Resume	  •  Handouts	  to	  be	  passed	  out	  to	  the	  students	  •  Ac8on	  Verbs	  ...
Activity	  2	  	  Critiquing	  peer	  resume	  •  Handout	  to	  be	  passed	  out	  to	  the	  students	  –	  Resume	  Cr...
Homework	  Assignment	  •  Ques8ons	  /	  Concerns	  	  •  Homework	  •  Review	  and	  modify	  your	  edited	  resume	  ...
Questions	  ?	  	  The	  End	  
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Get The Job You Want - Training Solution Presentation


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This Learning and Design solution was presented to the faculty and students at UCSC Santa Cruz as a final project presentation on designing a training solution. This is a fictitious project which I created based where I visualized the challenges, goals, needs assessments and came up with the solution.

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Get The Job You Want - Training Solution Presentation

  1. 1. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Practicum  By    Sejal  Mehta    
  2. 2. Get  The  Job  You  Want  
  3. 3. Company  Background  Career  stop      •  Career  Development  Center    •  Employment  Ac8vi8es  and  Resources    •  Customer  Base  •  Low-­‐middle  income    •  Basic  educa8on  /  qualifica8ons  •  Limited  work  experience  •  English  as  second  language  
  4. 4. Challenge  •  Workshops  have  low  turnout    •  Nega8ve  feedback  on  workshop  evalua8ons      •  Counselors  –  inefficient  use  of  8me      Solu%on  -­‐  Instruc%onal  Designer  Consultant  
  5. 5. Assessment  and  Analysis    ALer  mee8ng  one-­‐on-­‐one  with  the  counselors  who  run  the  workshops  and  analyzing  the  feedback  from  workshop  evalua8on  the  last  six  months,  the  ID  Consultant  proposed  the  training  “Get  The  Job  You  Want.”    
  6. 6. Assessment  and  Analysis  •  What  –  “Get  The  Job  You  Want”  -­‐  six  consecu8ve  sessions  on  job  search  training    •  When  –  Every  quarter  of  2011    •  How  –  In  class  online  training    •  Where  –  Career  Stop      •  Who  –  Anyone  who  wants  to  learn  and  understand  the  job  search  process  and  requirements    •  Why  –  to  get  ready  for  an  ac8ve  job  search  
  7. 7. Design    General  Instruc%onal  Objec%ve    Get  par8cipants  ready  to  pursue  an  ac8ve  job  search  by  providing  detailed  informa8on  along  with  hands-­‐on-­‐learning  on  the  various  elements  of  looking  for  a  job  including  using  LinkedIn  Professional  Networking  Applica%on  in  the  job  search  process    
  8. 8. Design  Specific  Instruc%onal  Objec%ves    •  Created  one  or  two  versions  of  marketable  resume(s)    •  Created  a  detailed  profile  on  LinkedIn    •  Built  up  working  knowledge  on  useful  features  in  LinkedIn  and  on  using  LinkedIn  as  a  job  searching  tool    •  Developed  a  deep  understanding  of  interview  expecta8ons  in  today’s  market    •  Prac8ced  interviewing  skills  by  par8cipa8ng  in  mock  interview  session(s)    •  Iden8fied  other  networking  tools  and  op8ons  in  job  searching    
  9. 9. Design  –  High  Level  Post  registra%on  and  before  1st  session  -­‐    Resume  Worksheet  to  be  completed  and  brought  to  the  first  session.  •  Week  1  –  Crea8ng  an  effec8ve  resume  using  the  filled  out  worksheet  and  cri8quing  peers  resumes  •  Week  2  –  Overview  presenta8on  on  LinkedIn  and  crea8ng  an  account  and  adding  connec8ons  •  Week  3  –  Finalizing  LinkedIn  profile  and  presenta8on  on  using  LinkedIn  as  a  job  searching  tool  •  Week  4  –  Presenta8on  on  interviewing  skills  including  current  technologies  used  for  interviews  •  Week  5  –  Review  of  mock  interview  videos  •  Week  6  –  Other  networking  op8ons      
  10. 10. Development  Development  will  include:    •  Reviewing  and  selec8ng  exis8ng  material  that  could  be  used  •  Crea8ng  new  material  •  Crea8ng  the  ac8vi8es  and  handouts  •  Finally  crea8ng  PowerPoint  presenta8on  that  will  be  used  in  the  actual  training  The  presenta8on  will  be  a  complete  instruc8onal  prototype  that  meets  all  the  detailed  design  specifica8on  and  will  include  specific  Instructor  notes.    
  11. 11. Development    The  presenta8on  will  be  a  complete  instruc8onal  prototype  that  meets  all  the  detailed  design  specifica8on  and  will  include  specific  Instructor  notes.        
  12. 12. Implementation  •  Delivery      •  Classroom  set  up    •  Equipment    •  Resources    •  Course  Management    •  Marke8ng    
  13. 13. Evaluation  Level  1  Evalua8on  -­‐  Learner  Reac8on    At  the  end  of  each  session      
  14. 14. Session  1    Creating  an  Effective  Resume  
  15. 15. Creating  an  Effective  Resume    Timeline  –  Total  120  minutes    •  Introduc8ons  and  Discussion  –  15  -­‐  20  minutes  •  Experiences  in  filling  out  the  Resume  Checklist  •   Quick  Ac8vity  on  introduc8ons    •  Presenta8on  –  15  -­‐  20  minutes  •  What  goes  in  a  resume  and  other  details    •  Ac8vity  1  -­‐  Crea8ng  a  Resume  –  35  -­‐  40  minutes  •  Crea8ng  the  resume  online  using  the  completed  checklist  and  handouts    •  Ac8vity  2  –  Cri8quing  a  resume  -­‐  15  -­‐  20  minutes  •  Cri8quing  one  or  two  peer  resume(s)    •  Closing  –  5-­‐10  minutes  •  Ques8ons,  concerns  and  HW  Assignment    
  16. 16. Introduction  &  Discussion  Resume  Worksheet  -­‐  Discussion    •  Completed  Resume  Worksheet  •  Yes  •  No    •  List  on  white  board  experiences  in  comple8ng  the  checklist  
  17. 17. Getting  to  Know  Each  Other      
  18. 18. Introductions  •  On  the  index  card  provided  please  write  the  following  (keep  answers  to  one  line)    •  Name  •  Occupa8on  •  Your  expecta8ons  from  the  training  •  Why  did  you  choose  this  training    •  Each  student  read  out  what  they  wrote              
  19. 19. Creating  an  Effective  Resume      
  20. 20. Creating  an  Effective  Resume    General  Instruc%onal  Objec%ve  Have  the  par8cipants  create  one  or  two  versions  of  marketable  resumes  using  the  right  guidelines,  current  technology  and  applica8ons.      Specific  Instruc%onal  Objec%ves  •  Created  one  or  two  versions  of  a  marketable  resume  •  Developed  awareness  on  contents  and  design  of  a  resume  •  Assisted  peers  by  cri8quing  their  resumes    
  21. 21. Creating  an  Effective  Resume    •  What  is  a  Resume?    •  Contents  of  a  Resume    •  Resume  Check    •  Resume  Design    
  22. 22. What  is  a  Resume?  •  Resume  is  a  summary  of:  •  Educa8on  •  Skills  •  Accomplishments  •  Work  Experience  •  Other  Relevant  Informa8on    •  Means  to  market  yourself  with  words  on  paper  
  23. 23. Contents  of  a  Resume  •  Contact  Informa8on  •  Name,  Address,  Phone  Number,  Email  •  Top  of  the  resume      •  Objec8ve  /  Summary  Informa8on  •  Tailor  your  objec8ve  to  each  employer  •  Be  reasonably  specific      
  24. 24. Contents  of  a  Resume  •  Educa8on  •  Most  recent  educa8on  listed  first  •  University  Name  •  Degree  (B.S.,  M.S.,  MBA,  etc)    •  Major  /  Minor  •  Expected  Gradua8on  •  GPA  •  Experience  •  Most  recent  experience  listed  first  •  Company  Name  •  Title,  Dates  and  Loca8on  •  Accomplishments  /  Achievements  /  Results      
  25. 25. Contents  of  a  Resume  •  Other  Relevant  Informa8on  •  Relevant  courses  taken  •  Volunteer  work  related  to  the  job  •  Leadership  Roles  •  Professional  Organiza8ons    •  References  (op8onal)  •  Do  not  include  names  in  your  resume  •  “References  furnished  upon  Request      
  26. 26. Resume  Check  •  Run  it  through  Spell  Check    •  Do  a  Grammar  Review    •  Have  it  proof  read  by  at  least  two  people    
  27. 27. Resume  Design  •  Use  Times  New  Roman  or  Arial  font      •  Use  font  size  10-­‐14  points    •  Avoid  Italics  and  underlined  words  (can  use  bold)    •  Prin8ng  •  Use  white  or  off-­‐white  paper  •  Use  8-­‐1/2  x  11  inch  resume  paper  •  Print  on  one  side  of  the  paper  only    •  Keep  it  to  one  page  (max.  two  pages)    
  28. 28. Resume  Expectations  •  Clear  and  Concise    •  Accomplishment  focused    •  One  or  two  pages  maximum    •  No  personal  informa8on      
  29. 29. Activity  1    Creating  a  Resume  •  Handouts  to  be  passed  out  to  the  students  •  Ac8on  Verbs  list  •  What  should  I  include  in  my  resume  •  Resume  wri8ng  8ps    •  Follow  steps  to  choose  a  template  folder    •  Open  up  MicrosoL  Word  -­‐>  Resume  Templates  folder  >  Choose  a  template  from  the  3  choices    •  Using  your  completed  Checklist  and  handouts,  fill  out  the  template  to  create  your  resume    •  Print  out  a  copy  of  your  resume  
  30. 30. Activity  2    Critiquing  peer  resume  •  Handout  to  be  passed  out  to  the  students  –  Resume  Cri8que  Checklist**  •  Exchange  your  resume  with  a  peer  (someone  silng  next  to  you).        •  Use  the  Resume  Cri8que  Checklist  to:  •  Mark  words  /  sentences,  layout,  design  etc.  that  need  to  be  changed  •  Suggest  the  changes,  if  possible  
  31. 31. Homework  Assignment  •  Ques8ons  /  Concerns    •  Homework  •  Review  and  modify  your  edited  resume  •  Create  a  second  version  of  resume  with  another  template  (op8onal)  •  Review  ar8cles  and  presenta8ons  on  LinkedIn  
  32. 32. Questions  ?    The  End  
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