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This document is a Design Document for a training "Get the Job You Want." This design plan follows each step of the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Evaluate, Implement). While working on this fictitious project, I tried to visualize the most effective learning experience for the participants; what would be their goals and how will this training meet those goals, how will I engage the participants, and how will their learning be assessed?

While taking a look at the training plan, few things to keep in mind:

- This plan was designed for for a proposed Instructor-led in class training

- The participants would be adults with basic skills needed (fullfil some pre-requisites)

- The proposed training consists of six sessions, but for the purpose of this assignment, only Session 1 "Creating an Effective Resume" has been designed and developed.

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Get The Job You Want - Training Design Document

  1. 1. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  1  Instructional Design and DeliveryPracticumBySejal Mehta
  2. 2. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  2  Get The Job You Want
  3. 3. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  3  Note to the proposed readers of this documentThis is a fictitious project created for the purpose of this course. The company “Career Stop” andall other details are my creation and imagination of something I am passionate about. At this timeI am not pursuing this training anywhere.My proposed training “Get The Job You Want” consists of six sessions totally. For the purpose ofthis class and in the interest of limited time, I am including in this document:- Background and Analysis- High Level and Detailed Design for one session – Creating an Effective Resume- Development Plan for the above session- Implementation / Delivery- Evaluation
  4. 4. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  4  ContentsBackground- Company InformationAnalysis- Needs Analysis- Goal Analysis- Learner Analysis- Resource AnalysisDesign- High Level Design – Creating an Effective Resume- Detailed Design – Creating an Effective ResumeDevelopment- Development PlanImplementationEvaluationAttachments- Resume Worksheet- Creating an Effective Resume Handoutso Action Verbso What should I include in my Resumeo Resume Tipso Resume Critique Checklist
  5. 5. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  5  Company BackgroundCareer Stop is a publicly funded career service and development organization providing servicesand resources for jobs searching and employment in the tri-cities area surrounding Lakegrove,CA. Their main goal is to coordinate employment activities and related services, either for free orfor a nominal fee. Career Stop works in partnership with the local city, community colleges andlocal community organizations.Career Stop offers the following services:• Access to computers and internet• Books and other resources related to employment opportunities• Job search Workshops• Other workshops related to employment• Counseling – individual and group sessions• Mock Interview practice sessions• Information on job fairsCustomer BaseCareer Stop has a big customer base with a varied clientele. The customers include individualswith:• Varied income level (more are low to middle income)• Basic education to graduate degrees• Limited work experience to many years of experience• English as a second language (a reasonable percentage)Basically it is wide customer base with varying needs
  6. 6. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  6  ANALYSIS
  7. 7. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  7  AnalysisNeeds Analysis (Why)Current SituationCareer Stop offers various workshops on a regular basis on standard job searching topics like –creating a resume, interviewing skills, networking etc. These workshops are run and managed bycounselors who work at the center. The workshops are overall successful and have beenmeeting the needs of many people.The basic job search workshop assists in getting the basic requirements ready like:• A simple resume• Basic Knowledge on interviewing skills• Standard tools to usIn the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for an advanced level job searchworkshop. There has been a consistent request from many clients, in various ways, throughfeedback forms, at counseling sessions etc., to offer a training that goes a step further than thebasic job searching skills. A training that would be suitable for people who all ready have thebasic skills and want to further their skills and knowledge at an advanced level.Based on the request and agreement by management, an advanced level training “Get the JobYou Want” will be created.Training SolutionThe counselors will create the a pilot version of the training “Get the job You Want.” This will becreated as an intense six-week course where the students will meet once a week for an in-classhands-on session. The content will be designed to build upon the previous week and henceoffering continuity and best learning opportunity. Participants will be requested (not mandated) toattend the training end-to-end for maxim benefit.Goal Analysis (What)“Get The Job You Want” is a pilot training program and will be offered for the first time in March2011. This training will address the following topics on advanced job search skills:• Creating an Effective Resume• LinkedIn as a job search tool• Advanced Interviewing Skills• Other Networking tools and optionsThere the following pre-requisites will need to be fulfilled before registering for this training• Have completed the basic job search skills course in the last three years (the registrationwould be designed to check on that)• Have a basic resume (this would have been created in the basic job search skills class)• Have basic computer skillsThe objectives of the training are:General Instructional Objectives (GIO)Get participants ready to pursue an active job search by providing detailed information along withhands-on-learning on the various elements of looking for a job including using LinkedInProfessional Networking Application in the job search process.
  8. 8. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  8  Specific Instructional Objectives (SIOs)At the end of the training participants will have• Created a marketable resume• Created a detailed profile on LinkedIn• Developed a comfort level in using LinkedIn as a tool in job searching• Practiced interviewing skills by participating in a mock interview session• Explored other networking toolsParticipants have the choice of registering for the topic(s) of their choice and attending thosesession(s). Each topic could last for one or two weeks. For maxim benefit it is requested toattend all the sessions.Learner Analysis (Who)Individuals who are looking to further their basic job search skills and have fulfilled the aboveprerequisites would be the participants for this advanced course.Example of participant would be• Someone who has some years work experience, recent additional qualification and nowlooking for a job change• Someone who has been working for many years, has lots of skills and experience andwould like to update his / her resume and other skills to get prepared for a job searchResource Analysis (How)“Get the Job You Want” will be offered every quarter of the year 2011. It will run for 6 weeksand will be in-class hands-on training. Each class meeting will be a four-hour session onSaturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The first session will start on the first Saturday inMarch 2011. Subsequent dates for the remaining three quarter in 2011 have to be finalized.Students will be required to register and pay a small fee for each session. There will be somediscount for registering for four or more session.The class will be held at the center’s computer lab. The lab consists of 14 computers and hencethe class will be offered to the first fourteen students who register. A small wait list will bemaintained.The training will be taught and facilitated by the counselors working in the center.The training will be marketed through flyers posted at various locations including local libraries,community centers, community colleges etc.Constraints and LimitationsThis is a pilot program and certain element of uncertainty does exist, as this is being run for thefirst time with the potential audience in this Center. Issues that could result in having to changethe training a little could be:• Six weeks is fairly long and may not be suitable for someone who wants quickinformation• Being an advanced level course, the audience needs and expectation could vary, basedon their background, hence trying to meet the different expectations could be challenge.• Charging a nominal fee may deter some potential participants (given there are lots ofresources for this topic available online etc.)
  9. 9. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  9  Future PlansIf this program sees the success anticipated (good turnout, customer satisfaction etc.) couple ofadditions will be made to this program• Including two social media applications in a job search – Facebook and Twitter• Converting it to a hybrid class with good amount of online self-paced training and some inclass requirement. This would assist in scaling out to a larger audience and moreflexibility for the participants.                                    
  10. 10. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  10  DESIGN
  11. 11. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  11  High Level Training DesignGeneral Instructional Objectives (GIO)Get participants ready to pursue an active job search by providing detailed information along withhands-on-learning on the various elements of looking for a job including using LinkedInProfessional Networking Application in the job search process.Specific Instructional Objectives (SIOs)At the end of the training participants will have• Created a marketable resume• Created a detailed profile on LinkedIn• Built up working knowledge on useful features in LinkedIn and using LinkedIn as a jobsearching tool• Developed a deep understanding interview expectations in today’s market• Practiced interviewing skills by participating in a mock interview session• Identified other networking tools and options in job searchingTimeline – Total 6 weeksThe class will meet every Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Various activities andadditional work will need to be completed between each session.Breakdown of the six weeks:Pre-Work (before 1stsession) - Resume Worksheet to be completed and brought along withyour curent resume to the first session.Week 1 – Creating a marketable resume using the filled out worksheet and critiqueing peersresumesWeek 2 – Overview presentation on linkedIn and creating an accountWeek 3 – Finalizing linkedIn profile and presentation on using linkedIn as a job searching toolWeek 4 – Presentation on interviewing skills including current technologies used for interviewsWeek 5 – Review of mock interview videosWeek 6 – Other networking optionsAll classes will be hands-on and participants will (of course) be encouraged to share opinions,experiences and anything else that would be valuable contribution on the topic for the class.            
  12. 12. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  12  Detailed DesignSession 1 - Creating an Effective Resume  PurposeHave the participants create one or two versions of marketable resumes using the rightguidelines, current technology and applications.ObjectivesAt the end of this session the participants will:• Identified in detail the structure, content and design of a resume• Have created a marketable resume• Assist peers by critiquing their resumesPre-work• Complete a Resume Checklist prior to attending the sessionTimeline – Total four hours (240 minutes)• Introductions and Discussion – approx. 40 minutesØ Experiences in filling out the Resume ChecklistØ Activity on introductions• Presentation – approx. 30 minutesØ What goes in a resume and other details• Activity 1 - Creating a Resume – approx. 90 minutes sØ Creating the resume online using the completed checklist and handouts• Activity 2 – Critiquing a resume – approx. 40 minutesØ Critiquing one or two peer resume(s)• Closing – 20 minutesØ Questions, concerns and HW AssignmentTwo ten minute breaks will be offered in betweenIntroductions and DiscussionParticipants will be asked to share their experiences while filling out the Resume Checklist. Thisinformation will be noted on a white board. The goal here is to encourage students to see thesimilarities and differences in the experiences they might have had. Also this will hopefully getparticipants to start to feel comfortable with each other. There will be lots of prompting andencouragement from the facilitator. Once the participants have shared some experiences a quickactivity on the introducing each other will take place.Quick Activity – Write on the index card provided- Name- Occupation- Why you are here- Your expectation from this training
  13. 13. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  13  Participants will be asked to read / share what they wrote. This would be an opportunity for theinstructor to briefly assess participants’ backgrounds and goals for this training.PresentationWill cover detailed information on:- What is a resume- Structure of a resume- Contents of a resume- Resume Check- Resume Design- Resume ExpectationsActivity 1 – Creating your resumeHandouts* to be passed out to the studentso Action Verbs listo What should I include in my resumeo Resume writing tipsFollow steps to choose a template folderOpen up Microsoft Word -> Resume Templates folder -> Choose a template from the 3 choicesUsing your completed Checklist and handouts, fill out the template to create your resumeFacilitators will be there to assist as needed.Activity 2 – Critiquing peer resumeHandout to be passed out to the students – Resume Critique ChecklistStudents will be asked to print out their resume and exchange their resumes with a peer of theirchoice or someone sitting next to them.Use the Resume Critique Checklist to:- Mark words / sentences. Layout, design etc. that need to be changed- Suggest the changes, if possibleThis checklist is very detailed, for this activity it can be used briefly.Note: This checklist is taken from – Resume Critique Checklist / HomeworkAnswer any questions / concerns participants may haveAssign Homework• Take the edited resume and make changes / any other updates as needed• Get ready for next session – Review LinkedIn articles / presentations
  14. 14. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  14  DEVELOPMENT
  15. 15. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  15  Training Development Plan“Get The Job You Want” development will include:• Reviewing and selecting existing material (if any) that could be used• Writing new material• Creating the activities and handouts• Finally creating PowerPoint presentation that will be used in the actual trainingThe presentation will be a complete instructional prototype that meets all the detailed designspecifications. It will include the following content (varying based on the topic)• Information• Demos• Videos• ActivitiesAll presentations will have detailed instructor notes and any other information that has to befollowed during the class.Who will do the development work?Two counselors, who work in the center, will be responsible for using the detailed designdocuments for each session and create the content in presentation format.
  16. 16. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  16  IMPLIMENTATION
  17. 17. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  17  Implementation planDelivery“Get the Job You Want” will be offered every quarter of the year 2011. It will run for 6 weeksand will be in-class hands-on training. Each class meeting will be a four hour session onSaturday mornings from 9-1 p.m.. The first session will start on March 5, 2011 and consecutivewill be held every Saturday till April 9, 2011. Subsequent dates for the remaining three quarter in2011 have to be finalized.Classroom set upThe classroom will be set up in classroom style of chairs and tables with each table having twocomputers. There are 14 computers available in the center’s workshop lab. Each computer willbe set up with a generic login and password.The classroom also has the following set up:- Instructor desk- Inbuilt projector and screen- Two whiteboards- Three flipcharts- Markers for whiteboards and flipchartsResourcesInstructors – these are the counselors at the center will instruct and facilitate the sessions. Theplan is to have couple of counselors rotate instructing this training.Lab Assistant will initially do the set up for the computers (creating folders where students cansave their work etc.) and be available should any technical issues arise.Course ManagementRegistration will be required and will be available online (on Career Stop Website) and in personat the center. Registration will be open from January 3, 2011. For the first offering 14 studentswill be allowed to register and will be on a first come first serve basis. Any questions regardingregistration should be directed to the front desk.Sign in sheets – Students will have to sign in for each session.A break room is available in the center with snack and drinks vending machines and free coffee /tea.MarketingFlyers will be distributed within the local community including libraries, community centers andcommunity colleges. Flyers will also be posted at the center and available on the center’swebsite homepage.
  18. 18. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  18  EVALUATION
  19. 19. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  19  Evaluation PlanKirkpatrick’s Level 1 evaluation will be created and passed out at the end of each of the sixsessions. The evaluation will basically cover “learner reaction” to the session completed. Fillingout the evaluation be optional but highly recommended. All evaluations will remain anonymous.Given this is a pilot training the evaluation will be formative to test the training program and seehow the training can be modified and improved based on the learner feedback.The goal of the evaluation is to assess the following areas:- Training content and designo Content covered – information and detailo Activitieso Sequence of content and activities- Instructors / facilitatorso Knowledgeo Style of instructingo Value add to the learningo Facilitating to encourage learning- Classroomo Set upo Bright and airyo Cleano Audio / Visualso Other- Separate open ended questions requesting suggestions ono Contento Designo Activitieso Instructoro Classroomo Overall suggestion(s) from the students to improve the training
  20. 20. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  20  ATTACHMENTS
  21. 21. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  21  Resume Worksheet - Creating an Effective Resume________________________________________________________________Complete this Resume Worksheet to the best your can and bring it along when you come for thefirst session on Thursday, March 3, 2011.EducationBasic Information: List the colleges / universities you attended after high school in reversechronological order from which you have received a degree / certificate.College / University City / State / Country DegreeMajor Dates GPARelevant Coursework (Optional): List courses that are related to the field and highlight specificskills and knowledge. Keep the list short, no more than 6-8 courses. Depending on the numberof courses you can separate them by commas.Class Projects (Optional): List the projects relevant to your chosen field emphasizing, in additionto project specific skills, teamwork and leadership skills.Project Name Project Duties Skills usedProject Name Project Duties Skills UsedWork ExperienceList the most recent and relevant work experience in reverse chronological order. Emphasizeyour responsibilities and skills used / developed. Be as specific as possible.Job #1Job Title Company City-State / Country Dates (mo/year)Responsibilities Skills
  22. 22. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  22  Job #2Job Title Company City-State / Country Dates (mo/year)Responsibilities SkillsJob #3Job Title Company City-State / Country Dates (mo/year)Responsibilities SkillsComputer / Technical Skills / Languages: List all computer skills including hardware, softwareand programming skills. Also list any non-English languages you have learned.Hardware Software Programming LanguagesAchievements and Activities: List all (includes personal) accomplishments like academicawards and honors, memberships, volunteer activitiesYour Title Organization Name City- State / Country Dates
  23. 23. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  23  WHAT SHOULD I INCLUDE IN MY RESUME ????There are no hard and fast rules to writing a resume. Basically an effective resume shouldreflect:1. Your uniqueness as an individual2. The factual information in your resume should support the qualifications for the position youseek.The general categories are:1. Identification – Name, permanent address, phone, email2. Objective / Summary of Qualificationsa. The general level of the job you feel qualified forb. The ability you can offer(or)c. List the skills and knowledge that describes you3. Educationa. Highest College Degree – name of college/university, location, degree, datesb. Second highest degree – name of school / college, location, degree, datesTo both the above mention additional studies / projects directly related to the job you areapplying.Can include college majors / minors and grades when above average4. Experiencea. List in reverse chronological orderb. State your title, name of company, location and start and end dates (month/year)c. State any accomplishments achieved5. Professional Experience6. Professional Presentations7. Professional Certifications (if applicable)8. Voluntary Activities9. ReferencesFurnished upon requestTip: Always list career related work experience and other work experience in separateparagraphs.
  24. 24. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  24  Action VerbsPlannedDevised developed examined discovered evaluated designedOrganized investigated appraised estimated planned analyzedStudied measured solved created produced originatedInterpreted determinedDirectedOperated managed guided supervised governed commandedControlled regulated directed prescribed designated coordinatedAdapted eliminated transferred maintained administered authorizedVetoed removedExecutedMotivated encouraged utilized employed rectified administeredRestored repaired reorganized improved approved observedDemonstrated disclosed published notified produced createdBuilt formulated increased expanded extended supplementedAugmented condensed curtailed reduced minimized convertedExchanged replaced conceived strengthened authored activatedUnified combined consolidated merged updated modernizedAltered transformed modified balanced established inventoriedSurpassed simplified computed estimated classified terminatedInitiated introduced economized obtained procured collectedAssumed attached exchanged invested sponsored expeditedAttained executed achieved dispatchedServicedDisclosed informed communicated taught instructed educatedGuided trained lectured endorsed guaranteed accommodatedAided assistedAdvisedConferred consulted publicized notified advised reportedAdvertised informed demonstrated displayed exhibited illustratedAdvocated counseled acquainted recommended suggested familiarized
  25. 25. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  25  Resume TipsAppearance• Name largest text on the page at 12 - 14 font size and 10-12 font size for other text• Easy to read and well organized• Professional quality paper• Use conservative font such as Times New Roman or Arial• Use boldface to highlight specific areas, be consistent in bolding• Avoid underlining and Italicizing• Limit to 2 pagesFor Your Information• Boldface your degrees• State you GPA if is above 3.5• Be aware of past / present tenses and ensure consistency• If using chronological format, information should be in reverse chronological orderThings to avoid• Using the word “I”• Long-winded, wordy sentences• Hand written corrections or additions• Using abbreviations or unfamiliar jargon• A photograph• Personal data (age, marital status, gender etc.)• Political or religious affiliationsResume Expectations• Clear and concise• Accomplishment focused• One – two pages maximum• No personal information• Honesty
  26. 26. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  26  Resume Critique ChecklistBy Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume ExpertResumes normally get less than a 15-second glance at the first screening. If someone has asked you toreview his resume and you want to help him ensure it gets read -- or want to know if your own is up topar -- be sure you can answer yes to the following questions:First Impression• Does the resume look original and not based on a template?• Is the resume inviting to read, with clear sections and ample white space?• Does the design look professional rather than like a simple typing job?• Is a qualifications summary included so the reader immediately knows the applicants valueproposition?• Is the resumes length and overall appearance appropriate given the career level andobjective?Appearance• Does the resume provide a visually pleasing, polished presentation?• Is the font appropriate for the career level and industry?• Are there design elements such as bullets, bolding and lines to guide readers eyes throughthe document and highlight important content?• Is there a good balance between text and white space?• Are margins even on all sides?• Are design elements like spacing and font size used consistently throughout the document?• If the resume is longer than a page, does the second page contain a heading? Is the pagebreak formatted correctly?Resume Sections• Are all resume sections clearly labeled?• Are sections placed in the best order to highlight the applicants strongest credentials?• Is the work history listed in reverse chronological order (most recent job first)?Career Goal
  27. 27. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  27  • Is the career objective included toward the top of the resume in a headline, objective orqualifications summary?• Is the resume targeted to a specific career goal and not trying to be a one-size-fits-alldocument?• If this is a resume for career change, is the current objective clearly stated, along withsupporting details showing how past experience is relevant to the new goal?Accomplishments• Does the resume include a solid listing of career accomplishments?• Are accomplishments quantified by using numbers, percentages, dollar amounts or otherconcrete measures of success?• Do accomplishment statements begin with strong, varied action verbs?• Are accomplishments separated from responsibilities?Relevance• Is the information relevant to hiring managers needs?• Does the resumes content support the career goal?• Is the resume keyword-rich, packed with appropriate buzzwords and industry acronyms?• Is applicable additional information, such as awards and affiliations, included, while personalinformation like marital status, age and nationality unrelated to the job target omitted?Writing Style• Is the resume written in an implied first-person voice with personal pronouns, such as I, meand my, avoided?• Is the content flow logical and easy to understand?• Is the resume as perfect as possible, with no careless typos or spelling, grammar or syntaxerrors?  
  28. 28. Instructional  Design  and  Delivery  Get  the  job  you  Want  28  Evaluation FormTraining: …………………………………………………… Date: …………….Please fill out the evaluation form to best reflect your learning, experience and suggestions for usto improve the training. Please color the circle that best describes your opinion.Note: If you do choose “Undecided,” feel free to elaborate in the Comments section at the end ofthe questions.StronglyAgreeAgree Disagree StronglyDisagreeUndecidedContent and DesignObjectives were clearly specified and followed ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Material was clear and detailed ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Activities were appropriate for the learning ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Content and activities were well organized andeasy to follow¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Handouts were useful ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Instructor / FacilitatorQuality of instruction was good ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Instructor was knowledgeable ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦Instructor encouraged questions, participation &discussion¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ClassroomClassroom was bright, airy and clean ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦The room set up was appropriate ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦The A/V equipment worked well ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦CommentsPlease answer these questions to help us improve the training. You can use the back sideof the paper, if needed1. What aspects of the training can be improved? Please explain.2. Would you recommend this training to others?3. Other comments?Thank you for your participation