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Short Form Video: Presentation to the Newsroom
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Short Form Video: Presentation to the Newsroom


Presentation to the newsroom on the basics of Vine and Instagram, 4/9/2014.

Presentation to the newsroom on the basics of Vine and Instagram, 4/9/2014.

Published in Social Media , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Short Form Video Vine and Instagram
  • 2. What is Vine? • 6 second videos • Owned by Twitter • Loops, with or without sound • Touch the screen to record
  • 3. Uses of Vine • Stop motion - the potential of 180 frames https://vine.co/v/MKdw7lj1i5d • Before and afters https://vine.co/v/MKP2eeDgj21 • Time lapse https://vine.co/v/MuOvD1UH3vp • A “knowledge nugget.” https://vine.co/v/bpUFdB9h31Y
  • 4. Tips • Prepare for the loop: think about the big picture • You’re telling a 6 second story – define your plot and your characters. • Put your content in the text, make the video a fun visual
  • 5. People to Follow on Vine • Pinot: Great stop motion. https://vine.co/v/MaVDa7zWLbO • Zach King: Good at Before & Afters. https://vine.co/v/MeX0ztv3W30
  • 6. Ways Journalists Can Use Vine • Breaking news https://vine.co/v/bFdt5uwg6JZ https://vine.co/v/hZh0LhagtvV • Behind the scenes https://vine.co/v/hz7jEAXpKQr • Show our newsroom https://vine.co/v/b1iiAPD0h2A https://vine.co/v/b5Qt2mtKWgx • Peek into our feature reportinghttps://vine.co/v/bTgFpql9J2Y • Quick reactions https://vine.co/v/hvXvgPQiqmV
  • 7. Our Newsroom on Vine • April in the director’s chair: https://vine.co/v/bYpbYP7bzYj • Teasing stories: https://vine.co/v/MejxtKP0d0J
  • 8. What is Instagram Video? • 15 second videos • Owned by Facebook • Editable • 150m active users (1.2 billion likes per day) • User accounts can be private
  • 9. Uses of Instagram Video • Professional videos • Stop motion – potential of 450 frames • Time lapse • A “knowledge nugget.” Person saying the fact, visualize data
  • 10. Ways Journalists Can Use Instagram Video • Instafax – short snippets of news http://instagram.com/p/jwQYOpOj67 • Linear storytelling (the super short story) http://instagram.com/p/mOCnFOs99c/ • Time lapse and stop motion http://instagram.com/p/lU7ZFvyA6K/ • Give a “knowledge” nugget
  • 11. Our Newsroom on Instagram video • Repackaging our stories http://instagram.com/p/kZ6NLeP3tu/ • Quick takeaways http://instagram.com/p/lDfr9mv3he/ • Data viz: http://instagram.com/p/ldKkB8v3h0/ • Daily promos: http://instagram.com/p/lzyU9zv3ov/
  • 12. This Week’s Challenge https://vine.co/v/MerTxidLKnI