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Polling the Wisdom of the Masses: Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
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Polling the Wisdom of the Masses: Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding


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Learn how to crowdsource ideas, feedback, advice, solutions, and money for your classroom.

Learn how to crowdsource ideas, feedback, advice, solutions, and money for your classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Polling the Wisdom of the Masses:Crowdsourcing&CrowdfundingTorrey Trust
  • 2. Twitter in 60 Seconds Take 60 seconds to watch the following clip about thepower of Crowdsourcing via Twitter:
  • 3. Agenda Crowdsourcing 101 Why? How? What? Crowdfunding
  • 4. Crowdsourcing 101
  • 5. Examples “Web MDs: Social Media are Changing How WeDiagnose Disease” (Alice Park, TIME Magazine) Competitions Red weather balloon challenge Colleges Olympic Ticket Fancierhealth
  • 6. Why Crowdsource? Utilize the Wisdom of the Crowd Crowdsourcing Activity Rules: Do not look up the answer on an Internet search engine Give your best (most educated guess) Everyone must participate
  • 7. Why Crowdsource? Results Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 309 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 734 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: 652 Compare your response to the average of all of theresponses – which response was closer to the actualnumber of pages?
  • 8. Why Crowdsource? Utilize Wisdom of Crowd Find Answers/Solutions Fundraise Learn
  • 9. What You Should Crowdsource Solutions Tech Problems, Classroom Management Issues Feedback Lesson Plans New Classes/Clubs Resources Classroom (equipment, supplies) Tech (websites, web 2.0 tools, apps) Advice New textbooks, Starting an After-School Program, DifferentiatingInstruction
  • 10. How-To Build Global Support Network Ask Your Network Blog Tweet with Hashtags Discussion Forum Post Collaborative Document (Google/TypePad) Tip: Cast a Wide Net
  • 11. Crowdsourcing Tools Edmodo vs. Ning
  • 12. Crowdsourcing Tools Twitter Hashtags (#edchat, #edtech) Wider Audience Twitter Handle (@torreytrust) Direct tweet toward a person
  • 13. Crowdsourcing Tools LinkedIn Facebook BetterLesson EdWeb Yahoo! & GoogleGroups Others?
  • 14. Crowdsourcing Tips Select the most effective tools Networking & Netiquette Verify the information your receive If your crowd has questions, give answers
  • 15. Crowdfunding Name (Global Alexa Rank) Kickstarter (746) IndieGoGo (4,301) GoFundMe (15,586) ChipIn (27,977) RocketHub (55,230) GiveForward (72,001) Donors Choose
  • 16. Crowdfunding Tips Creative Pitch Make a video Offer tiered incentives (i.e., cards from kids) Be bold & think big ($1000, $500, $100) More initial funding = More funders Closer to funding goal = more donations occur Leverage your global support network &crowdsource tools Connect with people with large networks and leverage theirnetworks
  • 17. Questions
  • 18. CreditsPresentation Designed by:Torrey TrustDoctoral CandidateEducation: Teaching & LearningGevirtz Graduate School of EducationUC Santa BarbaraK-12 Tech Tools Database Founder
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