Building a Digital Reputation 2.0
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Building a Digital Reputation 2.0






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Building a Digital Reputation 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. BUILDING YOUR DIGITAL REPUTATION Torrey Trust Graduate Division Academic Peer/Tech Ninja
  • 2. What is a Digital Footprint/Reputation?   Online archive of information about you (written/posted by you and by others about you) Common footprint/reputation tools      Registered Domain Names ( Social Media Content Sharing (i.e., Slideshare, YouTube, Prezi, Flickr), Research Gate, Google Scholar Citations Blogs
  • 3. What is Your Digital Reputation?  Google Your Name   “Torrey Trust” (use quotes) Add +ucsb (your undergraduate school or high school) if you have a common name  i.e.,  First 3-5 Results   “Torrey Trust” +ucsb Positive/Negative/Not You? BrandYourself 
  • 4. Building a Digital Rep  2 Benefits of a Strong Digital Reputation:  Give potential employers a more in-depth look at your skills, expertise, and experience  Stand out from the crowd (especially when 300+ people are applying to the job you want)
  • 5. Stand Out from the Crowd
  • 6. Step 1: Clean It Up!  Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube  Untag/delete inappropriate content  Privacy Settings  Don’t Hide – Take Control  Employers are weary when they search your name and can’t find anything about you
  • 7. Be Mindful: Posts Are Not Private
  • 8. Step 2: Create a Personal Brand  Personal Brand*      Focus on passion, interests, talents that make you who you are Ask “What’s your red sole?” (i.e., what makes you unique?) Own your name Create your look Post valuable content *Information from: Live from #NAWBOWBC: Be Yourself; it’s good for business
  • 9. Joe Sabado, SIS&T Sabado Digital Branding– Joe Sabado Joe Sabado, SIS&T Digital Branding– Joe Let’s connect! Twitter: @joesabado
  • 10. Step 3: Establish Your Expertise  Comment  Write  Join  blog posts/guest posts/tweets LinkedIn, Google+, & FB Groups Participate in discussions  Create  Get on blogs content that people will want to share your name out there
  • 11. Shared PowerPoints Guest Post
  • 12. Step 4: Build a Strong Professional Presence Facebook  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Twitter  Claim Your Name (   Build an online portfolio  Google Sites  Blog  Create a nameplate
  • 13. Google Sites Resume Google Sites Resume
  • 14. Nameplates Nameplates
  • 15. LinkedIn Features: •Publications •Presentations •Projects •Recommendations •Awards •Classes •Organizations •Languages •Certifications •Skills & Expertise •Groups •Upload images
  • 16. LinkedIn Do’s & Don’ts  Do:      Maintain an updated profile Build relationships with your connections Participate in group discussions Ask for & give recommendations and skills/expertise endorsements) Don’t    Leave anything blank Share private data/information (e.g., research papers or presentations from your lab) Use copywritten materials
  • 17. Getting Started: LinkedIn  New to LinkedIn:    LinkedIn Novice:   Create an account – Follow the steps provided by LinkedIn Create your personal brand, add descriptive text, join groups, add connections LinkedIn Pro:  Rearrange the modules based on your next steps (e.g., grad school vs. job market), add projects/images/presentations, ask for recommendations, click “Improve Your Profile”
  • 18. Step 5: Market Your Digital Reputation  Select one site (e.g., to host your materials and link to your other sites (e.g., LinkedIn, Blogspot)   Establish your expertise   Add the site url to your e-mail signature, business cards, cover letters, and resume/CV Share your site url when you comment/write guest posts Use social media   Share your site with your network You need to proactively market/promote yourself
  • 19.
  • 20. Continue to Build Your Digital Reputation  alrep
  • 21. Questions?
  • 22. Photo Credits        Social Searchers Infographic: Man Drinking Alcohol: Photo by Nathan Perkel/Gallery Stock Google Yourself Challenge Infographic: Christopher Penn: Social Media Resume: Rick Klau’s CV (Google Sites): LinkedIn Makeover: Social Media Image: