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  1. 1. Olympic games 2012The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as theGames of the XXX Olympiad or "London 2012 OlympicGames", are scheduled to take place in London, England,United Kingdom from 27 July to 12 August 2012. London willbecome the first city to officially host the modern OlympicGames three times,having previously done so in 1908 and in1948.The Olympics prompted a redevelopment of many of theareas of London in which the games are to be held –particularly themed towards sustainability. While the budgetary considerations have generated some criticism, the Games will make use of many venues which were already in place before the bid, including Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, Wimbledon All England Club, Lords Cricket Ground, The O2 Arena, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, and the Excel Centre. By the bid submission deadline of 15 July 2003, nine cities had submitted bids to host the 2012 Olympics.
  2. 2. Venues • The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will use a mixture of new venues, existing and historic facilities, and temporary facilities, some of them in well-known locations such as Hyde Park and Horse Guards Parade. Some of the new facilities will be reused in their Olympic form, while others, will be resized or relocated.The majority of venues have been divided into three zoneswithin Greater London: the Olympic Zone, the River Zoneand the Central Zone. In addition to these are those venuesthat, by necessity, are outside the boundaries of GreaterLondon, such as the Weymouth and Portland NationalSailing Academy on the Isle of Portland in Dorset which willhost the sailing events, some 125 miles (200 km) southwestof the Olympic Park. The football tournament will be stagedat several grounds around the UK. Work began on the Parkin December 2006 when a sports hall in Eton Manor waspulled down.The athletes village in Portland was completedin September 2011.
  3. 3. These cities were Havana, Istanbul,Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, N ew York City, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. On 18 May 2004, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as a result of a scored technical evaluation, reduced the number of cities to five: London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, and Paris.• By 19 November 2004, all five candidate cities hadsubmitted their candidate file to the InternationalOlympic Committee.On 6 June 2005, the InternationalOlympic Committee released its evaluation reports forthe five candidate cities. Although these reports didnot contain any scores or rankings, the evaluationreport for Paris was considered the most positive, nowfollowed closely by London which had narrowed downmost of the gap observed by the initial evaluation in2004 regarding Paris. Also New York and Madridobtained very positive evaluation reports.
  4. 4. Murad Qureshi, a member of the London Assembly, ispushing for a Twenty20 cricket showcase tournament tobe included in London. Twenty 20 cricket did originally bidfor inclusion in 2012, but was not one of the finalistsports.Netball is being drafted as apossible demonstration sport at the 2012 games. This ideawas backed by then British prime minister GordonBrown, suggesting that it would encourage more girls andyoung women to play sports. The IOC eliminateddemonstration sports following the 1992 SummerOlympics. However, special tournaments have been run for non- Olympic sports during the games, such as the Wushu tournament at the 2008 Summer Olympics. There has been speculation that the London Sevens tournament held at Twickenham as part of the IRB Sevens World Series could be put back to coincide with the Olympics.Following the awarding of the 2012 Olympic Games to London, the government announced that special dispensation would be granted to allow the various shooting events to go ahead, as had been the case previously for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.