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Tips on how to use Social Media in Job Development

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Intro social media

  1. 1. Career Employment CounsellorLinked In Heavy WeightCareeradex Thought LeaderSocial Mediaand CareerDevelopment
  2. 2. The “secrets” to a lasting reputation through networking are…1. made from a consistent message2. that is built on a reputation3. from the impressions of others
  3. 3. One of the most famous, lasting reputations in theknown world came from an avid networker thattravelled with about a dozen close friends and used aconsistent, honest message that has been maintainedby the perception and energy of others….…and he did it all while wearing sandals.
  4. 4. Social Media is a frame……therefore what is the artwork that is going to be in your frame? ….and what type of artwork are you going to look for to add to your own collection?
  5. 5. Keep the conversation going Engage people, stay in the right channels positive, keep them coming back Social Your Media Reputation - Channels (Your Brand) Opportunities are made with time and effort Going back and forth with leaders, adding to your brand withPositive conversations + – measuring and managing= socialsuccess success! their perceptions regular interactions for your media
  6. 6. People do business with other people… Resumes and Interviews • Shows you can do the job • Shows what you have done in the past • Shows an answer to specific questions • Are limited in terms of resources and reach
  7. 7. People do business with other people… Social Media Management using LinkedIn • Perform research into company culture for your decisions • Create relationships and reputations before the job is even opened for others • Shows how you are going to do the job because it showcases your values through conversations
  8. 8. People do business with other people… Social Media Management using LinkedIn • Unlimited in terms of resources and reach – global potential to meet influential decision makers • Shows that you are the person that they want to do the job with based from your reputation and their perception
  9. 9. LinkedIn is the best vehicle for professionals seeking opportunitiesPassive features Active features• Summary of your • Networking for the future accomplishments • Answering questions to create reputation• Recommendations • Research into• Endorsements organizations, sectors, and trends• Applications • Professional Development that is of a self created “Protean” nature
  10. 10. Social Media is simply……people having conversations online.
  11. 11. You were made with a design in mind. You have two ears, and one mouth.Therefore – listen twice as much as you talk, and join in with appropriate comments.“Even the best piece of literature in the world is still simply a dictionary written out of order.”
  12. 12. Chris Kulbaba, handle – “linkedinheavyweight “ Please feel free to connect with me – …and simply begin to have a conversation online.