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City of Toronto Youth Recruitment - OTEC

  1. 1. ONTARIO TOURISM EDUCATION CORPORATION (OTEC) Tourism and Hospitality Overview and Resources Adam Morrison Director, Project Development
  2. 2. About OTEC • Facilitated training and program development • E-learning & blended learning programs • OTEC partners with Provincial Tourism Associations, 2000 businesses, 260+ educational institutions, 100+ employment serving agencies, and many government bodies • OTEC has trained/certified 175,000+ individuals • 1,000’s of high school students have received training for OTEC’s Service Excellence program
  3. 3. Our Role • Ontario’s Tourism Sector Human Resource Council & Workforce Development Organization • Ontario’s representative on the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) • Represents and administers the National Sector Council’s programs within the Province of Ontario
  4. 4. Industry Research OTEC Research and Reports • Labour market research & reports • Workforce Skills Audits / Needs Assessment • Demographic Profiles • Compensation research & reports • OTEC liaises & collaborates with local workforce planning boards, economic development offices, labour, and Community Futures
  5. 5. Industry Research Provincial Share of Canada’s Tourism Sector Employment Source: 2011 Tourism Sector Highlights – Labour Force Survey, CTHRC, 2011.
  6. 6. Industry Research Labour Shortage Projections The Ontario tourism industry will face labour shortages in the not too distant future Source: The Future of Canada’s Tourism Sector: Shortages to Resurface as Labour Markets Tighten, CTHRC, 2012.
  7. 7. Industry Research Labour Shortage Projections • The tourism sector returned to labour shortages in 2013 • Most acute shortages forecasted in food and beverage services • By 2025, the Ontario tourism sector will see a labour shortage equivalent to almost 67,453 full-year jobs Source: (The Future of Canada’s Tourism Sector: Shortages to Resurface as Labour Markets Tighten, CTHRC, 2012).
  8. 8. Industry Research Changing Demographics Immigrants held 27.3% of jobs in 2010, an important source of labour for tourism industries in Ontario (Statistics Canada, HRM of the Tourism Satellite Account: A Pilot Study for Ontario, 2010) 47% of immigrants working in tourism are in Ontario (CTHRC, Newcomers to Canada Employed in Tourism, 2010) Before middle of next decade, all labour force growth will come from immigration (Statistics Canada, Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Employer Road Map, 2009) Aboriginal population growing at faster rate than non-Aboriginal; over 600,000 Aboriginal youth will enter labour market 2001- 2026 (Statistics Canada, Census 2006, Indian & Northern Affairs Canada)
  9. 9. Workforce Development Solutions National Occupation Standards and Certifications • Led and administered by CTHRC, OTEC and other provincial/territorial HROs • Developed, validated, and maintained by Canadian industry professionals • Resources based on National Occupational standards • Over 50 tourism & hospitality occupation standards and 30 certification options
  10. 10. Workforce Development Solutions Education Partnerships: High Schools 325 High Schools from 60 Ontario School Boards Career Awareness • Discover Tourism website • Labour Market Information Programming Support • Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) • Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT) • emerit standards and certification, coop, service excellence licensing agreements, etc.
  11. 11. Workforce Development Solutions Education Partnerships: Post-Secondary 25 Public & Private Colleges Programming Support • emerit National Occupational Standards Integration • Curriculum development and course materials • Dual credentialing • Prior learning recognition • Transferability Example: HOHTO-CTHRC Curriculum Mapping
  12. 12. Workforce Development Solutions Projects and Partnerships Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration (MCI) Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Service Canada/Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) City of Ottawa City of Toronto Employment Ontario (MTCU) United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Corrections Canada Unite Here – Hospitality Workers’ Training Centre RDEE Ontario College workforce development projects (Employment Ontario)
  13. 13. What if… • You could have an exciting career with opportunity, travel and diversity? • You could have a flexible job in a fun, fast paced industry? • You could have the freedom to run your own business, doing something you love? • You could have a work/travel vacation that could take you around the world? You CAN! Discover the Path to Your Future… Discover Tourism!
  14. 14. In Canada… • There are over 400 different jobs in tourism! • 1.7 million people work in tourismrelated occupations • 2.1 million will be employed by 2030 • 380,000 new jobs are expected over the next 15 years Part time, full time or seasonal, you'll find the right opportunity and a work environment that's friendly and fun!
  15. 15. Tourism Offers Something for YOU • Work on a ski slope • Develop marketing strategies for an international organization • Prepare gourmet meals • Operate your own tour company Jobs in Tourism can be fast paced, fun and flexible. They can not only help you through school, but offer adventurous, meaningful, rewarding – even exotic – careers!
  16. 16. What area interests you most? • • • • • Accommodation Food and Beverage Services Recreation and Entertainment Transportation Travel services
  17. 17. Accommodation • Employs over 211,000 • Offers flexibility to work in different regions, establishments and countries • Has unlimited opportunity for career growth • Encourages ongoing training and skills development Consider yourself in any of the following occupational areas… • • • • Front Desk and Guest Services Administration/Management Fitness, Health and Wellness Maintenance and Housekeeping
  18. 18. Food & Beverage Services • Employs over 858,000 people • Provides an excellent training ground to begin your career • Offers variety: fast service, fine dining, pubs, bars, nightclubs and lounges, bookstores, casinos and more! Consider occupations such as… • • • • • • Administration/Management Sales/Marketing Chef/Cook/Kitchen Staff Room Service Staff Food and Beverage Servers/Bartenders Host/Hostess
  19. 19. Recreation & Entertainment • Approximately 270,000 employed • Offers unique, exciting and adventurous work and career opportunities • Combines special expertise with love and knowledge for indoor and outdoor activities Consider occupations such as… • • • • • • Outdoor Adventure and Ecotourism Ski, Golf and Tennis Resorts Parks and Attractions Marine Facilities Convention Facilities Casinos
  20. 20. Transportation • An essential part of tourism and a significant employer • Over a quarter of a million Canadians work in transportation • Range of occupations includes customer service, maintenance, management, sa les, flight attendant, limo driver and much more! Consider occupations such as… • • • • Road – Bus Driver, Cab Driver Air – Flight Attendant, Pilot Rail – Purser, Host, Server Marine – Cruise Ship, Water Taxi, Tour Operator
  21. 21. Travel Services • Employs over 40,000 • Coordinate accommodations, tours, transportation, food and beverage and/or attractions • Plan special events, conferences, meetings, trade shows and conventions Consider occupations such as… • Retail Travel Agency Manager or Agent • Wholesale Tour Operator
  22. 22. Resources, Education & Training Visit for national, provincial/territorial and career/job, education and training resources including: • • • • Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism ( WORKink ( Career Edge – Graduates ( Youth Link (
  23. 23. For more information regarding careers in tourism please visit: • Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council ( for labour market information and research • Discover Tourism ( for sector information and emerging opportunities • emerit ( for training and professional certifications
  24. 24. Connect with Us! CTHRC DiscoverTourismCanada @CTHRC @DiscoverTourism Canadian Tourism HR Council & Emerit TourismHRCouncil CANADIAN TOURISM HUMAN RESOURCE COUNCIL CONSEIL CANADIEN DES RESSOURCES HUMAINES EN TOURISME
  25. 25. Develop. Perform. Succeed.