Blog Smart, Blog Often: Be You!


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Slides for a 90 min presentation on content marketing in the Real Estate space. Anything from what to write about to how and where to share to who to share it with and some ideas about simple video blogging. Topic is real estate but can be applied to any industry. It's all about sitting down and putting the content together.

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Blog Smart, Blog Often: Be You!

  1. 1. Ara Mamourian - Broker of Record Spring Realty Inc. Blog Smart - Blog Often and most importantly: Be You!
  2. 2. 5 Components of a good Blog ❖ Headline ❖ Feature Image ❖ Original Viewpoint ❖ Courage to be Imperfect ❖ Emotion and Humanity ❖ Video - Most important now.
  3. 3. Headline ❖ Describe your content in an honest and attractive way ❖ Make BOLD statements (no that's not a KW plug) ❖ Be Concise ❖ Make it link baiting (you will go the Hell)
  4. 4. Feature Image Photoshop Online Membership $49/mth Memecrunch Over App for Instagram et al.
  5. 5. Have an Opinion, be Original ❖ What are people in your hood/demographic talking about?
  6. 6. Courage to be Imperfect ❖ What if I get negative comments? ❖ What if nobody reads my stuff? ❖ What if my writing or on camera style sucks? ❖ WHO CARES! DO BETTER NEXT TIME
  7. 7. Emotion & Humanity ❖ Speak to your audience as if they were right in front of you ❖ Put your feelings into it. Are you writing about something that bothers or excites you? Make your readers feel that. ❖ Make a connection.
  8. 8. –Ara Mamourian - as quoted on “If you aren't expressing your opinions strongly in your content, you're losing opportunities to create relationships. After all, it's the content that sparks the conversations which lead to relationships - and if nurtured authentically, those relationships drive transactions. ”
  9. 9. Transaction Relationshi p Conversation Content
  10. 10. What to write about ❖ Emails to clients: loads of "pillar" posts there ❖ Milestones ❖ Local trends and issues ❖ Market reports (don't just regurgitate info. make is fun and shareable) ❖ Client Experiences (on showings, unique clients)
  11. 11. Video Blogging
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Where to Share ❖ Email - please don't overlook email: CASL overview ❖ Facebook Page & Ads: Pay to play ❖ Google Plus - authorship: talk changes and ratings ❖ Pinterest: see how images are now important? Images with text have more engagement than those without
  14. 14. Canadian Anti-Spam Laws ❖ Prove a business relationship regardless of opt-in ❖ Prove opt-in: In email, open house sheet, anything ❖ Don't email unless you can prove the above ❖ Must have unsubscribe option ❖ Big fines coming in 2017: free for all till then ❖ Stop sending those "CONTINUE TO STAY IN TOUCH" emails! All that proves is that you were emailing them illegally in the first place!
  15. 15. Email Services I Use Shoot - Upload - Send Right from your phone?
  16. 16. Email services I use.
  17. 17. Facebook...oh evil Facebook ❖ Biz page only please: Stop spamming friends on your personal feeds. ❖ Create lists if on personal page to target audience ❖ Targeted ads on biz page - attractive imagery key here ❖ Only 1-2% of your fans will see if you don't pay...thanks Daddy Zuckerberg. ❖ Post image then link in "comment" of post. Think mobile.
  18. 18. Google Plus - Authorship ❖ Daddy Google has changed things again Looks like this again
  19. 19. Google Plus is not Dead Not only can you organize your circles into groups but you can push notifications directly to email for important blogs. Gets you around CASL!
  20. 20. Pinterest
  21. 21. Let's look at some of YOUR sites ;)
  22. 22. People to Follow ❖ Hawaii Life Realty ❖ Boutique Realty Group ❖ Anne Jones Windermere Realty ❖ Bamboo Realty ❖ Live Urban Denver - Stacie Perrault ❖ 1000watt
  23. 23. Q & A ❖ Questions? Let's do this.