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What Apple can teach SMEs
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What Apple can teach SMEs


Apple's Secret Method: how to use them to re-design a Winning Website Visitor Experience

Apple's Secret Method: how to use them to re-design a Winning Website Visitor Experience

Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Apple’s Secret Method How to use them to get more website leads for free Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 2. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk It’s FREE to think different. But will you? Applying most of Apple’s thinking to your online lead generation is also free. Again, but will you? FREE? Really? It must be a trick. No, it’s been an open secret for sometime. Think Different. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 3. If you find the insights in this presentation relevant, you will like our ’49 Questions’ eBook which you can download at our website www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 4. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk User Experience Thinking1 Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 5. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Products must evoke feelings Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 6. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Be obsessive with user experience Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 7. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Give the best customer experience you can afford. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 8. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Attention to detail Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 9. Win over sceptics “We had to convince people who are sceptical, who don’t know our products, who don’t know what they can do with these products. When they walk into the store, there has to be an experience that allows them to see, touch, feel, use and do stuff with the MAC” “Allen Olivo, Apple Senior Director Retail Marketing 2001 - 2003 www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 10. Education, education, education Apple got their products in front of as many people as possible. Eventually, people walked in and it allowed Apple to educate people, to show them how to use their product. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 11. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Let them try before they buy Get uninformed people to try your product so they are inclined to consider a future purchase. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 12. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Don’t let the store turn people off Say no to .... clutter, rows and rows of pile-them-high products, pushy salespeople, unknowledgeable sales people. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 13. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Build confidence Make people feel comfortable about coming inside Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 14. It’s about getting into people’s buying decision www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 15. Apple spend hours and hours and hours over a ‘close’ button. They would go through hundreds of different design iterations. That kind of attention to detail means Apple can’t do a lot of things at once. They have to do a few things really, really well. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 16. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Product Design Thinking Design drives everything (but always influence by great user experience) 2 Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 17. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “Putting things together in a way that nobody has done before.” - Steve Jobs Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 18. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Don’t get handcuffed to money, if you are serious about great products Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 19. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Remember that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Focus Thinking “ 3 Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 20. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “Strategy is figuring out what NOT to do” - Steve Jobs Apple printers were killed off by Steve Jobs because they couldn’t make them great. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 21. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “We really do have a strong belief that we are building products for ourselves.” - Steve Jobs Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 22. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “Focus is not saying yes. It’s about saying no to really great ideas” Steve Jobs rejected pleas to build a personal digital assistant like the PalmPilot. The Apple Newton was killed by Steve Jobs Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 23. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Apple knows it is set up to do just two or three amazing things a year Just pick one thing you can do that’s great.“ - Steve Jobs Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 24. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Just pick one Steve Jobs was invited as a guess speaker by Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo, to talk to his 200 top executives. You have talented people and more money than you could possibly need. I can’t figure out though, if, you’re a content company or a technology company. “ Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 25. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “The goal of Apple is not to make money but to make great products. If they are great, people will buy them and we’ll make money.” - Sir Jonathan Ive “Focus on building great products not making money. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 26. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “Thinking” Thinking4 Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 27. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Apple managers don’t do anything and everything. They do what they’re good at. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 28. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Feedback: the breakfast of champions Constant feedback is how Apple churns out great products. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 29. A-Players • It pays to go after the best you can afford. Figure out the difference in contribution between the worst and best. • The best can be 5 - 50 times faster, better and more innovative than the average. Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 30. Ego • Apple don’t do egos. • Faith, beliefs, trust and ego ... make sure you know the differences. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 31. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk “Really small team work on really important projects. That is one of the advantages of being in a start-up” - Andrew Borovsky, Apple Design Lead 2007 - 2008 Stay Nimble Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 32. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Apple don’t get settled. It’s how they managed to grow big and act small like a start-up. ‘Not settled’ is a start- up’s competitive advantage over the big guys. Settled won’t get you from to Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 33. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Marketing Thinking Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity. 5 Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 34. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk iPhone had functions and features as long as your arm. Apple chose three. • Revolutionary Phone • Internet In Your Pocket • Best iPod so far Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 35. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Make messages consistent, clear, concise and repeatable Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 36. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Apple’s thinking: Use them online, from search to conversion, FOR FREE. Conversion From search to Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 37. • Evoke Feelings: does your online experience stir your visitor? • Educate: does your online experience educate sceptics and visitors? • Try and they buy: does your online experience get visitors to see, touch, feel, use and do things with your product? 1. User experience Think different about visitor experience? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 38. • Turn off: Is your online experience cluttered, unfriendly and pushy? • Confidence: does your online experience build visitor confidence? • Come inside: do visitors feel comfortable coming into your website? 1. User experience Think different about visitor experience? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 39. • Attention to detail? • Handcuff to a spreadsheet: Are you letting finance get in the way of a great visitor experience? 1. User experience Think different about visitor experience? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 40. • Different: Has your product been put together in a way that nobody else has done before? • Better: Would you buy your product? Now, be honest! • Best: Have you cut corners? • Handcuffed: to money? It’s beautifully made. And performs beautifully. 2. Product Design Think different about how you have presented your product/service online? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 41. • One Thing: are you focused on telling people the one thing that you do that’s great? • Saying No: Have you figured out what should not be part of your online presence? • Brilliance: Does your online presence say you are jack of all trades or master of a few? N ! 3. Focus Think different about your online presence focus? www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 42. • Money vs. Product: are you focused on making money or making a great online experience? Your focus will taint your messages. N ! 3. Focus Think different about your online presence focus? www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 43. • Anything & Everything: Are you trying to make your online presence work by doing ‘anything and everything’ yourself? • Constant Feedback: Who’s giving you feedback so you can improve your online presence? • Are you handcuffed to money: Are you buying the best you can afford? 4. Thinking Think different about your thinking? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 44. • Ego: Do you have a HiPPO online presence (Highest Paid Person Opinion) • Nimble: Do you have a nimble, start- up like online presence so you can compete with the big boys? • Settled: Are you settled in your online ways and failing to turn your business’ potential into performance? 4. Thinking Think different about your thinking? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 45. • Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity • The 3 C’s: are your messages consistent, clear and concise? • Repeatable: are your message easily repeatable? • Validate: How do you know they are all of the above? In other words, how are you validating your messages? 5. Marketing Think different about your messages? Across the board? Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 46. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Apple’s thinking is alI about getting into the Buying Decision. Rational • Price • Function • Feature • Reliability • Warranty Emotional • Brand Image • Look • Touch • Fear • Feel Good Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 47. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Website, social media, SEO and emails are vehicles to deliver visitor experience. Vast majority of businesses end up driving the vehicles without taking any visitors with them. It’s not about this Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 48. Download our free eBook 49 questions for a cost effective User Experience make-over www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 49. Insights and thoughts in this presentation were inspired by Adam Lashinsky’s Inside Apple. Buy it www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk Wednesday, 26 June 13
  • 50. www.bramhall-premier-webdesigns.co.uk No Crapware (Steve Jobs’ favourite words) One more thing If you are not really, willing and able to do great then at least be ready, willing and able to kill off your crapware. Wednesday, 26 June 13