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Bob marley presentation lucys assignment Bob marley presentation lucys assignment Presentation Transcript

  • Bob Marley (Nesta Robert Marley)(6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981)
  • StyleBob marley is a Jamaican singer, musician and song writer. He was the leadsinger and rhythm guitarist for the reggae band Bob Marley And The Wailers.Bob was influenced a lot by his homeland Jamaica. He wrote a lot of songsabout political views and the culture of Jamaica.His visual style reflects his roots in the Rastafarian ghetto culture.
  • GenreBob marley was a reggae and ska artist. Most of his songsreflect on his Rastafarian back round. He was best known forsome of his biggest hits such as ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘I Shot TheSheriff’, ‘Could You Be Loved’, ‘Stir It Up’, ‘Redemption Song’,‘Jamming’, ‘One Love’ and ‘Three Little Birds’.
  • ProductsBob Marley released many albums such as:1. Uprising2. Birth of a Legend3. Kaya4. Exodus5. Natty Dread6. Burnin’7. Confrontation8. African Herbsman9. Soul Shakedown10. Legend11. Catch A Fire12. Rastaman Vibration
  • Career paths..December 1962- Marley left school at 14, and trained as a welder he was also concentrating on music. He recorded twosingles, Judge Not (Unless you Judge Yourself) and One Cup of Coffee at a local studio by Leslie Kong , owner of theBeverleys label.1963- He Forms the Wailing Rudeboys with some of his Trench town friends peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston they are joinedby Junior Braithwaite and female vocalists Beverly Kelso and Cherry Green.January 1964- The Wailers first single, Simmer Down, reached Number 1 in Jamaicas JBC Radio Chart. The group began torelease a series of singles that featured regularly in the Jamaican charts.February 1966- Bob Marley Married Rita (Alpharita) Anderson.November 1968- Marley begun exploring Rastafarianism. He met Mortimo Planno of the Divine Theocratic Temple of Rastafariin Kingston. Beginning of Rastafarian influence on his music.1969- Marley fully embraces Rastafarianism along with the rest of the Wailers,1970- Debut Wailers album "Soul Rebel" was released.November 1973- Second Island album "Burnin" released.October 1974- “Natty Dread" released. The difference with this album is that the group is now called Bob Marley and TheWailers.
  • ContinuedSpring 1977- The Wailers are based in London, on and off, for three months while working on their next album, during this timeMarley and Aston Barret are arrested and fined for Possession of marijuanaJune 1977- "Exodus" is released it reaches Number 8 in the UK album charts, later hitting number 20 in the States.September 1977- In Miami, a cancerous growth is diagnosed on one of Marleys toes- the press is informed that it is a foot injuryreceived while playing football.February 1978- The album "Kaya" is recorded in England: the single Is This Love reaches the UK Top Ten.July 1980- The single "Could You Be Loved", taken from the album "Uprising", reaches UK Number 5.September 1980- During dates at Madison Square Garden, New York, supporting the Commodores, Marley collapses whilejogging Cancer is detected.November 1980- Marley is baptized at Kingstons Ethiopian Orthodox Church, marking his conversion to ChristianRastafarianism he takes the name Berhane Selassie.11 May 1981- Marley dies at Miamis Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, days after arriving. He is buried on 21 May after lying in stateat the National Arena, Kingston.
  • Target audienceBob Marleys music and products are aimed at a reggae audience, he expressesa lot of his culture within his music so it also attracts marijuana smokers. Most ofhis lyrics have a lot of meaning behind black culture, history of Jamaicans and theslave trade. As well as reggae Marley also appeals to Ska music, this also attractsa different type of audience such as skin heads.
  • Record labelBob Marley was signed to Island records who was owned Chris Blackwell andGraeme Goodall in jamaica. It is now called Universal Music Group and based inthe united kingdom. They have many bands and artists in their portfolio such asAmy Winehouse, Blink 182, Annie Mac, Jessie J, Tom Jones, The Wanted ect.UMG also own the largest catalog of recorded music in the world. They do notfocus on one perticular genre, they have a wide range of artist that specalise in alldiffrent types of music. This is the mission statement for the record lable:Universal Music Group is renowned for its many varying labels and companiesthat merge forming a cultural music phenomenon. UMG (Universal Music Group)recently forged a two-year agreement with Ballys Total Fitness to give Ballymembers free mp3 downloads. This new concept of music ingenuity and fitness isjust one of the many ideas that UMG has forged; as well as VEVO, an improvedlook and performance for online music video channeling. UMG has continuouslybeen rethinking and redeveloping music into a sellers market, as well as a culturalboom.Universal Music Group: "Culturally Sound"
  • Music magazine analysisThe magazine They have used aIs published by basic white headingBillboard publication with a few prime colours to make it stand out but not take The article is edited the focus of the By Danyel Smith picture of Bob Marley.Billboard is aninternational newsweekly magazine devotedto music and the music The headings are all placedindustry, around the picture of Bob This shows that they are lessThey have used Important than the othervery basic washed content. It also shows that he isout colours to get a The main purpose of the article.chilled vibe as he isa reggae artist. This is quite an old Picture of Bob this helpsThey have put his name in big To attract an older audience as wellletters as a younger age group.At the front to attract readersand its The target audience for this magazineThe main cover line. Founded in 1894 Is male and female adults around the age group 16-40 as it specalises in many genres.